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  1. TONYC53

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    Hi Folks,

    To all you folks who are marketing GRN & Coastal Vacations I have a question for you...when last did you check on your Bahamas Inventory, are ALL the Properties OPEN and functioning?

    I ask that because there are some Properties that are closed due to Hurricane damage over the past few years and there may be some that have just KICKED the BUCKET!

    So if you want me to check give me a holler and I'll find out!

  2. jnapier

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    Hi Tony,

    It depends on the provider and on availability. If the location has closed or is full, there are other location which we have available.

    Here are just a few, you can confirm they are open. Tano Beach Resort, Princess Resort, the Island Palm The Island Sea Resort. The Bell Channel Resort, The Flamingo bay.

    This might be a question for Stephanie on Thursday's call, but this week's has been canceled due to Thanksgiving.

    Jay NaPier

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