Is Trafficswarm The Best Traffic Exchange?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Barb Thornback, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    I use trafficswarm as a free member so I have only 10 ads there, I have quite a few people in my downline, so i do not have to spend any time on clicking the ads.
    But does it work?
    I have just changed all my ads to squeeze pages/opt- ins so I will be able to track if Trafficswarm delivers.

    What do you think about this Traffic exchange or have you got a favourite one?

  2. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    Hello Barb,

    I am a member of Trafficswarm as well and have been now for close to a year. It has been my experience that traffic exchanges are an effective way of getting traffic but not necessarily the best option for getting conversions, signups, or sales. You will see hits from trafficswarm but it won't necessarily lead to money in your pocket because most people who see your site on traffic exchanges aren't really interested in what you have to offer but instead are looking for credits to receive hits to their own site.
  3. GavinStephenson

    GavinStephenson New Member

    Trafficswarm seems to be pretty popular. Every business that I have ever joined talks about it but I dont know one person that is seeing massive results from any traffic exchange websites.

    I think MLMs and other business are affilated so that when you join they make money even though its not a good way to drive traffic.

    If you want to continue with traffic exchanges i recommend you have your own capture not a replicated one with a video or audio that plays automatically when some visits your webpage. This is more likley to grab people attention

    Are you marketing any otherways I would love to help
  4. sparquel

    sparquel New Member

    Used to use TrafficSwarm years ago ... back then, they did ok. Had forgotten all about them. Didn't realize they were still around. Lol!
  5. Troyc

    Troyc New Member

    I am am a member of many traffic exchanges, Traffic swarm is indeed still one of the best in my opinion, Traffic Splash is pretty good, StarXchange is good as well.

    Most people either use too many TE's or Not enough, I found the best way to use TE's is to get 3 to 5 of the better ones and use them consistently, always use a splash page or a lead capture page and realize it may take someone 5, 10, or 50 times seeing your page before they decide to click on it.
  6. Casper

    Casper New Member

    I have just started to get into traffic exchange & I doubled the hits on my site in a matter of hours.
  7. oldbuddy

    oldbuddy New Member

    When I first started online eight years ago, traffic exchanges (inclucing Traffic Swarm) were amazing and I had hundreds of people sign up for fresh free offers in a few days. I built a downline in FREEnetleads (a list builder) of over 10,000 in one year almost exclusivly with traffic exchanges, that's all I had back then. But Advertising Blindness has set in since then and they have become a very low percentage shot at best. All the buzz today is Web 2.0 and I agree.
  8. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    When using TEs its best to surf multiple ones at once that way you get more exposure for yourself. Its best to use Firefox when doing that. Just open each TE in a new tab.

    Just my advice, I don't use TEs much right now, I prefer getting high on Search Engines
  9. Casper

    Casper New Member

    cupbucket: When using TEs its best to surf multiple ones at once that way you get more exposure for yourself. Its best to use Firefox when doing that. Just open each TE in a new tab. I've just went back to Firefox after using SeaMonkey & I find that it's better to use for my online business needs.
  10. Tess T

    Tess T New Member

    Of the traffic exchanges I've used, I like Traffic Swarm the best. Although there aren't any traffic exchanges that are good for sales or product promotion, they can be good when used in building your list.

    Another good one is 10kHits4UNow - other than Traffic Swarm, it's the only one I really like and it works pretty well.

    I don't use any traffic exchanges anymore, as I have found that if you have a website packed with content and put a form on all of your pages, you can get 4 or 5 sign ups per day which I think is great. That's more than I was getting spending an hour a day surfing exchanges.
  11. Casper

    Casper New Member

    I just signed up to trafficswam a couple of days ago & I have clicked on a anti-cheat site 3 times so I'm pretty much on notice I was wanting to know how can you tell that a site is anti cheat before clicking on it?.
  12. jaugustat

    jaugustat Guest

    I also am a new member of Trafficswarm and found it funny when I click on an anti-cheat site only to realize it really is an "anti-cheat". Anyways, I am really looking forward to getting into the TE sites, anymore good ones besides Trafficswarm that shows results?
  13. awesomeincome

    awesomeincome New Member

    I have just joined to a traffic exchange as well. It's one that is bringing a lot of traffic to my website as well.
  14. strosdegoz

    strosdegoz New Member

    Traffic Swarm is one of my favorite TEs websites and i generate many leads from there.

    In order to have good results with Traffic Exchangers you need to advertise in more than one, normal TEs surfers surf many different ones to earn credits, to generate sales through TEs you need to first create awareness, people need to see your Ad over and over and eventually they will get interested and take a deeper look into it.

    Advertising in TEs for just few days won't do the job, you need to insist and have credits available all day everyday in order to get good results.

    Splash / Squeeze / Leadcapture page are a Most when it comes to TEs, since the surfers stay short time on your site so you need to capture their attention and get their info as in just few seconds they will be moving to the next site.
  15. Don Mega

    Don Mega New Member

    Back when I first started marketing, (Over a year ago). I started out by putting my clickbank product url's on Traffic-Swarm then one day I checked my email and saw that I had several sales from a free account and no down-lines. I was very excited to say the least then I stated recruiting to build a downline so that i wouldn't have to click as much, overall traffic swarm is in my top five favorite traffic exchanges.

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