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    Anyone involved with IWOWWE. It launched in 2011 and although they only had video emails at the time, things are far different now, they added enhanced video emails, conference system and broadcaster. We all know most people are visual, and for those marketing online, video is hot, just look at YouTube success with videos.

    I liked the concept of video emails when launched, but I feel IWOWWE was a bit ahead of its time. With everyone looking for that edge in attracting prospects, I think video is the way to go. Anyone here using video in any of your businesses to better brand yourself? Technology keeps advancing and with mobile video emails now exploding with growth in smart phones, the future looks bright.

    With enhanced video technology and enhanced compensation plan, now all the pieces seem to be in place. With free Pay It Forward Benefactor offer just announced by our team, now this is getting even more interesting. Combined with having other benefactored members put under our team members, you are assured of success. Watch the video to learn more.


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