Is there any real NON sales work from home jobs??

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Malorie Shannon, May 20, 2013.

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    Is there ANY work from home jobs that DO NOT involve sales, marketing, affiliate marketing, products that "sell themselves", business opportunities, cold calling, recruiting, fishing, trial offers, surveys or any other of the hype and BS that is out there??
    I just want to do a task and make money. I don't want to have to convince someone to buy something, or work on commission, or set appointments (which we all know is now just another word for sales--didn't use to be--it use to be that you called people who already wanted whatever the company was selling to schedule the appointment-now it means you have to sell them on whatever to interest them in making the appointment).
    I just want to work for someone, do a task that does not involve having to recruit anyone. Just a task that I do daily for a person or business that pays me a fair hourly rate to perform.
    I have been in customer service for over 38 years and now I am at home and on disability. It appears that these days..........Customer service rep is just another name for sales person.
    Oh I wrote up orders for people who called in who already wanted whatever the person I worked for was selling. I did not have to "CLOSE THE DEAL" I just had to write up the order.
    Is there anything like that available or is ALL work from home jobs nothing more then sales and marketing positions??
    I have been looking and working various opportunities for years and have yet to find what I am looking for. Just basic work that I can perform from my home office for a regular fair hourly rate and get paid regularly every week.
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    Your customer service experience should be a huge asset. Most of the work at home positions I see posted on various work at home forums are customer service related. Some hire people as employees and some as contractors.

    You may want to start making the rounds on as many work at home forums as you can. I'm not sure if I can post any specifically here.

    Good luck and hope you find something very soon. :)
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    I think they're out there but they'll be very specific positions and will be hard to find at the wage you want. The fact is, most work over the internet can be done by someone from the Philippines for $3 an hour. So the only way you can justify a higher hourly wage is if you're more skilled than the person from the Philippines.

    Your best option might be to find work through Fiverr or a similar site. Say you will do something you know you are good at and won't take up too much of you're time on Fiverr and find work that way. If people like what you do, they'll recommend you and may want to hire you for more extensive work which is where you make the better money. Fiverr also allow add-ons which you can use to boost your average income per "gig" significantly.
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    Your best bet if you want "non sales" is to look into investing, and revenue share advertising programs, such as "hourly rev share" and "profitclicking". You can make a lot of money quickly, with little investment. Hope that helps!
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    There are but you have to look. I have done many work at home things but I make more money at the business opportunities. I worked for a dentist sales rep whom placed an ad online and I applied and did this for almost a year. I worked from home and was paid weekly contract labor but only made $8.00 an hour. I did work 40 a week but its not what I was wanting. I also did an operator/ order taker position type job where calls came in and I took orders for a company. It was basically data entry. Here they monitored to to verify you were working and it again was only 8.50 an hour. Both were a couple years back. For me it wasnt worth it.If I wanted to work the 40 hours I could go out in my community and get a real job and make double what I made. the convenience of staying home for that little amount was not for me. There are people who have real jobs who do work from home and make more. The problem is so many people want them and they are well advertised.

    My suggestion is if you really want to work from home, just keep searching and looking and talking to people cause you never know whats around the corner.
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    Actually, before I came back to the marketing side of things I actually have spent 3 years working in several Virtual Call Centers. Some of these are sales positions, but in my case I mostly worked Customer Service for several cable companies from home.

    These jobs are all over the place, but they can be difficult to find. Here are a couple of places that I have used in the past to apply (Admin please note that these are not referral links)
    Virtual Office Temps

    Those two sites are the biggest and most responsive database of actual work at home jobs (not businesses) that I have encountered online. You still have to do your due diligence in reviewing the actual companies they post, as some of these jobs posted will still be businesses. But I have worked for companies such as Sutherland Global Services, American Support, StarTek Inc, and NEWCorp by finding their job postings here. (You may want to research the companies that I just mentioned for openings as well!)
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    If you are good at graphic designing, there is usually a demand for that on some places like odesk and fiverr, but to do graphic designing WELL, you need to invest in decent design software. If you google 'logo designs' you will find that people pay for well designed logos. I don't know all the hoops you have to jump through to get them legally available to buy, but that's what research is for. :)

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