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  1. chadarcy

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    Does anyone know whether I should be concerned at all about the restart that is going to be done in a few days. Has anyone experienced going through a restart already and how did it affect your triplers and matrix. There is a huge earnings potential very quickly with triplers, but can that be wiped out by a restart? I have been told if triplers are removed on a restart they convert to the matrix side. Is this true and is it still 4 triplers taken away to equal the one matrix.

    My understanding also is that the restart is done to help make the system sustainable, which seems to be the largest claim of the company. They actually state "indefinitely sustainable". I do know one thing, if they stay around for any period of time, earnings should be good.


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    The many "passive" get a percentage back on your money opportunities are structured to pay based on revenue of sales coming in, notwithstanding the sales may be suspect for some of these companies.

    You concern may not be as much with the changes, as it should be with the fact that they are making changes on a claim of being able to sustain. That means their are flaws in the income model and that know acts have be gone to maintain a drop in the "sales" to produce the large payouts that increase as more money comes in than is needed to payout.

    I saw under a research of JSS Tripler that the owner stated that owner admitted that payouts was based on new people coming in, that's a problem.

    However, lets assume for the good of the networking industry that JSS Tripler is a quality venture. The key to making money with one of these types of ventures is to NOT put more money in than you are willing to lose.

    Why history is replete with such "business" models finding their way to the "no longer" existing aisle.
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    I have done alot of research on the company an I am testing the waters myself, and do think that this company may be different than others because of the restart, and because changes are constantly being made to restructure how the earnings are dispersed.

    One change I have seen is that on weekends, when less money is coming in, they have changed the payout from 2% to 1.5%. Changes like this in my mind are fine, if it keeps the company running smoothly.

    I would like to here from someone who has been through a restart, and the pros and cons of the restart. But of course in discussion would be great. I was starting to wonder if anyone here even heard of Just Been Paid
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    I've been with them since last year and I don't fear restarts, I get excited about them because it makes us more money long-term and speeds up our matrix cycling.
    For instance, I've already cycled matrices that I got from the last restart at $60 a pop[​IMG] The last restart was in Jan. 2012.

    As long as you're not glued to your daily earnings, but willing to keep working the program as we're taught - we've been able to all come out way ahead and pretty fast - I would not have gotten as many matrix positions nor as fast.

    But the real news for you is that unless you have a lot of positions, something like $500 worth, you're likely not to feel this restart much at all - and the most they'll be taking for someone like me with just over 100 positions, is like 40% - any many of them are close to expiring anyways.

    Then I just buy more triplers as my matrices keep cycling....
    My bank ain't paying me this much!!!!
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    musuggitt thanks for your response, and sorry for mine being so slow getting back. I was not notified that I had a response back. Great to here that it all seems to be working out well for you. It is assuring to know that the restart is almost something to look forward to.

    I know I read up on this somewhere on the website but can't remember, for sure. After the restart how many of the triplers are converted to the matrix side. Normally every four tripplers equals one matrix, I think I saw something about 50% of the restart triplers become a position on the matrix side. Is that correct?

    I am also curious as to how many referals you have, and is it possible to make this work without referals. I am slowly working my way to trying to get some referals, but I am really waiting until I can confirm with proof to family and friends that there is nothing to worry about, and show checks coming back to me.

    I am currently at 16 triplers positions and compounding every 3 days. Seems like it is going to get moving quite quickly.

  6. chadarcy

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    Alexa ranking is now at 412 globally. That is very impressive and coming down quickly. Soon it will be in the 300's. Really taking off.
  7. chadarcy

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    I would love to discuss experiences with other JustBeenPaid members, and am very surprised that JBP is not being talked about more within this forum. I would love to learn from others experience with it, as all I here is positives from those that are part of JBP. Keeps everyone motivated with positive talk, and learning from others success.

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