Joined Coastal back in 2005...need some new info, please

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  1. tec123

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    I joined Coastal in 2005 while I was unemployed. I was doing it full time for about 4 months and didn't make my qualifying sales. I had to stop b/c I couldn't afford the monthly expense for the websites and I couldn't afford to buy leads. I'm a single parent of 3...was back then, too. So, now I have this package that I would like to utilize, as far as taking trips with. Can someone tell me how to get in contact w/ the company to confirm my membership id? Also, has anyone used the trip vouchers? I'm looking to use one for a cruise for my family, but I've read on some other websites of the scams regarding 'fees' for trips. Any information that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. mountainmom5

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    go to officialcoastaltraining dot com for the call schedule where you can ask Stephanie questions on her Wed product training call or you might see another call that will work for you...

    There are also tons of recorded calls listed on there under the 'audio training' link... have fun[​IMG]

  3. sportsnut

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    Hi there Have you heard of the new Tel Pro program for all coastal directors.
    If you want inbound calls from people who want information on your product instead of you purchasing leads and making out bound calls you should check into it.
  4. Heather Bahm

    Heather Bahm New Member

    I am in Tel-Pro, and I LLOVE it!!! I don't have to purchse any more leads, and they make my phone ring.
  5. comvestor

    comvestor New Member

    with Tellpro I have 6-10 calls per day coming in. COASTAL Customers are hitting HOME RUNS WITH THIS. comvestor
  6. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    Heather are you set up on a schedual to only recieve the calls during certain hours.
    I met a coastal director named Ed who knows you he said that you have already brought in 14 telemarketers and 8 new managers in 3 weeks......WAY TO GO......i would like to talk to you about how you are managing your group.
  7. Heather Bahm

    Heather Bahm New Member

    Yes, as a matter of fact I can be set up to recieve calls during certain times of the day. I do have 8 managers, and actually 15 telemarketers injuts 3 weeks time. I have never seen a business plan work like Tel-Pro. It is awesome. You can call me anytime, and I will show you exactly how I am doing this 361-894-8484
  8. mountainmom5

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    This telpro sounds intriguing - but I don't see any links to a website... do you have any information one can check out on their own?[​IMG]
  9. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hello Everyone....

    Hi Gary & Heather. I'd be interested in hearing how your actual
    sales to people Rusty (owner of Funtime) tells me are the key
    "target" audience. Buyers of their $499 lifetime certificate.

    And how many of the "phone ringing off the hook" calls are people
    wanting the free TelePro sales position and how many people are
    being told the "Manager" position for $279 per month.

    As you both know, we as The Coastal Closing Center have tried to
    work with Funtime .... twice now .... and couldn't get them to settle
    on a program and stick to it.

    The Tele Pro deal is so far, just another "new thing" they have
    come up with to turn money and from my view as well as several of
    us who have watched Funtime for over 2 years now --- the jury will
    be out for quite some time to see if this one is the one they will keep
    on the books and not change for another "brain storm" of an idea.

    The idea of the "phone ringing" and never having to buy leads again
    is certainly attractive to someone who can sell and has demonstrated
    their ability to CLOSE SALES.

    So, the first thing someone should as themselves is ... "when I have
    had a pretty qualified person, good interest, money in hand ...
    how many have I closed in the past?"

    Tough question too ... because it is easy to say "ALL OF THEM ... when
    they were QUALIFIED."

    But then, you see some fo the ones you didn't close, "out there" and guess what? They bought some other deal and ... didn't even
    tell you they did that.

    Happens to all of us. Then, you also have to ask if the people you
    bring on board in that deal, have the same abilities you do. So they
    can succeed too ... even if you load up their phone with calls.

    What if you had 80 fresh prospects AN HOUR being called for you,
    and ONLY the HOT OF THE HOT surfaced to YOU to close?

    And what if THEY were actually in the market to SPEND MONEY ...
    and not being enticed by "you can do this free" and then "back doored"
    into being told $279 per month so you can be a "manager" too.

    And then ... best of all, what if the HOT ONES are sold for you?

    Lot's of options out there ... some are a more "upfront" in what they
    are telling you than others of course. And some are still in the
    Pilot Program phase, and not necessarily on "solid footing" on top
    of it.

    There is plenty of room for everyone out there ... lots of choices to
    be picked from. It's seeing through some of the "rhetoric" and looking
    to the history of some of them, that can be beneficial though.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  10. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    Hi there Jim thanks for your input about Funtime.
    You are right for 2 years Funtime has come up with some real brain storms to help an industrie that is tired of the same old thing ....Buy Leads cold call and fail. People are tired of purchasing marketing programs, and going to training calls where they learn nothing but are being sold everything. None of our programs have changed they have only been inproved and inproved and inproved over and over again.
    Now that our new Telpro system has been launched and proven to work people from all types of businesses like Coastal, YTB, Global ,Traveres, Wealthy Affiliates, GRN, are coming to us because they see the huge benifit who would not like FREE leads 100 a day and 10 to 20 inbound biz op calls a day and a great marketing system not to mention the pay plan is incredable.
    The best part of the Tel Pro progam is anyone from any Business can use it. So the jury is in and the results are over whelming this new program is a clear winner.
    I know this hurts your business a little but hear is the solution to the issue. At Coastal Closers your client has to give you leads that they purchase and then you charge them money to close sales off of those leads.
    What if we came togeather and were able to make your closers phones ring with inbound calls and your clients never have to purchase leads again and your closers could take your clients inbound calls instead of cold calling. WIN WIN WIN
    This is what I mean we make things better you have my number give me a call thanks for your time.
  11. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hi Ray,

    I know a few Ray's ... so you will need to be more specific "sportsnut"
    to help me know which one I have the number to, but we can clear up
    a couple of things here.

    First and most important... The Coastal Closers doesn't change anyone
    to make calls for them. The calls are free.

    Here is how it works ... a.) Person joins The Center and pays for 2
    things ... their own Call Center Position which includes their site(s)
    with us and their Back Office. That is covered by the Closing Center
    Fee portion of their Membership.

    Then, b.) They pay for whatever "Position" with the Coastal framework.
    Meaning, if they want to be L1 .. they pay the L1 amount as if they
    were in "Ordinary Coastal" and L2, or L3 the same way.

    From there ... the ONLY thing they pay for is leads, marketing or
    ads, etc.

    There is no "per call" fee or "per hour" fee for us to call. There is
    a $200 YEARLY renewal to keep the site and office active though.

    Now the really cool part. With our new AutoDialer and Telecenter
    system in place, they can also stop buying worthless leads and
    stop paying high pay for click fees and stop running expensive ads.

    Our Members can now have their own totally custom lead that is
    100% exclusive to them ... called at 80 leads an hour MINIMUM
    from one line with 23 more lines available to them, for a cost of
    just 10 cents per name in the dialer and an average of 3 cents
    per name to dial them.

    The result is only the hot and interested ones come to the surface
    and ... they can opt to have them CALL THEM when they are ready
    (ala the Phone Ringing with an INBOUND call) or they can opt to
    have them call OUR TeleCenter for the final qualifying process.

    And .... as mentioned, we don't charge our Members to call them or
    close the sales.

    I understand the appeal to hear the TelePro story on "first blush"
    as they say. But I've had it explained to me by Rusty a time or two
    and in all cases, it came down to the "real sale" is to get someone
    to come on board at $279 to propagate the "You want to be a manager
    so you can make money off other people who have $279 per
    month to spend too...."

    That's not free leads in my book. And they still get to do their own
    calling and selling.

    Both have merit ... but while we are on the subject of free leads
    and people calling them ... we DO have openings on Staff and
    that really IS free plus the leads are all free to call... thousands of
    them ... that the Staff person doesn't pay for but DOES make money
    when they SELL to the lead.

    And, we also GIVE them their own Membership level in the Closers
    as well, so they can put their own personal leads in the system and
    receive Member pay AND Closer pay on their own sales.

    No cost for that .. plus a few other perks.

    So --- we'll simply watch and see. I'm good with that.

    Have a super week --- and you can private message me the
    "which Ray" you are so we can get on the same page with that
    as well.

    Thanks for the chat ..... I appreciate good dialog.
  12. Heather Bahm

    Heather Bahm New Member

    Hi there Jim & Everyone,

    I have been in a home business (Coastal) for 2 years now. In this time, I have had quite a few setbacks. Mainly with trying to keep up with a monthly advertising budget. We All know exactly how much money you have to spend on advertising alone to keep a home based business running. We also know that no amount of advertising guarantees that a sale will be made. There are some great systems out there, that offer their services to take the heavy and call your leads (what you can afford) and make the calls for you. Now, these systems are offering things like dialers etc.....these are not NEW concepts in the industry. What is new, and what I have personally experienced, as well as all of the Tel-Pro managers, is a system that makes your phone ring every week with people that want to either start a business also. Or, people that want to work from home for FREE as a telemarketer. For me, evrything is about results. Tel-Pro is the only progran that I have had results with because I no longer have to worry about an advertising budget (how much do I spend this month?) All of my advertising is covered for just $249.00 per month. I get Unlimited "phone surveyed leads" I have calls coming in every week. Tel-Pro managers, and Fun Time help me to train my team, and our telemarketers. We work together, we strive to insure that everyone succeeds in this business. I am in Coastal, we have Tel-Pro managers in P1D, GRN, doesn' matter what business you are in. What matters is Tel-Pro can help you to build your business faster. Our advertising methods, and our training are helping our members to generate "real" income every month. The choice is yours to keep doing what your doing, and getting the same results, or try something that is working.
    Fun Time has been doing this for 16 years. If they didn't know anything about helping people develop a business with their marketing systems/ products, they would not still be around.
  13. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    Great post Heather In a past post you mentioned that you brought in 10 managers and 15 telemarketers please explain to folks what that means in detail and please dont leave out the income part thanks.
    Also tell folks about the free vacation vouchers that you get as a TEL PRO manager.
    Please explain how this program has wraped up all the tools to be successful into 1 package
  14. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I get the picture - thanks guys.
  15. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    I love a good dialog!

    I appreciate Heather posting her experience so far with Tel Pro by
    Funtime and "Ray" chiming in as well.

    Ray brings up a couple of very valid items to be mentioned and they
    both just confirmed what I was pointing out. The sale is to become
    a $279 Monthly Pay Manager or come on free as a TeleMarketer.

    If someone wants to be a Manager or TeleMarketer --- they can do that
    with us for free --- complete with full access to all the free vouchers
    one could want.

    The main point that really comes up though, is the marketing and
    budgeting that to receive the free "Phone Verified" leads in an
    unlimited quantity along with the "In Bound" phone calls that seem
    to be at a rate of 6 to 10 from what I get from the posts.

    That is what the $279 monthly really seems to be delivering and
    I would really like to hear some numbers on that and what the
    results are turning out to be.

    Right now, with the Dialer and TeleCenter system, the numbers
    are coming at at $46 monthly for the dialer license and TeleCenter
    fee, then leads at 5cents per name in blocks of 10,000 (so $50)
    and the minutes for the dialer are running about 1 minute per
    2 leads dialed by the dialer --- so 2,000 leads ($10) and 1,000
    minutes $50 plus $46 per month ... call it $106 per month to run
    that system ... with a declining cost for 3 months as the list should
    be run 3 times in 90 days to really work it.

    So .. $106 monthly or $279 gives us at least a starting place to
    do some comparisons.

    What we do know is it really helps to prescreen any lead with the
    dialer. It has cut our call load on "wanna be's" and the "I can't do
    anything if it costs money so don't even ask." people to nearly zero.

    Looking forward to a great week ...
  16. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    Jim these are great figures you are comming up with but they are just that your figures.
    Heres a couple of questions
    1. Where are you getting your free vouchers from.
    2. Have you solved your telemaketer problem yet that has been brought to our attention buy several x Coastal Closers.
    3. In a past post you said there was no fee to be with coastal closers just an annual renewal. So what is the 106.00 about.
    4. You also posted that your leads were unlimited and free and now you say they have to pay for them.
    5. In your post you say that leads are free but then you say they have to pay for them.
    6. Dont your staff members or closers have to pay the dialer fee.

    The bottom line is in your program the members have to buy there own leads they also have to buy the dialer system and your clients rely on your staff to run there business for them no thanks I would rather be in control of my own business.
  17. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    To anyone new looking at Coastal and wanting to get the info please read this entire thread with an open mind. Having been in this opportunity for years now and having worked personally not only with Jim of the Coastal Closers and Rusty of Fun Time as well as having served with honor on the Coastal Synergy Group Board of Directors not to mention my associate with just about every leader on every other group I do have a good idea of how things work.

    From time to time you will see what you think is arguing among the participants. Take it all with a grain of salt. First off remember that most of us have our own dog in this fight and are looking to put our methods in the best light. Heck I promote myself in a thread called Adam's Advantage. So understand we all have something to gain here. Thats as honest as you will hear it.

    Now that you understand that be sure to look over all the products that are put in front of you. Many are good but many are just the next thing to get you to pay money. It is important that if you are looking at Coastal as either a new prospect of a veteran trying to change things around you get the info in detail. I have in the past gotten many tools that werent what they were portrayed to be. For that reason ive learned that its really about getting as many leads as possible for the least monetary output and putting the info about Coastal in front of them.

    For years ive made it really simple for people to get started. I let them see the the Coastal Videos and the profile and answer their questions. If I cant answer the question I let the prospect get on a live call to get those questions answered. There are numerous groups that run many calls each week. Now of course they want the prospect to join their organization but if its just a generic question all are able to get the answers to the prospects.

    So dont take the back and forth as a bad thing. Coastal is an incredible opportunity where you cam make anywhere from $1000 - $9705 showing people how to travel ( something everyone already loves ) at a discount. You save them money on having a good time. What else could be better.

    Adam Frederick
    Your Success Business Coach
    Teaching you how to minimize cost, maximize profits and free up time
    302 613 4632
  18. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Good Morning All ....

    Great questions Ray. Here are the answers.

    1. The Free Vouchers are actually available as a Marketing Tool by
    simply printing off your own. We did this frequently with people and
    businesses so they had to come back to US to redeem them, so we
    would get another shot at them for a retail sale.

    One drawback we found though. By offering a travel voucher, we had
    some of them use that as a "put off" to do further business until they
    tried the trip first. Not always, but we found other things that we
    could offer that were better.

    Then, as it became time to FULFILL the the voucher, we just followed
    the steps to order whatever was needed from Coastal Vacations.

    Because all the vouchers have fees --- we just built in the $6.95
    to the fees we collected.

    Funtime does offer them to any of the funtime members as well
    and depending on the specific voucher, the fees to activate or
    procure them vary ... but they are available either way through
    us as the Coastal Closers.

    2. Yes ... the telemarketer problem has been solved by changing
    the leads being called. In our experience for over 3 years now
    doing business as the Call Center and over 7 years with Coastal,
    we have seen a big change in the quality of leads being sold.

    That makes a big difference in results, income, all of it. By letting
    the dialer do the "grunt work" of cleaning the leads to sort out the
    "looky-loos" and people thinking they were about to win a new
    iPod or gift cert. from Walmart --- helped tremendously.

    And let's not forget ... sales jobs are a tough job. That's why this
    and all the other threads exist here. People for the most part, are
    not ready for "selling" ---- as you can attest with your former Tel
    Pro program where you sent me a few dozen people that washed
    out with that one.

    But, any business with a sales staff, salaried or commission based
    will tell you, "human resources" and "recruiting" are ongoing.

    But .. with the new leads opting in live from our Dialer and TeleCenter
    system a lot has changed for the better.

    3. If you go back and read my post again ... paying attention to
    details ... you will see the following.

    a. People join us and pay 2 fees really ... 1 is the Call Center fee
    that covers their website and back office and that is where the
    $200 annual renewal comes in.

    b. They pay for the Coastal Position they want ... ie: Level 1, 2, 3
    OR ... one of our Director In Training levels which are exclusive to us.

    c. They pay for any Marketing, Leads, etc. .. and THAT is where the
    $106.00 comes in. For that, they get pre-screened hot leads that
    have been through an opt in process that eliminates the "I wanted
    to win something" syndrome and screens out people who simply
    shouldn't be called by anyone anyway.

    You can "label" the money any way you want ... if people have to
    pay to belong, which they do either way as Members of us or the
    TelPro system, then it's "how much" and what do you get for it.

    4. Again ... reading and paying attention to the details is important.
    The "Unlimited Leads for no cost" --- referred to Staff.

    Think about this. You have no money --- but tons of desire. So,
    "joining" something that costs is out, and buying leads, running ads
    is out, so what do you do?

    In our case, becoming part of our Staff could be an answer. The
    Members have already invested in the leads or entered personal
    referrals (which we let them do).

    There is no cost to Staff to BE on Staff. They are also granted the
    DIT-1 (Director In Training 1) level at no cost.

    What that means is, we can give them leads all day long at NO COST
    to the Staff person to sell to ... and they get paid money for selling!

    And, they are empowered to enter their own leads as they can
    build up to that .. and receive Member pay AND Staff pay.

    So ... it's in the details.

    5. That' looks like a repeat of question 4. Again, Staff don't pay
    for leads ... the Members have done that already. And as you can
    see from the math based on running the cost numbers so far, we
    pay 5?? per name for the raw leads to put into the dialer.

    2,000 leads will run $10. Would you want to call them "live" and
    sort out the good from the bad? No! So, the cost numbers so far
    are coming in at about 2?? per dialed lead. So now you have 7??
    tied up to get this lead through "round 1" of the sorting.

    As mentioned .. .from there, we don't charge per call to then dial
    them and take over the sales process.

    So, a Member's job is ... get us people to talk to, that have some
    reason to be a valid lead. That can be done for about $106 per
    month using this system.

    6. Yes ... the Staff Members / Closers if they want to use the Dialer
    for THEIR OWN personal leads, do have to pay the dialer cost.

    As a Staff person, that cost is $21 monthly plus the minutes.

    I really appreciate the opportunity you've given me to put this out
    clearly, with all the details explained accurately.

    Think about this... we know the power of Coastal Vacations to
    create income. That's why people have joined it for the past 15+
    years (I stopped "adjusting" the number of years after 15).

    Now ... with us, there is no "2 Up" involved .. money is made from
    the very first sale .. yet we were able to retain the "Up System"
    so there is still residual.

    The cost to market and buy leads ... was a killer for most people,
    so now, for $106 up to say $150 per month, a Member can create
    all the leads they need. And ... the cool part? The MINUTE USE
    and Dialer Fees can be included in an Affiliate program through
    the dialer Company.

    The, the next big stumbling block came from THE SELLING. Since
    we don't take a part of the Member Commission ... when we make
    a sale, the Member receives the full pay they are qualified for at
    the level they have achieved.

    That is "Coastal Speak" for .. if you are a Qualified L1 Director with
    us, you get the $1,000 from a Level 1 sale.

    Streamlining ... delegating ... lowering costs.

    Sounds like a good business plan to me ...

    Thanks again for great questions!
  19. Heather Bahm

    Heather Bahm New Member

    Hi Sportsnut[​IMG]

    When you are a Tel-Pro manager there are a couple of ways that you earn money. One way is through your telemarketers. You buils a team of telemarketers, that get to work for FREE. They earn commissions from selling your products, and you earn a commission form them selling your products. You also get a residual income every month from any managers you have under you. For instance the Tel-pro program cost is $249.00 per month. Every manager that you have under you, you make a residual $50.00 per month. when you get 10 managers that increases to $75.00 per month. When you reach 20 managers your monthly residual goes up to $100.00 per month. Making you $2,000 residuals every month. But, there is more....all of the managers under you have a team of telemarketers that they build also. You make commissions from your managers telemarketer sales also.
    As a Tel-Pro manager this is evrything you get for $249.00 per month:
    You get 2 marketing websites (one is an incredible state-of-the-art movie website)
    The other is a Fun Time distributor website that gives you access to all of Fun Times' products. This website also gives you unlimited vacation coupons. You can print out unlmited quantities of you vacation coupons, and give them away, or sell them. The best part about those is you make an "activation" commission on every one.
    You alos get unlimited leads for your telemarketers to use to sell your products for FREE. (telemarketers earn incredible income with no-cost to them)
    You also have advertising in place every week. That generates betweeen 15-30 incoming calls to you every week! These are people that want info. on a business opportunity, or they want info. on how to be a telemarketer.
    Either way all of your advertising costs are covered evry month for only $249.00 and you will no longer have to make cold calls. You answere your phone, and interview potential business partners.
  20. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member


    There is a great deal of info that is given out on this forum. I for one appreciate it immensely. Having had alot of experience in the industry I can most time sift through it all. I imagine for a new person alot of these post might be somewhat confusing.

    So to all that are saying what is going on I suggest you give the person that you have a question for a call. Each of us are allowed to put our websites and telephone numbers in our signature lines. That is the correct way to advertise any program any of us are promoting. The new post that are advertising specific programs in the body of the post themselves are from my understanding against the policies of the forum.

    I encourage all to advertise programs they are promoting on the forum but I also encourage all to do so following the specific rules and policies put forth. In my arsenal of products and services are many programs that I run or promote and I dont think it would be fair or correct for me to promote those in the body of my post.

    There is a way of course to promote yourself and the programs that you support and if you follow the post of many of the people that post in this forum and more specifically the Coastal threads you will see that most follow those guidelines.

    So again please promote your programs in your signature lines and be sure to include a number so anyone looking to contact you can.

    Adam Frederick
    Your Success Business Coach
    Teaching you how to minimize cost, maximize profits and free up time
    302 613 4632

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