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    There has been much conversation on how to best run your Coastal business and create sales. Do you go with a center that makes calls for you ? Do you automate as much of your systems as possible and have people call you? Well here is my take on it all.

    All life is about sales. Ive heard many people say they dont like to sell and have a phone phobia. Many think they dont have the time to make calls themselves. In my opinion everyone can do it. Everyone does selling in their lives. Whether its to get your significant other to do a task, get your kids to listen or work with co-workers. Everything is about selling your ideas.

    So how can we get Coastal to work for anyone and make sales. I have found a simple solution by using many of the tools already available to us.

    1- VIDEO

    Coastal Vacations has incredible videos that talk about the product and the opportunity. Use them and put them in front of people. Let the tools do the selling.

    2- PROFILE

    The best asset I use in my Coastal Business is the Coastal profile. It goes over the entire product in full detail. Anyone that is serious about buying the product or getting started in Coastal as a business needs to read this document.


    There are numerous calls that go on during the week that go over Coastal. They are an amazing resource. Send a propsect to the call. Some are even recorded. If you feel like you cant sell or work at night and cant make calls yourself then get the prospect in front of the experts.

    You see this is a simple business. If you use the available tools you can be successful. Now their are many other tools from various groups that make selling this package viable. Use the ones that are available to you. Selling is not a hard thing to do if your mindset is right. Use the tools available.

    Adam Frederick
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    Amen - very well said! [​IMG]

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    Hello Readers & Visitors,

    "It's All About Sales" --- no truer words could be spoken!

    Tools are critical --- if you have some, that's great. And there are
    some out there you can use that cost literally nothing but the
    "sweat equity" you put in to find them, use them and profit.

    Such as the Coastal free resource sites, the national conf. calls, etc.

    What we have found though, is the vast majority of the people we
    sell to --- meaning they become a Member of our Call Center ---
    the reasons they give for joining us are some of these:

    They already had a "full plate" just keeping up with LIFE!

    --> BUT ... they realized if nothing changes --- nothing WILL change
    so they did already join Coastal or something else or are ABOUT TO
    join Coastal or something else ... and are "hoping for the best".

    They didn't realize what it really is like ... SELLING.

    --> Yes ... we all "sell" in our life as Adam points out. So, ask this...
    in your daily life -- how many times do YOU CARRY THE DAY? That
    means "win the arguement" or "get your way" or "make others see
    it your way" --- and how many times to you "let it slide" or "see it
    their way" or decide "it just isn't that important anyway" ?

    --> How do you feel about WINNING those situations? How much
    emotional gas does it take from your tank knowing you have to
    take a "Position" on things and MAKE someone see it your way if
    you plan to GET your way?

    That is selling.

    Then there's the COSTS involved. Yes ... we get the people now
    and again who think it's "smart" to tell us (or anyone selling a real
    business opportunity like Coastal) .. "Do I look stupid? I would
    NEVER NEVER NEVER pay someone for a JOB!!!!" --- and they feel
    very clever saying that.

    Those people we simply tell them ... "Thank you for your time ... we
    don't pay for jobs either --- but the next time you go to work, ask
    the OWNER of the business you work for if THEY got that business
    for FREE so you could work for them, or if they INVESTED in the
    building, the parts, pieces, furniture, etc."

    But for the REST of you who already know there is an investment
    to have a business --- it's not usually the "upfront" cost of joining,
    it is the OTHER INVESTMENTS that get you like --

    --> $100 to $150 per month for the website(s)
    --> $4.50 to $10 PER NAME for the leads you need to buy
    --> $1.00 to $4.00 PER CLICK for your Google Campaign
    --> $25 to $250 for those ADS you ran

    And then the BIG ONE --- the TIME IT TAKES TO GET A SALE.

    Because you are after all just one person and you are on a limited
    budget (as is everyone by the way) --- and considering that the
    normal buying cycle for something that costs $100's to $1,000's
    and more is usually a month to 5 months long (for those of you
    who joined "right away" and wonder why if YOU were a "1 call
    close" why everyone else isn't --- you are ignoring all the time
    you did "silent research" looking sites over, listening in on calls
    and not speaking, etc.) ----


    Time is NOT our "friend" in business. Never has been, never will be.
    This is why companies (and don't forget YOU ARE ONE if you are
    in Coastal to make money or any other business to make money)
    look for all the ways they can to find or build in EFFICIENCIES.

    Meaning ... if you can do 1 1/2 "units" of work where only 1 unit
    used to be the limit ... and you do it with either the same effort
    or same tools or BETTER LESS EXPENSIVE ways, you GAIN.

    So, what if you could get 2 or 3 sales from the same effort you
    used to only get ONE? That would be better.

    OR ... what if you used to take 3 weeks to get a sale and now it
    only takes ONE?

    And then the final consideration. Unless you are doing pure RETAIL
    where the person you've approached has no interest (thus no
    concerns on your part) for being in business --- what about those
    people you brought in that need to make money too?

    If there was a turn key - fully in-house way that put controls on your
    cost of marketing, took nothing more than a reasonable budget to
    run it (as in less than the cost of the high end coastal sites that
    run $150 per month) and .. you could "multiply" yourself with a
    single payment per year ... then you can beat all the issues.

    Time - Money - Replicate-ability --- meaning building in all the
    efficiencies --- would all be in your FAVOR instead of working against
    your position every day.

    Tools and systems ... they are out there. Picking the ones that will
    serve you best, is where "wisdom" (definition: what you learned
    from your mistakes) comes in.

    Have a super week .... I hope this helps in that decision process.

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