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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by ilikemoney, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. ilikemoney

    ilikemoney New Member

    I was just thinking and imagining, as I often do, and came of with a fantasy that actually excites me. What if Network Marketing expanded to a point where virtually everyone worked at home? Of course people in the service industry would have to physically work, but the businesses themselves were promoted with network marketing and everyone just paid for their products and services through direct distribution?

    I'm pretty sure it's not feasible, but the way I see it, it would stop a lot of companies from taking advantage of their employees and would definitely redistribute the wealth in society.

    Then again, it wouldn't help people at the bottom of the pyramid (I know that's a bad term, but it's the only one I can think of right now) wouldn't benefit very much, but with so many organizations it would seem that they would be able to benefit from at least one.

    I don't know...I haven't thought this through very much but it's an interesting concept to me. Help me flesh it out.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Well.... we also need people to work jobs because I really like to eat out and I also love to go shopping so I want some people to keep working those jobs.[​IMG]

    But I do know what you are talking about.
  3. BillChechel

    BillChechel New Member

    Not everyone has the mindset of a business person. There will always be the large majority who are happy with employment.
  4. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    Some people believe that homebased business are scams. They haven't spent the time to develop the proper mindset. I wish we could all have the time and freedom that home based business offer.
  5. mattvandivier

    mattvandivier New Member

    i wanna find something that don't cost a thing and some that will work beyond my expextions and that is simple as pie to use if u know where i can find this shoot it my way bro...
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    If you don't wish to start a business, then find a work at home job.
    As not all people have the correct mindset in doing business.
  7. tpalmer02

    tpalmer02 New Member

    I agree with Bill, everyone doesn't have the entrepreneur mindset. Also, even it was to come to that many people still wouldn't make any money just because they don't know how to market and brand themselves. Just like today...the majority of people in business aren't making any money.
  8. neilac

    neilac New Member

    Don't knock employment. It pays and it's for sure. I can go out work a 12 hour shift and make a guaranteed $520. With my IM I can't do that. pays the bills, what can I say.
  9. brianh8807

    brianh8807 New Member

    I agree with a lot of people on this post, some just don't have the right mind set or they don't know how to market properly. In order to survive in this business, you must have the right mindset.

    To be honest, sometimes working a job is better for some people. Just like IM is better for others.
  10. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Having a job will guarantee that you are paid every month on the hard work you have put in.

    Having a home business will take some time to start seeing some money coming in. [​IMG]

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    mattvandivier: i wanna find something that don't cost a thing and some that will work beyond my expextions and that is simple as pie to use if u know where i can find this shoot it my way bro...
    What exactly do you mean by work beyond your expectations? and simple as pie to use? Even though there are businesses that have no signup fee like the one i'm in, it takes effort and training to understand what needs to be done to make it work.



    Well, with unemployment almost 10% and much higher in some parts of the country, no longer is that job you may have is as secure as it once was. Just ask all the Chrysler and GM dealers which had the carpet pulled out from under them. No job is safe, I don't care who you work for, and I think this is a turning point for a shift to more home businesses.

    I thank God I have not had a job in decades, and if I had not dumped the corporate fortune 5 company I had worked for, I would have been out of work as they shut down the division I was attached to. I have dozens of friends who are out of work and they all thought I was crazy to quit and start my first business. No, I don't laugh now, but I wouldn't want it any other way, good times or bad, nothing like being in your own business.

    Success to all,
  13. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    The real problem with home based business opportunities is that there is more biz. opps. than people looking for them. So, in essence, what we are doing is trying to convince each other to buy our program. (preaching to the choir)

    What we need to do is have a discussion on what is the best mlm, with the best product and pay plan and then all join that program and make it rock. Forget everything you have heard before, open our minds and put some real thought into this and let the evolution begin.

    My thoughts as far as a product would be something that everbody or almost every uses on a monthly basis. Then make sure it is not over priced and one that offers a great, easy to understand pay plan. that is the only way you can reach the masses. In my humble opion.

    Thank you



    Good point,

    Sorry, I cannot agree with the first scenario presented. With millions of people unemployed, and millions more worried about the same given this severe recession, most of those unemployed people are going to be prospects at some point in time when they realize there are very few employment options at the moment.

    Given I research just about every business opportunity there is, I would estimate that there are thousands of business opportunities including franchises, and with millions looking for a home business, I don't think we will ever see more business opportunities than there are people looking to start one.

    I agree about your point on finding the best value that everyone uses or needs, I have been researching recession proof businesses only, and sadly, there are as many as I would have thought, so I like the idea to have a thread that we can share thoughts about different businesses that meet this criteria.

    In my research, there are a couple dozen that meet my criteria, and value is essential in this economy. Everyone is looking to save money, and if they can earn an extra income while they save money on their own purchases, then it is going to the top of my list. Of course, quality is a must, but just as important is the demand factor, you have to offer a product everyone needs, and if it is exclusive product, then you really have a winner, and I only found a dozen that meet this criteria.

    We all know sex sells, just look at how many are posting on Craigslist for erotic services. This industry has exploded during recession, so it makes my list given it is $100B dollar industry and recession proof, so XXX-MLM-XXX is a home business that I added to my list as top recession proof low cost high quality high demand new business. lol

    Seriously, there are many that meet this criteria, you just have to research them all to find the best. Something for everyone is key to success. Everyone uses internet and has cell phones these days, but at what cost for both? I know I am paying $180. a month, and service stinks, so here is an opportunity which hit home in the value department for me. Unlimited voice and super high speed data for only $79.95 a month, no extra fees. Download movies in minutes and TV coming soon. Best of all, it is 5G technology, far more advanced than anything on market today, and cheaper. This launches tomorrow, so talk about value, high demand, ground floor, exclusive, low cost to be distributor for $14.95, this is a winner.

    With crime rate rising due to recession, security is becoming hot industry, but with this new low cost option for only $19.95, you can instantly download software to your computer, use your USB camera, and you have the most advanced security monitoring and surveillance system at any price. Monitor your home from business and your business from home saving professional monitoring fees of hundreds with long term contracts. This is so simple anyone can set it up in minutes. No contracts, you can even evaluate it for free for full month, so again, value, high tech, high demand and low cost to start.

    Another in my top ten is Winalite, a new health safe technology for women and babies, a trillion dollar industry, and it too offers value, high demand, exclusive, low cost to start and brand new to states, a very powerful combintation assuring success.

    Who hasn't heard the name Trump, and if ever there was a time for the MLM Network Marketing industry to get a credibility boost, this will be it. Trump Network will be launched on TV Apprentice this fall, so when I evaluate businesses, not one compares to the potential this will offer for success. Putting Trump name on Ideal Health nutritional will most likley be the largest success in the home business arena next year, so another on my list.

    I am all ears, any others have any top picks to add to my list?

    Success to all,
  15. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    I agree with some of your feedback. What I mean is that even though people are losing there jobs in record number and that more and more work is put on the shoulders of the ones who don't get laid off doesn't neccessarrly mean that these people are good canidates for a true home based business. What they are truely looking for is a way to save money on what they already use, and if by chance they can pocket an extra couple of bucks per month while doing so, and see a way to make the big bucks, so be it.

    Currently I have a cell phone, two land lines with At&t both with unlimited usage, high speed internet that usually is slow. sat. T.V. and altogether pay over $225.00 per month. That's crazy. Lets save some money there and maybe just maybe make money to boot.



    I know most people are not sales oriented, so I agree, most are not interesting is selling, but transfer buying is something everyone can do if there is verifiable value and savings on same or better quality services, so this is key factor, especially in a severe recession.

    A perfect example was when gas prices were going through the roof, all of a sudden you saw dozens of companies offering gas additives which were supposedly going to increase your mileage. That was short lived when products didn't perform as promoted, I know I tried them all thinking this was a good recession proof business to add to my portfolio. Sadly, none worked, and then gas prices retreated, so all those who got involved are now out of business, and a good reason never to work only one business.

    I jumped on tel com industry when deregulation happened in '84, did very well with Sprint 2000 for a couple years, but then they pulled carpet out from under distributors and overnight I lost $7K a month in income. Another lesson why you should never rely on just one company. I have been getting checks from telcom industry for over a decade, so I agree, this is a good industry to have in your portfolio.

    Given you pay even more than I do for tel com, I have been waiting for this breakthrough for years to come to market, and finally, tomorrow it will. I have always looked for best deals on internet, cell and landlines, and now I will save over a $100. per month and have better service, and that is truely a recession proof opportunity.
    I will drop Time Warner bundle deal which is $140. a month, and since I don't need landlines anymore, I will go with GlobalVerge deal and get unlimited 5G mobile and high speed wireless internet all for $79.95, so I couldn't agree more with your thinking on saving money on services we already use. Transfer buying is as easy as it gets for everyone, no selling, just telling.

    Success to all,
  17. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    Once again I can not disagree with all of your great feed back and only goes to prove the point, that we as a group can decipher the good and bad in all of these opporunities and then start to focus on the positive ones.

    I would like to receive more info. on the 5G technology and we be more than curious as to pay plan and how this company will be able to adapt in an ever changing industry. I got cought up in long distance company a while back and even produced a radio show (30-Min.) which was great, however, one change in the law on how telcom.'s can offer service shut this MLM down.

    So one must tread carefully when deciding on any company or propduct.

    I look forward to your next considered opion.
  18. drunyan

    drunyan New Member

    I would also like more info on the 5G technology. Where is it going to be available and when? I am very interested.
  19. BusinessBuilder

    BusinessBuilder New Member

    Oh man - this is a hot topic for me. As we see more and more jobs disappear, more and more people could be working and earning from home. Unfortunately, most people want the "comfort" of a paycheck.

    I watched as employees at a major US corp were being laid off and the remaining employees were still in denial that it was happening...until they were laid off too!

    There will always be j-o-b-s, but I think the comfortable paycheck is gone forever. People need to realize that and get motivated to take care of themselves and not rely on their j-o-b or government.

    Told ya this is a hot topic for me! [​IMG]
  20. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    I guess I could ask the same question... IF everyone worked at McDonalds there's be no one to eat there...
    a HBB / Network Marketing / MLM / ETC is a job, it requires work, and it's not for everyone.. how many people that you talk to say NO or say it's a scam.. those people will be employees for life, (or at least a little bit longer than you)

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