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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Andrew Taylor, May 24, 2014.

  1. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor New Member

    I used to be involved in network marketing and I want to get involved again I've seen on this forum of people posting how they get 1 to 5 leads per day. I'm sorry but how the heck is that possible? I want to know I see people who say all my leads etc are on autopilot how is that possible? And do those people actually buy?

    I've tried to look up this stuff before but it just tells me to enter my email and watch the video? And than I get spammed

    So how are people really generating leads on autopilot or getting 1 to 5 leads per day? How are they doing this and are those leads actually buying your product?
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  2. newbie2pro

    newbie2pro New Member

    It's a different game today. There is so much spam and scam around you need to do a lot of research. If you are going for free advertising it's very hard to get leads especially 5 leads a day unless you have a massive online presence using the big social networks. I always think it is better to get paid advertising like solo ads where you can build your list and start communicating with your leads. Never sell something straight away but offer them a taste of what you are offering. All the people in the team I'm in are getting over 100 leads a day but we work hard and consistently. Whatever you here online that you can work part time, to get the money, leads and satisfaction it's a good six hour day and then you'll see magnificent results!
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  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If your company has given you a lead capture page, then all you need to do is to drive TARGETED traffic to it.

    You do that with pay per click ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo.
  4. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    There's a difference between quantity and quality. There are a lot of place to get free leads on the Internet. That doesn't mean they will be quality or even fresh for that matter. The best thing to do is to learn to generate your own leads. I target my own leads by giving away valuable content. Recently, I wrote a white paper geared toward a specific audience. Today I received three or four emails about it.

    If you have to sign up or give your email address to get something then you've just turned yourself into someone else's lead. Use a lead capture page if it was provided to you, but make sure that it is optimized. Make sure that what you are personally sending out isn't generic.

    We all want to buy, but NO ONE likes to be sold.
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  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I think it makes a difference what you are marketing... I have discovered that the best leads for network marketing are what you can get through social media and personal connections, but if you are marketing an online 'program' or 'marketing tool' such as an ebook, etc, then those 5-15 leads a day might generate some sales for you.

    These days it's all about building a connection with your followers as there are a bazillion opportunities out there to make money, including network marketing companies! I personally love facebook and forums for generating network marketing leads. :)
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  6. zinsavage123

    zinsavage123 New Member

    Blogging and video marketing will be your best friends for leads on autopilot. As well as sales on full automation.
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  7. jefftd77

    jefftd77 New Member

    I generate about 30 leads/day but definitely not on auto-pilot... I have to drive traffic to my website (through SEO) and that takes up time and energy
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  8. florbags

    florbags Member

    I understand your confusion, Andrew. Believe me, I have been there too. But let me try to clear things a bit for you.

    When people say "autopilot" they are not referring to any computer software. These "autopilots" are also known as "autoresponders." Search it on Google to find out what it is.

    When you subscribed to their mailing list (typing your email and name), you "automatically" became their lead. You didn't talk to them personally and they didn't add you up to their list manually, right? That is automation/autopilot. Do you now see what I mean?

    All professional Internet marketers uses this technique and it has been proven to generate cash. If you don't capture information of your leads, you won't be successful online, trust me.

    Having your own capture page/sign-up page is a great tool to show people that you know what you are doing. Let me ask you, would you believe me if I tell you that I have earned thousands of dollars online if I don't even know what a capture page is for? Of course, you won't.

    They are not spamming your inbox, Andrew. It's just that you signed-up to too many services and you don't have the time to read all of them that is why they piled up to your inbox.

    I would suggest that you unsubscribe to those newsletters that you don't find very helpful. If you find something useful, take time to read it. I am sure you will learn a lot and everything will be much clearer to you.

    Hope this helps. :)
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  9. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    I suppose it depends on what people mean by "auto-pilot." If they have a really well written landing page, then they could very well get those leads. Now, whether or not those leads are QUALIFIED and not just desperate is a different story.

    Conversion...well, we all want to buy but no one wants to be sold. Who would you sign up with or buy something from? Most likely from someone you know...or at least someone you LIKE.

    Some of my tweeting and posting to FB for myself and for clients is on "auto-pilot" and by that I mean that I've ran reports to determine the best time to post for each account. Then, I schedule my posts. I'm not a huge fan of total automation. I think it takes away a human element. We aren't robots. Prospects or clients aren't robots. None of us should be treated as such.
  10. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Blogging is great provided you understand SEO basics and at least the basics of what little Google has put out about their algorithms. Bing is easy. They post their guidelines!
  11. Good Feather

    Good Feather New Member

    I enjoy using Facebook ads, then sending traffic to a capture page. As mentioned before, it is important to capture your leads! This way, you can build a relationship with your prospect, offer them value. Always lead with value and you will attract people to you instead of having to chase people down. With a free offer of value, you can capture many leads per day!
    Wishing you abundant success :)
  12. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    Easy just don't over complicate things. All it takes is knowing your target market and providing only a enough information for them to inquire. When you spill all the details people are less likely to contact you because they feel like they KNOW everything already. Also, beware of people will try to sell you a whole bunch of junk, buy into programs that supposedly "send you leads" because really they are just trying to make a sale themselves. Hope this helps some :)
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  13. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Blog and YouTube together can make millions of dollars!

    You can even succeed in network marketing just by using one of these methods! Just need to practice til you get good and then provide value of what you have learnt.
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  14. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    Definitely do Youtube Video Marketing. Great way to attract customers and be multiple places at once. It's big!

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