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    Javita is one of the newest Direct Sales or MLM companies out there, having recently come out of pre-launch after generating major interest, and having tens of thousands of interested members join while having one of the largest First-Month volumes in history.
    "Javita" is the combination of the words "Java" for coffee and "Vita" - Italian for life.
    While it's got the hype, a slick webpage, good leadership, and a product used by hundreds of millions across the globe, you're probably asking if Javita is and if the product and pay plan as good as the hype. Let's Review!

    The Product - Javita Coffee "Energy+Mind"
    Javita, like any legitimate company in the Network Marketing industry, focuses first on a quality product. In this case, Coffee.
    From an Opportunity point-of-view, by choosing coffee as the product, an instant market exists that is huge and that almost anyone recognizes.
    Think about the facts:
    2nd most traded commodity in the world (after oil)
    2nd most consumed beverage in the world (after water)
    Over 1/2 of all Americans drive over 3 cups a day!
    The exciting aspect of this is there's no 'convincing' of people. This isn't another "Juice" you have to explain to people, or a special vitamin, or pill, or potion. People already know coffee and understand - it's a monthly cost they already have worked in ??“ this isn't a discretionary cost they will easily eliminate if the financial going gets tough.

    According to their website, Javita developed their own process to take high quality coffees, add phytonutrients, and turn it into a single-serving instant coffee. Phytonutrients are organic components of plants which promote human health. You've probably heard of Flavonoids and Isoflavones? Yep, phytonutrients!

    While some competitors use the Reishi mushroom to create a 'healthy coffee', I found their taste to be questionable. Javita's approach leaves the coffee taste but just adds a bit to it.

    But how does it taste?
    Surprising good! I'm not an instant coffee drinker, and I will be honest that the 2nd cup tasted better than the first, but it's a good product you don't have to be embarrassed to represent. It's strong, flavorful, and real coffee. I personally compared it with the Starbucks Via product and honestly found Javita to be better.

    So, to recap - huge market, good product, great delivery.

    Javita Opportunity
    Javita's Compensation Plan is among the simpler ones, especially in the Coffee MLM field. Personally, I've found most of them to be incomprehensible (and I'm an Engineer by training).
    Javita's is relatively easier to work through, while providing the variety and bonus depth you'd expect with today's comp. plans.
    It has eight (8) income sources:
    Immediate Income
    Retail Profits
    FastStart Bonus
    Long-Term Income
    Team Commissions
    Rank Advancement & Matching (RAM) Bonus
    Top 10 Growth Bonus
    Managers & Directors (MAD) Bonus
    Global Bonus
    Chairman Bonus Positions (CBP)
    In short - There are two ways to join Javita, the $99 level and the $599 level, with a $50 a month auto-ship requirement. Javita compensation plan is a type of binary-hybrid Uni-Level that pays 4%, 15 levels deep and the other bonuses, and NOT just on your Weak Leg! As you advance to the upper levels of the compensation plan, additional front-line slots open for you.
    They also have their STAR Program which combines fast-start bonuses with a Car Bonus Program.
    The best way to get started with Javita is to purchase a Business Builder Pack at $599, as this unlocks many of the upper bonus levels suck as the RAM and MAD bonuses.

    Javita is a Sister Company to Waiora, so the Leadership has the experience and financial backing to grow a MLM Company, as proven by their success over the last 7 years with that company!

    For me, the taste of the product and simplicity of the Compensation Plan make Javita the best of the Coffee MLM's out there. The others I tried tasted funny, or worse, made my heart race from their additives. The compensation plan is relatively easy to explain, and a solid leadership is in place to guide the Company.
    If you're considering one of the Coffee MLM's, Javita should be one you check out.


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    Yet another MLM opportunity online.

    It seems to amaze me how many programs are out there and new ones popping up everyday.

    Imagine if you take one program, work it hard for a few months. It then gets you anywhere between $1200-$3000 per month residual and growing since your team is duplicating for you.

    You then join another program and do the same thing. Rinse and repeat so to speak.

    If you know how to advertise and generate leads, imagine in a few years you have 15-50 different companies online that each send you checks in the mail each month.

    There are a lot of people doing this and you should too.

    I should go on that path too.[​IMG] I need to walk the walk and not talk the talk.
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    A lot of people are attracted to the coffee opportunities because so many drink coffee. It can make a lot of sense.

    Just always remember to diversify your income streams. Don't work a home business like a job. Meaning do subject yourself completely to one company's success or lack there of.

    As they say in boxing, "protect yourself at all times" [​IMG]

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Matter of fact, i'm pre-building for one now. That is what i consider true diversification.[​IMG]
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    I probably should have done more extensive research BEFORE I joined. Anyone have any feedback on them?

    Here is what I know so far. The product has improved my wife's and my weight loss with no real changes to our diet as we were already eating fairly healthy. We used their refer three and yours free program to drink it for a month before I decided to join the business. Our friends love the tasted of the coffee as well and a couple have joined the business. Everyone who I have drinking Javita has stated they have enjoyed weight loss. With that said, I have earned some money (more than I invested so I am in the profit now). This company is relatively new so timing seems good.

    I have only been in the business side for a few months and like I mentioned I am in profit mode now. I actually am not far from their car bonus (auto allowance) and it seems to come early in their compensation structure since I will only earn about $2250 when I do qualify. I really want to start putting in a great deal of energy to get to the next level and make this my exit strategy from corporate america. . That would require more investment into time and money (marketing materials etc..) Before I make that jump, I wanted to see if anyone has heard/experienced any good/bad things about Javita. I have built a website for my team (even tho we are relatively small) with info you can review at <Snip>. Or you can go straight to their Website at http://Javita.Com. The info is the same on either website. After doing searches on the web I find garble about Javita as I do with all direct selling companies. The real feedback comes from those who are/were in the business. Your feedback is appreciated. :)

    Thanks In Advance!


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  6. Great weight loss and mind clearing products that work. Visit our website and give a try. People all around us are losing weight, whether they had a small or big goal!
    The company just celebrated its third year in business and has added a few additional incentive bonuses to its members.

    If you have ever been interested in owning your own MLM business, jump on this oppurtunity while you still can on the ground floor. They are comparing it to joining Mary Kay 40 years ago! The only way to make money with MLM companies is to grow your team and broaden your customer pool. This is a lot easier when the company A)Sells a quality product B)Is new and has growth potential C)Not everyone has already been offered the product. Javita is all of these! Message me if you are interested in trying Javita or would like info on becoming a Javita Independant Member!

    There are some amazing things that are coming to light recently that have to do with the mind + energy blend...read the flyer (sorry whoever wrote it is bad at writing), there are a lot of stories about the success kids with ADHD are having with this product, there is even a woman in our direct upline who is having success treating her sons schizophrenia.

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    Comparing to Mary Kay??? Perfect. Go to Www.pinktruth.com and read what a wonderful business that is. Not kidding. It will open your eyes.

    Also, MLM is a "system" and not a product such as coffee. That system has over a 97% failure rate. Would you buy a shop located in the middle of a desert where no one lives and try to sell coffee? What if the previous 97% of owners failed there? Not a very smart business decision I'd say to buy that shop to sell your coffee.

    Read the other posts. The game is recruiting and you have to be a scammer to do that IMO because it's not about the product. And if it's not, it's a pyramid scheme.
  8. skydancer

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  9. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    If I wanted instant coffee, I would go to my local supermarket and buy a jar of Folgers. And oh yea, a bottle of vitamins to boot. Please don't use posts to promote your unique web-site. It is against the rules.

    Thank you
  10. closerjim

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    Ahh .... another "low information voter" in Charlie Mack.

    MLM is not a "system" .. it is a distribution model that specifically defines
    the structure of that model.

    97% failure rate applies not just to "MLM" but to all businesses that start
    and try and get off the ground.

    No ... no one with any common sense would open a coffee stand in the
    middle of a desert where no one is around and try and sell their wares.

    If you want to contribute to a forum, do it without parroting back all
    the old cliched comments.

    Don't pick on Mary Kay. They have a success record that has stood the
    test of decades and billions in sales. That there's people who complain,
    fail, don't like their product isn't limited to Mary Kay.

    MLM or as it's new terms such as Relationship Marketing does have one
    distinction though. It attracts a group of people who have what we call
    the "Lottery Mentality" and think if they pick the right one, or the right
    5 or 6 people, they will get "lucky" and be set for life without working or
    having to spend any money.


    Get a reality check, then try again.

    For real this time.

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