Is your MLM company doing most of the heavy lifting for you?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by kailo, May 27, 2011.

  1. kailo

    kailo New Member

    I find that I can recruit much easier when the MLM company is doing a lot of the heavy work for you.

    What I mean is that if the company has a good capture page and good autoresponder messages to followup with the potential prospects, then this makes it easier to convince people to join.

    I have people joining that didn't require me to speak to them!

    I also assume most network marketers are inexperienced in making capture pages and have an email marketing campaign so if the MLM company has these going on, then this will really make the network marketers life a lot easier.
  2. auditt05

    auditt05 New Member

    Yes this is true, but I believe interactivity is crucial if your MLM's price is not that CHEAP.

    Your words are true for MLMs that offer items like monthly hosting at a price tag of 20USD like 6VIA. It has a GREAT AWESOME Capture page that I thought of joining just for that.

    You are right, but think of an MLM offering a cream for 200USD for example, would you ever join without talking to someone?
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    These days with video, any biz oppty, or team can easy the "heavy lifting" for anyone. This is why network marketing is soo much easier these days than ever before. The Power of the Internet!
  4. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Just remember ... as with offline promotion via CD's and DVD's, you still have to do the work. Your website, capture page, etc. is simply another (powerful) tool in your marketing toolbox, and you need to put in the work on a daily basis that exposes people to your marketing message .. regardless of which media you use to convey that message.

    It's all about consistent, daily work on your part ...
  5. kailo

    kailo New Member

    I think ALL MLM's should have a capture page for distributors to use.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    I second that kailo! A system is important to have and consistency is key.
  7. sirhan

    sirhan New Member

    Yes, I agree to all of you. Without people seeing this opportunity, then what is mlm? For those who are doing it offline or by words of mouth fret not. Your efforts will be paid of. Some people are better at doing mlm online while others the offline method. Do what you are best at. After all mlm have no restriction to whichever way you are going to introduce the business opportunity. The common thing in us that we believe in creating opportunity, not wait for opportunity. Efforts bring results and you shall enjoy the fruit of your labour for your past and present efforts.
  8. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    I agree with you. What I have seen is the top distributors in network marketing programs that have Internet based products are best at traffic generation. They then have their own email follow-up system or rely on the company.

    The advantage is you can be in as many mlm programs as you have time to promote and you can make more money. If you are not skillful enough to set up your own landing page and autoresponder you can still do very well if you learn how to drive alot of traffic to the mlm company provided ones.
  9. sirhan

    sirhan New Member

    Yup I agree with you jschuman. Both way works. As long as there are traffics, people will at least get to see the opportunity. Plus we can now join as many mlm companies as we want. Hence, to have an autoresponder will really help alot in delivering any information about the mlm company.
  10. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    With advancement's in technology most solid mlm companies, have the opportunity to do much of the heavy lifting for us.

    It's the people and relationships they need us for. Bottom line people buy from people and it's a relationship business. Our job is to make the connection.
  11. sirhan

    sirhan New Member

    Yes, if we do the heavy lifting then what is mlm? All our energy and efforts should be channeled to form a relationship with people as this will benefits us as distributors and company in terms of profits.

    If we are the one who does the heavy lifting, we should check and double check with that particular company. We do not want to end up losing as a result.[​IMG]
  12. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    The company I am involved with doesn't have lead capture pages or an autoresponder but you are able to purchase the customers from infomercials they do and you receive the lifetime commission rights to these customers.

    In addition, the company does all of the back end marketing sending out a catalogue and a magazine with interesting articles and success stories every single month. This is huge and amazing.

    So I would consider that to be very much "heavy lifting" for me.

    Thanks for the question.
  13. sirhan

    sirhan New Member

    That is quite a load of the back though. Whichever way the company provide information as long as the customers and potential distributors get relevant and enough information about business opportunity and product, that will be good. Ultimately what we want is as much exposure as we can as a distributor or on a company basis.
  14. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    It is never the company's fault, the product's fault, or even your sponsor's fault if you are making no money and it is not their obligation to do the heavy lifting. That is why we have a team closing call center that we use to help our new folks make sales. Lets face it no matter how good your webinar system or conference call system is before someone joins a big ticket program they are going to want to get on the phone with someone before they spend thousands of dollars to join your business. That is where 95% of people flub it up. People buy people. That is why having a closing call center calling and closing on YOUR behalf is the way to go. You come across as a leader because you have others working for you so you get a lot of respect. Plus you are truly showing someone a system that is duplicatable. I have been using closing call centers for over two years now to make me a lot of money in various programs. We have decided to create a team closing call center to help us explode this business. It is a pay for results WIN WIN situation for our team members.

    So many people when they join a home business hate sales and are afraid of it. Why not have professionals doing that work for you. In so many businesses YOU have to do it all. Marketing, prospecting, and closing. Here we realize to get leverage and duplication you need help. That is why we have created what we have created. Lets the Pros close for you. It works.

    I love to leverage and delegate on the back end but I LOVE to do it on the front end to. Using phone burners and hiring ten buck an hour telemarketers to call leads for me to drive them to my site. Then the closers call them up. Do you understand that is FULL DUPLICATION. It is a numbers game and since big ticket pays so when I run it like an assembly line.

    If you do not operate your business this way it does not matter what heavy lifting the company does, you are going to be dead in the water because people buy people!

  15. Agreed,

    I always research the companies which provide the heavy lifting, I prefer to generate the customer leads, and let the company system do the selling, closing and support services. Rare, but there are a few I have researched.

    Success to all,
  16. drcharlie

    drcharlie New Member

    No question that the Internet has changed the way we market. The best formula is called: NMO--Network marketing online. "When you do exactly what a good system shows you, it only works---about---100% of the time." (Okay, slight exaggeration, but only when you include the self-sabotagers who simply will not follow recommendations of any system.) Dr C

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