Just about to start training. My skill HSN

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ladyofengland, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    I'm about to start training and am sooooo excited. I'm going to wait to get my headset before I start training. I have been offered HSN, can anyone give me any tips I may need. I'm in TN where there is no
    minimum wage. I'm wondering what they will pay me for my training too.

    I have another question. I have downloaded all the software to my lap top, but now I'm thinking I may be more comfortable on my desktop. Is there a way to dowload all on there too.

    Thanks so much I'm so happy I have found this forum.

  2. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    yes, just go through the download again on the desktop. its okay to download on both, i did, good luck!
  3. CareAnn

    CareAnn New Member

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll do a great job [​IMG] Let us know how it goes with it all k...[​IMG]
  4. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Well I passed the first test, but the 2nd I failed [​IMG] But i have another chance so I'll go back to it tomorrow. Wish me luck.

    Thanks for all your good wishes.
    Hugs Jen
  5. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Hope your 2nd test went well! Keep us posted! Take your time and make notes as you go - that helps alot!

    Hugs, [​IMG]
  6. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    yipppeee I passed my second training test. My hand hurts from so much note taking, but have just learned how to print it out, using a snipping tool that I did not know my pc had.

    Good luck to anyone else doing training.
    Hugs Jen
  7. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    Does snyone one know how the pay goes for the HSN project i got reassigned for this project from the training it looks easy. Let me know those who do work on the project what is it really like, and the pay is like
  8. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Hi I'm only training for HSN but in skills detail is says agents average $7/9 hr paid by talk minute. I passed my 3rd test.
  9. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    I finished my training for HSN on sat and im still waiting for the webinar invite. I hope it doesn't take forever!
  10. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Nora, Good luck with your webinair. Let us know what is involved in a Webinair ?? Thanks
  11. cel5558

    cel5558 New Member

    so has any one done hours on HSN yet? I am working on training now. Passed 4 tests so far. notes notes notes or copy and paste and print. Alot of information but once you start it should get easier.
  12. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    I finally received my webinar email after 2 weeks of waiting! I plan on taking it tommorrow. I'll let everyone interested know how it goes.
  13. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Good luck Nora with your Webinair. Let us know how it goes. I'm still doing training, Have 2 more tests to go. It's so much to remember, but I guess Doris wil help us once we get started.
  14. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    The webinar when well. We had over 40 people on the line and it was a little hectic on the question and answers part. But basically the HSN PAL went over different scenarios to help us get a better feel for HSN. Now, i'm waiting for my logins. I can't wait to start earning extra income. Good luck on everything!
  15. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    I'm only got one more test to do. Then on to webinair. I really didn't think I'd get this far. Patting myself on the back. Good luck Nora I hope you got your logins.
  16. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    I passed all my tests yippppeeeeeee Now to wait for webnair.
  17. Nora001

    Nora001 New Member

    Congrats! there is a little wait for the webinar email. it took me 2 weeks to get mine. i'm now waiting for my logins for HSN. i should have them by the end of this week! then i can start working!
  18. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    yipppeee i've got me webinar tomorrow at 10.30pm. I hope I don't fall asleep. I thought it as 10.30 am not pm.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

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