is there anyone really work at home here?

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have you earned some money onlineļ¼Ÿ

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  1. littlesusanisme

    littlesusanisme New Member

    hi. I am a part time online money making I want to if there is anyone here really work at home? full time online money maker?And how do you make money online?I am work on some freelanceing platform now.And I am a amazon Is there any other ways to make money online?thanks! if you have some good ideas could you share some here?

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    The most simple thing to promote would be what everyone wants and needs to succeed, LEADS. No matter what type of business you promote, without leads who will convert into purchases, you are wasting your time online or off. We all have learned over the years that you need to advertise, and I had learned this in my traditional businesses, as well as my online businesses, if you don't advertise, you have nothing. Those who figure out the best means of advertising their businesses wins, simple.

    Having evaluated and tested every known means of advertising, it can kill you if you don't choose wisely. I spent a fortune advertising over the years, and nothing beats referrals from all the rest. Customer referrals is the route to success in any business. I built my first business using this long standing strategy and was able to save thousands by not wasting it on advertising here and there and everywhere. Another lesson learned, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work today, never mind tomorrow. Lesson learned, you have to stay ahead of the trends.

    The most cost effective means to create leads is to offer the same benefits to others whereby your referrals will generate more referrals with the right system. Leads are one thing, converting the leads is another. Having the full package is essential, and now you can access it all from one source rather than have to research and pick and choose from several vendors. Lead Lightening Business Blaster Lead System is the place to start. For just $7.00 you can start building your list with all the tools needed to succeed. Having evaluated every business building tool on the market, this is one you have to evaluate for yourself. Glad I did, got a dozen qualified leads in first week, and with capture pages, autoresponder and other must have tools to promote online or off, this is a must have system for beginner or professional.

    Success to all,
  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I work at home and have been doing so for years. My focus is the free money making niche.
  4. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Website hosting and design can be done from home.
    Social media marketing, content creation for others.
    Remote tech support or call center reps like Amazon.
    There are millions of ways to make money at home.
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  5. nruss

    nruss New Member

    I am a full time work at home person. I am involved in several prorams. I do affiliate marketing, MLM/Network Marketing and eCommerce.
  6. freedomhacker

    freedomhacker New Member

    Yes, you can make money working from home. I have left my 9-5 job for a year and a half now and I am enjoying total freedom, living a mumpreneur lifestyle.

    To top it all, I found an online biz that only requires less than 10 minutes work a day, no monthly fee or pass ups, no join fee as it is free and I earn hourly. No ceiling on how much you can make!!
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  7. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I work from home but I would not say full time. Actual work hours probably don't equal full time, but I earn a full time income. Started in blogging and affiliate marketing and now I teach both online.
  8. Popche

    Popche Member

    Yes I do affiliate marketing, blogging, promotion, starting a course, email marketing, video marketing, ebook.
  9. whisper

    whisper New Member

    Some of the cool ways to earn very nice income online include blogging,affiliate marketing,email marketing,selling your own products and promoting CPA offers.However there is a learning curve and if you commit yourselve to doing the right things and taking actions at what you have learnt,the sky will be your limit.Most people who venture into making money online and internet marketing end up frustrated in the long run.This is because they try some things out and when it does not seem to be bringing them cash,they quit.One thing you need to understand is that you have to treat your online business as you would any other business offline.You need to be committed.You need to be consistent.You need to grow your business.You need to be building a list.You need to test and track everything you do and then focus more enerygy doing the things that are giving you the best result. Good luck.
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  10. DBrown

    DBrown New Member

    It's absolutely possible. I own 3 businesses - 1 brick and mortar, 2 online. Making money online is something most everyone can do. I say most and not all, because there are some people who seem to simply want misery in their lives. You know the kind. The ones who have a the personality of a "Hell Spawn". They can't get along with anyone, want to be left alone, seem to hate life, have or at least show no self motivating qualities about them and only see the misery in everything they do, etc. It may not be completely impossible for them to make money online, but the chances are slim at best. The internet is full of possibilities and opportunities. The key is to find a match for you, your likes, your passion, your skills and your interests. It takes some time to research these options and find the right match for you, but when you find it, wonderful things can and do happen.
  11. Author J Oman

    Author J Oman New Member

    Yagooft said it all in 1 single, powerful sentence!...
    "Those who figure out the best means of advertising their businesses wins, simple."
    All the millionaires I've done projects with, 26 at this point, are masters of this!
    So, having something other people want, IE: something worth advertising, is a major key that is often overlooked by newbies.
    When I was able to meet and spend time with some millionaires, I really focused in on how they think, because that's obviously the biggest difference maker.
    And 1 of the things I noticed was how they look at, and think about, the world around them...
    ALL of them had the perspective that there are opportunities everywhere! You just need to have your mind tuned in to seeing the world this way.
    In this context, I'm talking about paying attention to what people are buying, and what people want. Because the better you get at giving people what they want, the more you can get what you want.
    The more millionaires I had interactions with in 1 way or another, the more I could see this factor in all of them!
    In other words, the better you get at conditioning yourself to be on the 'providing' side of what people want, the better position you'll be in.
    Point being, once you have something desirable to offer, figure out how you can profitably advertise it, and there's virtually no limits! You just need to actually HAVE something people want. And making THAT happen is an incredibly powerful key to success!
    Just adding my 2 cents, and giving kudos where it's due. :)

    Jason Oman
  12. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Anyone can do really amazing things online if they just believe in themselves.

    You also want to find a good mentor who is doing really well and teaching his/her students what they are doing on a daily basis to create massive success. I know that most of them just share a small percentage of what they do but some will share with you ALL that they do.

    The big guys and gals of affiliate marketing INVEST lots of money on ads that they know works. So know that it will take money on your part to invest to make money.
  13. AMB711

    AMB711 New Member

    I work full time for an employer with benefits. I am just now getting around to other ways of earning income since I am getting closer to retirement. Seeing all the other ways such as blogging, affiliate marketing and such is new to me and will look forward to learning more from you all.
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  14. CristinaRogers

    CristinaRogers New Member

    There are many ways that help you to earn more money from home.Writing for online markets is the best way to earn money online.If you've got good writing skills, put them to work helping you make money online.Text-Writers is the platform which is not only the answer for every aspiring writers but also the good place to start earning with your writing talents.
  15. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    There are many ways that you can make money online. But I would suggest comming up with a plan and sticking to it. Or you can also look for a mentor. It will cut down on your learning curve.
  16. Malluni

    Malluni Member

    I'm working at home a full time, I do a templates for websites and blogs.
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  17. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Site design is a great work at home field. Everyone wants their own site or blog and they want it to look nice and professional too. :)
  18. KarenCrawford

    KarenCrawford New Member

    I run a blog and use adsense and make good money. I am thinking of starting a second blog just because I cannot write so much to the first one. I also do some small gigs in my spare time. There is a legit site that pays you for posting on forums, and most of the time I can find forums that are actually about things I am interested in. Also, if you have a webcam, you can actually make money just by turning it on while you work on other stuff.

    But really, if you enjoy writing, just start a blog and apply for an adsense account. If you are passionate about the topic and have a unique perspective, you can get an audience.
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  19. Get Started

    Get Started New Member

    I've worked at home since my son was born, so that's 25 years! Really, the sky is the limit - we are basically creating our own jobs...for better or worse. That's really the challenge in my eyes. There are so many options - so many decisions to make. I like what Gary Vee, and of course, so many others say - first decide what you want and THEN figure out how to get there.
  20. cravenslope

    cravenslope New Member

    I am working from home for almost 6 years now, ever since my daughter was born. it's really convenient for me, i get to earn money even if i'm just at home and i get to take card of the kids.

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