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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by chadarcy, May 16, 2012.

  1. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    I want to give my review of JustBeenPaid, but would like anyone who has, or is a member, to also please give your thoughts on the company.

    I am just amazed with my account, how easy it is to earn money everyday. The power of that alone for someone new signing up is enough to keep members interested in sticking around and not giving up within a weeks time. What I mean is, that by earning money each day, you feel like your moving in a positive direction and not in a stalemate, waiting for referrals getting discouraged that nothing is changing with typical programs.

    The strengths and differences of JBP are as follows:
    - Daily Web Conferences and 24/7 online chat room with moterators to answer questions.
    - Moneymaking solution for the 98% that normally don't succeed online
    - Ease of moneymaking. $10 given on startup and earn up to 2% daily without any work.
    - No Sponsoring Requirements
    - Something Positive Always Happening Daily
    - Indefinitely sustainable
    - Millionn dollar award to anyone who can find a mathematical flaw with the system to prevent from being indefinitely sustainable
    - Daily compounding of earnings
    - Daily withdrawals
    - Referal commision of 10% on 1st level and 5% on 2nd level
    - Strong Growth with worldwide Alexia ranking of 384
    - Secure offshore Server
    - Offshore Business

    How it works!
    1) Sign up and receive $10
    2) Purchase a $10 tripler
    3) Each day earn $.20 per position on weekdays $.15 on weekends
    4) Compound your earnings to increase rate of position growth
    5) Positions earn for 81 days (at this date)
    6) For every for postions expiring (after 81 days) receive a matrix position
    7) When 2x2 matrix fills earns you $60

    Tripler example:

    -Purchase of $500 worth of $10 positions= 50 positons
    -For sake of simplifying each position earns everyday 2% of $10 = $.20
    -50 x $.20 = $10
    -Triplers expire after 81 days
    -81 x $10 per day = $810

    Summary: For an initial value of $500 into triplers earns you 50 positions, which in turn after they expire would result in $810 total earned.

    This is accomplished with no work, or referrals, and also no compounding. Compounding is amazing and you can see the results by going to www.justbeenpaid.com and using the earnings calculator.

    So I really think that this company is a no brainer and really almost seems to good to be true, but after being skeptical for some time, I am very comfortable with what I put into JustBeenPaid and the results I am getting.

    Again I am looking for honest opinions from those that have or are members of JBP.

  2. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Geez Chad did you make it sound enough like an ad! Haha although everything he says is true as far as I have encountered so far.

    I'm pretty savvy when it comes to protecting my money as I live on a Disability Pension, and I haven't come across any red flags yet.

    The really important factor that made me sign up is that I could start with the $10 that they gave me without risking anything which is very important to me - I instantly cut and run if I get told "You can only earn money if you pay us"

    All the jargon about matrixes and stuff is a bit of a process to get your head around at first, but again the good thing is that I haven't had to learn yet because I'm only playing with the sign-up money they gave me.

    I'll keep it updated as I journey into this, answer any questions people have, etc.

    For me this is what I would consider more of a 'backburner' project, a small passive income you can leave to itself, I am still of the strong opinion that if you REALLY want to have complete financial security you need to become a market leader in your niche. (Granted that this program in itself is somewhat of a niche)

    But for me the ease of the initial signup means it's a great little diversification. [​IMG]
  3. Interesting,

    Bottom line, this is a pyramid, and everyone should understand that before joining. I did, and just like all the so called HYIP's, they cannot hide from the fact that none have a legitimate income source other than the new mimber revenues.

    Granted, this is not the same as those HYIP's that promoted high return on inventments based on FOREX trading, or some other fantacyland investment returns, but they were all scams in the end and none lasted for long.

    Will JBP last longer than the typical HYIP's, time will tell, and given the tremendous growth which has finally hit after more than a year of just so, so growth, this will indeed extend the life to a degree, who knows what degree, but hey, it is the best of the high return deals on the internet to date.

    Sometimes growing too fast is a death signal, and as most have learned over the years of playing with these deals, you have to know when to get out, and if you play them with a little less greed, you can do OK, even great if you dump a large amount into them at very start. I know a few who have, so it is not impossible to make six figures plus as a few have if we are to believe the hype.

    I am not againset a well run HYIP or similar program, as long as we are not lied to that there is something other than the pyramid feeding the program. I have never heard Freddie say he was investing in FOREX or some sort of high return deal, so with no false illusions, this makes JBP stand alone. I like to gamble, so I will play the game of hold and fold from time to time. Learned long ago you cannot believe the B.S. about legitimate investments backing up these high returns, so as long as new members understand this, I have no problem playing the game.

    I don't promote it personally for I don't want to see anyone lose any money, but the few I have under me have done very well, so well that I just sit back and earn on what they earn, which is what I found interesting about JBP concept from start. Set and forget, and it works, but no one knows for how much longer, sorry. Even with restarts which extend life for who knows how long, I cannot see it being sustainable forever just as no pyramid can last forever. Sooner or later, as Madoff deal demonstrates, you have to answer to investors.

    Get your return on investment back first and foremost, then you can play the reinvestment game with no losses. With upcoming restart, this will tell us all alot more than we now know. What will percentage be this time around, or the next, we shall see. Given the pay it forward addition where all the growth was coming from where people could joun for free, at inviting members expense, this could come back to bite Freddie in his effort to sustain the program for X amount longer. Payback has to be factored in, so time will tell.

    Success to all,
  4. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Hi FREEBUSINESSES, thanks for sharing your thoughts, JBP does actually sell advertising slots to it's members and sells a number of digital products, so it actually brings in money that way, as well as integrating the restart with the other programs run simultaneously, plus money is always brought in from foolish 'whales', to use the casino vernacular, so it does seem to make this program indefinitely sustainable.

    However if you can manage to prove otherwise then you'll get that million dollar prize!

    I do not believe it to be a pyramid at all, or even a typical HYIP, however as you said you just have to play smart, it's like investing in the stockmarket.
  5. Agreed,

    The $15. every three months for access to boost your brain is hardly going to be enough to pay out the 2% Tripler, and the advertising has never gone active, but I agree, at least they have something that looks like products of value, but we all know where the money is coming from to pay out everyone.

    I must say, this is unique, but it is still a pyramid, just the best one I have reviewed to date, and I have seen them all. Don't get me wrong, it is a money maker, and like you say, you have to be smart about it, and in my research, buy all the tripler positions you can within the window between restarts, then wait, converting to matrix is not going to return the same unless you count on this lating for years. Having watched the matrix positions over the past year plus, they do not fill very fast, and when you purchase them, as I have done to evaluate, they still are painfully slow to cycle as most can attest to.

    Believe what you like, I just like to say it like it is, and yes, it is and has been a money maker, but like you said, you have to be smart, know when to hold them, know when to fold them, sort of like the stock market, I agree, and just like I play the market, I never invest in just one stock, nor do I rely on one program. Lessons learned. Best of luck.

    Success to all,
  6. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    To back both responses by Freebusiness and JPaskie you always should be cautious about getting involved with any online program, and only fund that program with what you can afford to loose.

    Freebusiness I would argue with the comparison of JBD to a pyramid. Everyone is making money from day one on $10 which is given to those that sign up and purchase a JSS tripler with that $10. Of course you will do much better if you fund the account but it really is not necessary. If you are a good marketer and can get people involved by referring it is quite possible to gain enough positions on referral earnings to jump start without any investment out of your pocket.

    One thing to note is that the $10 is a temporary loan meant to test drive the system and see first hand that it does work, and pay daily. After 60 days $10 will be debited from your account. But after 60 days of earning $.20 daily that would equal $12. (Weekends only pay $.15 therefore the total earning will be a bit smaller). But for another 21 days before the position expires you will still be earning for a total of roughly $4.20. So without funding or earning on referrals you will not be able to proceed to purchase more $10 positions.

    A restart was scheduled a few weeks ago to take place but as I have been told by moderators in JBP's chat style conference room, the restart has been delayed because of the available funds within the program. Restarts only take place when there is a need to rearrange funds, which is one tool for providing an indefinitely sustainable program. Not having a need for a restart when one was scheduled is a sign that the program is doing extremely well, and is very healthy.

    My last piece of info I would like to give is more of a visual aid to help confirm how this company is being perceived in its type of business.

    First go to http://earning2percentdaily.blogspot.com/ and go to the post dated May 6th and click on the image which shows JustBeenPaids ranking on Money-Monitor website. The ranking at that time was 17. Now go check the ranking at Money-Monitor right now and compare. http://money-monitor.com/programs In only a matter of a week and a half it has moved up pretty well.

    JBP members please keep posting!

  7. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

  8. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    I really can't make up my mind what I think of this program - I switch from feeling like it's a scam to feeling like it's awesome, I really don't know. I guess it's good that you can trial it without payin.

    The only loss I'll have suffered if it's a scam is the feeling of disappointment - I want so badly to be able to do something I enjoy and get paid, but with my disability I can't work. [​IMG]
  9. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member


    I felt like it was all a bit slow at first but after being in for just over a month I can't believe how fast it is taking off already for me. Compounding my earnings is very powerful, and really does start to ad up quickly.

    Don't be too quick to think that this may be a scam. Just do a search on the internet for JBP reviews and you will easily find that it has been talked about alot. There will be some forums that just bash JBP, but they also talk negatively about any online business, that is not run in the conventional manor. I bet you will see more positive talk than negative. Also keep in mind that the positive talk is from members that have or are working JBP. Then negatives usally come from people that have not even given JBP a try.

    Try to stay positive, I am pretty confident that JBP claims are true and from what I have read seem to be proving it with members results. It is good to be cautious but don't miss out on something that later you may see great results from yourself. I would recommend if things aren't working out well for you to just lay back for a while and check your earnings every so often.

    I am not sure what your disability is, but I hope that you can someday find a program or business online which you can feel proud about being a part of and get the satisfaction of earning great money.

  10. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Thanks Chad.

    I'm strongly leaning towards the "scam" side of things right now for a number of reasons:

    The site claims it is an advertising exchange site, but a look into the history of the site shows claims that "Advertising Packs will be implemented shortly" dating back to 2007.

    With the lack of actual advertising, the site is clearly relying on the purchase of new positions to pay old positions - For example in JSS Warp $80 has to come int the program to cycle a $60 position - so at the end of the day you are walking away for other people's money - this is a ponzi scheme

    The program makes up for this by having numerous programs that feed into each other, but the uncycled JSS positions will continue to increase.

    You can make lots and lots of money with this program, but at the expense of the stupidity of others. This is a strong ethical dilemma for me. I would not mind if I was succeeding where others failed, that is a great way to get money, but I cannot in good concience sponser people into a program I myself do not believe in.
  11. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Oh, and I've been reading reviews which is strengthening my resolve.

    The genious of sites like this is that they strongly reward sponsoring - so the pages of Google get flooded with fake positive reviews. The pages I have found with no bias have been the negative revies.
  12. oscarella68

    oscarella68 New Member

    i hav been following JUSTBEENPAID for some time now. they look serious and sustainable
  13. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    Everyone is going to have differences of opinions with any online marketing business no matter what it is. I for one am believing so far what I am seeing from JBP.

    I will be 100% sold and satisfied when I take my 1st withdrawl. If the business happens to go under, well that is the risk that I took. We all know that any business can be here one day and gone tomorrow, and that is a risk that is taken, and you have to realize that going in. Like I have said before, only fund as much money as you can afford to loose in a business.

    What I like about JBP is that I made an initial deposit into my account and now don't forsee myself ever making another, unless I decided that I wanted to get greedy.

    Some people must look at this as an investment like stocks because they will put $5000 in right from the start. In 82 days they have a quick return with little risk. The only risk that I see is the company shutting down. Less than the many risk of stock investment, unless your very trained in the markets.

  14. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    The thing is that JBP can actually do a cut-and-run anytime they want, and do it multiple times, because they've named it "The Restart Feature" and told people about it, but many people don't realise that the RSF results in many uncycled JSS positions and is essentially a cut-and-run.

    I think it is more like gambling in a casino then investing in stocks, but I don't like the way that it is disguised as a legitimate business when it is in face a ponzi scheme, a high-risk gamble. I cannot deem that kind of deceptive behaviour appropriate, because when people walk into a casino, they know what they are doing, and I only wish that JBP would follow the same level of honesty.
  15. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member


    It is true that "The Restart Feature" does take uncycled JSS tripler positions, but each is also converted over to a matrix position. Normally this would only happen when 4 JSS tripler positions have cycled, or in another term, expired.

    Also in the FAQ's on the JBP website they explain how the restart works and basically what it comes down to is they are trying to give credit for all CAD (Cash Amount Due), for each tripler that is converted.

    What the restart is doing is buying time, as now a lot of the triplers have been put into the matrix side and it takes time for the matrix to cylce. No one has been cheated of there money, it will just take longer to get, but this is all on there website and they are not hiding the facts of the restart. I don't see where JBP is not being honest.

    The other thing that a restart does is lowers the daily earnings that members are receiving, because they no longer are holding as many tripler positions. So for someone to get back to the daily earnings they were at, one may put new money into the program, which I am sure is the main goal of the restart.

    Lastly I do not think that JBP refers to this as a business opportunity, and I may have even caught myself calling it this, but to be called a business there needs to be work done. You really don't have to do anything to earn money with JBP. It is a form of HYIP and they do claim this through out the website, so yes I guess this does make this a type of ponzi scheme. But they are claiming to be unlike other HYIP's and stating that they are indefinitely sustainable, where the other HYIP's would take the money and run when they can no longer support the earnings.

    Before funding with any money, just make sure you are comfortable with the program and how it runs, and make your decisions from there.

  16. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    They do claim in multiple places that they are not a HYIP and that they are different, but if you look closer you realise that they are just another HYIP.

    To cycle a JSS position requires more money then is given out when it cycles, so simple maths will tell you that the uncycled JSS positions will continuasly increase, making this quite sustainable but always in the favour of the 'house', just like any good scam.

    They like to pretend that this doesn't happen and that everyone is a winner, and that this is a low-risk plan, all of which I find to be dishonest claims.
  17. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    When I was looking at reviews it seemed like most negative reviews were coming from people that are negative towards HYIP's altogether, and not really basing it off experience with JBP.

    I would like to read reviews from past members that did not have positive results, so that I can gain a better overall understanding of JBP.

    I have also noticed that there seems to be a lack of patience when it comes to a 1st withdrawal, which causes many complaints. A first withdrawal takes longer because JBP has to make sure that the money is in fact going to the correct account and not a scammer.

    I have not made a withdrawal yet myself and hopefully will be doing so in a 2-3 weeks, as I am nearing a point in my earnings where I am going to start keeping some of the earnings instead of compounding the whole ammount. When I do go through my first withdrawal I definitely will be posting my experience.

  18. JPaskie

    JPaskie Member

    Well, I'll leave this thread now in your capable hands, Chad. Anyone who is interested in JBP and understands the basic mechanics of HYIP's, Chad will take care of you. [​IMG]
  19. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member


    I appreciate that, and it sounds like JBP was not what you are looking for or believe in. It is understandable, this is not for everyone. I wish you the best of luck and truly hope that you do find something online or offline that can make you feel successful as I do remember you saying you had a disability which doesn't allow you to have a normal job.

    Our discussion has been great, and civil and was just a matter of two good people having different opinions.

    Hopefully I will still see you around the forum.

  20. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    My Pay it Forward $10 ran out today. $10 was discounted from my account today. No real surprise, as this was something I read on the website. No one really likes to see that $10 go, but it was only for test driving and seeing the benefits of the system.

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