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    Hi, my name is Cody. Earlier this year I started a small home business with a friend of mine (we used to work together at an AT&T call center) doing appointment setting and lead generation for other small businesses that need more customers. Things were (and still are) going well (slow...but steady), but I needed a little more income. I then started working part time for Oasis Marketing Solutions, doing surveys and some appointment setting for software companies.

    The transition from the 9-5 grind to working at home has been...a little odd, but ultimately pretty fulfilling (who doesn't love this sort of freedom?). Anyway, I realized that I've been flying blind on a lot of things, and I've made a few mistakes (none of them damaging, still nerve racking though) and it got me thinking. So, obviously, I found this forum, and I'm eager to meet and chat with all of you, swap some knowledge and stories, and generally just remind myself that, even when things are looking grim, there are others out there that are doing the same thing, and thriving at it.

    So, that's that. Sorry for the rambling :p Hope to hear from you all!
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    Hello Cody, glad to have you join us. There is a wealth of knowledge and lots of stories in this forum that you'll find useful.


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