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  1. StuartOnline

    StuartOnline New Member

    Hi everyone, anybody out there heard of Keith Cotterill or 'The Ultimate Forex Trader' product.
    It sounds interesting but I'd like to hear from anyone who's had any experience with it and would you need any skill sets in order to operate it?
  2. morton19

    morton19 New Member

    Hey Stuart,

    I swear Im not stalking you, but I did reply to another of your posts. [​IMG] I saw this post and thought I could offer a little advice. I could easily write a 5000 word post and still barely skim the surface of the basics. So what I would suggest is possibly going to ebay, and look for a simple/inexpensive guide on trading forex or forex for beginners,, something to that nature. Within that guide you should recieve a little background info, as well as trading strategies using different types of indicators to use on your charts. This will start to give you a foundation.

    You can google forex accounts/ mini accounts and find several different brokerage houses who offer these, as well as their point spreads and leverage fiqures. i.e. 200:1

    I traded on paper for months using a demo account before opening a real money account.

    I would suggest building a decent foundation of forex before trying to implement someone else's strategies.

    Hope this helps.
  3. GTOptions

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    If you have planned out to invest in forex then it would be good if you acquire some good knowledge, as it would help you to know the market conditions and you can take your own decisions while selecting some program or bots.

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