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Discussion in 'Health' started by kehk05, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Have you or your family ever heard of Kangen Water and the many benefits it has to offer? A few months ago, my parents were introduced to the best type of water filter you could ever own. Since then, they have reaped the benefits of clean and healthy living. Many of my aunties, uncles and family friends have experienced this for their very own.

    We all know that most water filters and bottled water is purified by reverse osmosis to become "drinking water". What we didn't know was that although it was cleaned from chlorine, etc., there were still a lot of acid that remained in the water. This is what is breaking our bodies down. Kangen water filters the acid, chlorine, etc. out to become Alkaline water which is the best "manmade water" available. People travel all over the world to drink and bathe in the infamous sacred healing waters. After many tests, scientists have found that Kangen Water has the same make up of these types of waters and is available to you in your own home.

    In a few days to a couple of weeks, my dad noticed that his diabetes has been under control, his blood pressure is normal, and has been told that his colon is CLEAN! About a year ago, he lost his voice. Specialist after specialist said that he could never get it back because his vocal cord was paralyzed (don't know what caused it) and surgery "may" help but no guarantees. Well, after drinking this water, he is starting to get his voice back.

    My mom noticed that her blood pressure is great, her arthritis is gone and her diabetes is controlled (no more taking medications for any of these). A good friend of the family was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. She was recently told by her doctor that the cancer cells are gone and her colon is unbelievably clean! My brother no longer has gout attacks. My cousin even lost weight!

    Of course, everyone is different and results will definitely vary. However, if you would like more information, please feel free to PM me.

    Take care!



    Yes, been using ionized water for years, but not Kangen, cost too much to pay our all commissions. Enagic is same deal, so all I can say is if you can succeed selling $4,000.00 machines, you deserve all the success in the world.

    Good luck to all, Mike
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    I'm one of the people that has seen the results of kangen water firsthand. I gained a lot of energy, lost weight, and have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years.

    My son who has been on acid refllux medication his whole life, is now off the medication. He's also overcome chronic constipation.

    I've heard of other people having amazing results, but these are the ones that I can directly attest to, which is amazing.

    I also saw that there were other machines on the market, but I wanted to get the best one for my health and that of my family's.

    The cost doesnt' go into the commissions, it goes into making the machines, which is why they're the best.

    If you didn't know, all of the other machines are marking up 50% to pay their distributors too. If you don't believe me, just call and ask about becoming a distributor, and you will see.

    In any case, thansk for kehk05, and I hope many people have the opportunity to experience the benefits of this amazing water.

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    Not familiar with that..

    We don't use any .. We drink tap water hehe yep seriously
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    I have shared water with many and have gotten the following results in just 3 months of sharing the water as a free trial:

    ??? The acid reflux I have had for over 15 years has vanished.

    ??? My rotator cuff pains have gone and I sleep better and have more energy.

    ??? My wife wakes up much easier from better sleep and has more energy at the end of the week.

    ??? My son is seeing faster recovery from his workouts, he cannot drink pop anymore and he notices other water "just does not absorb!"

    ??? My father's arthritis pain has gone.

    ??? His wife's leg swelling and pain has gone.

    ??? A lady my father sold a machine to had her blood pressure normalize after being on the water a little over a month. A lump in her leg disappeared and she now walks better than she has in years.

    ??? My father-in-law's sugar is lower and less erratic.

    ??? My mother-in-law's knee pain disappeared and both of their issues with reflux disappeared.

    ??? A lady in the neighborhood's arthritic back pain in the morning was gone in 3 days and she has not taken any acid reflux medicine since starting on the water.

    ??? Another neighbor's fibromyalgia symptoms including severe leg pain are gone and her acid reflux issues are gone (only 24 days on the water.) She now reports her arthritis pain in her neck is almost gone.

    ??? Two neighbors' prostate issues are reducing.

    ??? Another reports he has significant improvement in function in the bedroom.

    ??? Two others are seeing long term skin conditions clear up and one's reflux issues are gone and the other reports more energy as well.

    ??? Another dear friend has gotten off his Lasix for leg swelling subsequent to chemo. His chemo induced constipation ended after a month on the water and his color is coming back and his hands are warm again. He also reports much more energy now.

    ??? Another lady's long term constipation has finally ended.

    ??? A young lady who was diagnosed as having over active liver and gallbladder after a bout with mono drank 2.5 gallons of the water before returning for blood tests which came back normal with regard to liver and gallbladder function and the nurse advised that her blood was remarkably clean and wanted to know what she was doing. Her friend told her that her skin is looking better and she sleeps better and has a ton of energy in the morning.

    ??? A man reports his long term leg pain/cramping has ceased and another man's long term knee pain has ended.

    ??? Two men have reported dropping 10 pounds with no other changes in diet.

    ??? Another woman has said her skin is noticeably softer and her back pain ended after being on the water.

    ??? A lady with undiagnosed head/jaw/neck pain had all disappear after 2 weeks on the water and she is off her medications including reflux medication.

    ??? Given her results, she put her daughter on the water who was suffering from a month long headache. At her first water refill, she reported the headaches were gone and she feels great.
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    My updated site has much more information if you are interested.
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    Sorry that I wrote in such an old thread, but I just wanted to say that Kargen Water is indeed very beneficial liquid for human health. A two years ago, I had problems with my foot as it often started to hurt in such way that it made me go crazy. As it appeared, I had the gout in my toe. At first, my doctor adviced me to use various medications such as colcrys, allupurinol and etc. But it appeared that they had certain side effects like abdominal pain, rash and etc. as described in this article. Thereby, I decided to have a proper diet, which included Kargen Water and I must say that it worked much better than medications.

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