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    Although there are literally thousands of MLMs out there... the one real key to building a successful downline in any of them is to be involved in an organization that provides a product or service that "YOU" believe in. It is also important to find an MLM that allows you to focus more on the products and services that their organization provides more than the downline requirement of promoting the "OPPORTUNITY". One of the things I have learned through the years is that most of the MLMs I have dealt with that focused on the job opportunity more than the product were closer to being a scam than an MLM. Think about this... If an MLM provides a product or service at a value or price that captivates you and makes you want to buy it... then how easy will it be to promote the products & services to others (which is what the company is supposed to do). If your customer sees the value as you did... then he or she will be more likely to want to promote the products or services themselves making your downline more profitable. If an MLM wants to focus more on the "opportunity" then the products and you manage to create a downline of say 200 people you will be less likely to make anything at all because the people in your downline will not be focused on the product or service value. The truth is I can make more money from a downline of 20 people from an MLM that provides an inexpensive and valuable product than I can from a downline of 2000 from an MLM who offers products that are not really competitively priced or even needed and just wants to focus on the business "opportunity". So remember the key to developing a succesful downline is finding an organization that gets you excited about promoting their products and services first... not promoting their business opportunity! A truly good MLM will not need promotion if they offer tangible value... The "opportunity" will promote itself.

    Have a great day!
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    Another important key to building a successful downline is to be motivated. So many people I have met get into these MLMs thinking that spending a few bucks and just sitting back will make money fall out of the sky. This... of course... is just not the case. A lot of the individuals my company has coached through the years had it all. They were well spoken, well dressed, intelligent, witty and had a sense of humor. All of these are desired traits in someone wanting to go into a publicly anchored business avenue such as sales, marketing and even MLM. But more than too often I have found that some of these people lacked the motivation neccessary to succeed. Are you one of those people? How many times have you joined an MLM and gotten excited about it?... knowing that you could make money with it but you always had something more important to do. Like most infomercials for weight loss products, diets and excercise equiptment MLM requires a commitment of your time in order to succeed. You need to set aside a certain amount of time(even if it's only 30 min or an hour) every day to focus on your goal. ... Oh yeah... Goal... If you don't have a goal... how can you be motivated. So... you are going to need one of those as well. You should set your goals really low at first to be realistic and raise them as you become more and more experienced. i.e.: "I am going to sell one product or service by the end of next week and sign-up one person in my downline by the end of the month." and then combine that with your commitment of time i.e.: "I am going to spend 30 min a day 4 days a week trying to reach my goal." ... anyway... you get the picture. Motivation and commitment is a key ingredient to successful anything... Career, marriage, diet, etc. ... get the point?
    So apply this in your life in all aspects(including creating a downline) of your life and you will not only be a successful multi-level-marketer but a successful person as well!
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    Don't be afraid to post your helpful hints to creating a successful downline here as well. Questions are good too and no question is a bad or stupid one. If you do not know something and would like to know it just ask. I don't have all of the answers for you but I do have answers and a lot of times questions too. bye!
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    Excellent posts Corey! Another point I would like to mention is to be in constant touch with your downline and motivate THEM in addition to being motivated. I was in Amway for some time and one thing I liked most about them is how they periodically motivate their distributors in the form of seminars, tapes, meetings, magazines.

    Most of the distributors will be highly motivated at the time of joining. It's only after a month or so, the intensity fades away. Most of the time it's because the sponsor fails to be in touch with his downline.
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    It amazes me sometimes how fellowship empowers people. 2 heads are truly better than one. The great thing about downline development is that it creates a friendly "partnership" with others. The only true "partnership" that will never fail because the person above you in your downline is actually there to help make you more successful! The more successful you become... the more successful he/she becomes. All of that "I am more experienced" condescending crap is out the door. Private party partnerships fail because they have no design vision for the future. One party wants to go one way and the other another... each thinking that his or her idea is what will make their business prosper. In network marketing people are hired out of the marketing structure who's sole purpose is to maintain that design vision of the future and the marketers being all yoked together in fellowship instead of qaurrel are what ultimately make the business such a success. A true MLM with a perfect design vision and structure can never fail! When companies forget to maintain their design and the marketers fail to support people in their downlines then the business will fail. Press on and prosper!
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    It is also very important to come up with a list of advantages to show to a potential MLM downline rep. Many times web sites will do this in their member areas any way and will list many reasons why joining would be a good decision. It is still important to come up with a list of your own. One of the members in this newtwork marketing forum "shun" has posted one of the best mlm advantage letters I have ever read. This type of tangible and realistic approach makes it easy to get people to join especially when you already believe in the products and company so much yourself. Just reading that post will give you a good approach to signing up new people thus creating a downline that will provide you with a foundational income you can depend on for years!
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    For years I had heard a lot about lead sites the sell MLM leads to help build your downline and for years they have been worthless. If you were not purchasing spam you were purchasing leads that had been sold over and over and again and again. Unless your opportunity was unique to the extreme... it just was not worth the money. After receiving several e-mails on this over the last few months I shopped around to see if anything had changed about the market for these. I did some research and decided that with new stiff penalties in place for spamming and the governments lead check policies through parts of the patriot act I would give them a shot... So... I shopped around tried a few sites that offer leads for sale. "Guaranteed to be less than 72 hours old" and "Exclusive One Time Sales Leads" are what I purchased... and to my surprise... They worked. I have increased my downline 2 fold. Now... That does not mean that everyone in my downline is an "active" member but if just 10 percent start to generate sales and begin to create downline of their own then my downline is not the only thing that will increase 2 fold. So... Overall I would have to say that with careful research and consideration... purchasing leads is no longer bad business. I would do it again and as a matter of fact... I am going to purchase leads myself for the most active people in my downline as an incentive to keep them active. This is just another way to lock in my residuals while creating a good relationship with my downline businesses.
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    Hello, these are really good posts! A couple of things I would like to add based on my experience with MLM.

    when joining an MLM choose the upline wisely. A lot of complains that come from people I hear, are mostly because of upline problems than the company itself. Because the marketing concept of an MLM is based upon its distributors. You can follow few steps to filter out those distributors who just promote a "business opportunity" rather than services/products.

    Useful things to do:

    1. Request demonstrations on retail/services.
    Those who have a strong retail/service will be more than happy to show you this aspect of business while others will simply try to avoid as a ???complication???. The demos should also include how retail/service is established in the first place.

    2. Business Logistics
    - Where the distributor is based,
    - Is there is an office downtown of your upline, one you could also also use,
    - What are the resources your upline will offer to accelerate your start up period. For instance some distributors offer to their downline for free or for a low fee, professional templates for pamphlets, pulltabs and other advertising material. And usually these people have setup the material in an easy to use and obtain manner, like through a website. A business-orientated team will have marketing specialists and products/services experts.

    3. Marketing Comprehension
    Identify the marketing trends that have potential for your skills. You could be an expert in the products fields or a specialist in customer service based on your previous experience. It is important to adapt these skills to your business and be able to discuss it with your upline during your regular meetings. Your team lead should be able to always expand/adjust the advertising/retail/services as the team grows. Another issue to look for, is the target market. You should try to contact people where your skills and company products have the maximum effect. For instance I have seen people spending hours placing pull-tabs on a tourist resort area for a product that requires long-term face to face support.

    Overall your upline should guide you and not try to rip you off. Remember that recruitment is only good if there is associated and legitimate retail.
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    Very good and very informative. You are absolutely right and the wonderful things about forum sites like these is that no matter how experienced you feel you are or how much education you have... you can always learn something new. I have been researching and making money with these for years and I don't believe I have ever actually placed any real thought or concentration on the upline. But you are exactly right. I never thought much about it because I already had experiences related to mlm opportunities and was a self starter. I do see your point on how someone with limited or no experience could benefit from upline research. I will now work to include this in my research of new mlms. I very much appreciate your very informative post. Thank you.
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    There is a new business term racing around our area called a "business incubator". Their concept is simple... You rent an office space from them and you get a storage facility complete with your own full size receiving dock, a lunch area, shared restroom facilities, 3-4 offices, a conference room and a receptionist that answers the phone and takes messages for everyone in the entire incubator building. You also get a business coach that comes around once a week and with his extensive experience. At your request he looks over your business structure and gives you advice. What a neat concept. But ... you know... MLMs have been doing this for years! An MLM is like a "business incubator" A lot of people lose motivation when they feel that an opportunitiy exists in front of them but they have nowhere to go for help and advice. If you have successfully started to develop your downline in an MLM opportunity you should stay in contact with them on a regular basis. It can be by email, by phone,etc. but you should definately offer motivation and help to them. One of the things I have found to be a great help to my downline is simply filling them in on easy and good ways that I have found to market a product or service. You can even do as I have and offer prizes(outside of bonuses already offered by the MLM organization) to the downline reps with the highest monthly sales percentages. Remember their success is yours too that is what makes multi-level marketing work. Never turn your back on a new representive below you. They could potentially be your best residual commission generator for your future. So get out there and incubate those businesses!
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    I think you guys have touched on some really powerful points!

    I can speak personally to the importance of having a strong upline and team system in place.... been both places, really prefer the team route vs. the solo one.

    But truly, the very most important point in my mind is that you build your downline via relationships rather than hype and sizzle. There's nothing more loyal and long lasting as a downline built of people you really care about. Their successes become yours and vice versa ... that and choosing the right company for your personality of course ;-)

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    After a recent opt in leads purchase I have seen a large number of dead downline members. Out of 100 phone verified leads only 4 have actually produced in over 30 days. though this can still pay off in the long run... I still see the value of one on one relationships over leads. I think if leads were less expensive they would be worth more or perhaps would produce more results. For instance at that rate if I could have purchased a 1000 for what I paid for 100 then I might find a high value in the 40 productive new downline members I gain from the purchase. the 4 will pay for the lead purchase eventually and I still believe in leads but I can pull in a more productive downline by myself.
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    I'm really happy to have found this site. Lots of good info here. I just started working my business. Decided to quit a few times, but the customers were coming back....keeping me going. I'm going to give it my 100% this time around. I think this site will help me to do that! Thanks.
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    So if I were to purchase leads, how do you propose the products to the people or what do you tell them?
  15. coreyjroman

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    It really depends on the products and services that are offered. You would first need to be fluent in your knowledge about a particular product or service and then you would have to be able to describe to your prospect the reasons why you find these products and services to be of value both from a consumer standpoint and a sales standpoint. This way your prospect will have a primer from which to begin establishing themselves in your organization and a place to go for support
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    Good to see you back Corey [​IMG] I hope all is fine on your side.
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    Hi Cory
    What do you suggest for MLM for beginners? I am always interested in finding out new ways to make some money, and love to learn new concepts.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Robin,
    For MLM beginners it's hard to simply say... "this is what you should do" as many people have different levels of motivation and many MLM's offer such a vast variety of diffrent opportunities. It is also necessary to pre-determine what outcome the beginner is looking for i.e.: retirement funds, part time income supplementation, full time income replacement, etc. In my own experiences I have simply immersed my self in the products to see first if they are of interest to me. Then I look to see if I can save any money by using these products and/or services. Once I have placed personal value on any of the services I then focus on a marketing plan and formulate several "strategies of approach" to begin selling the products offered by my mlm. I have found that it is extremely important that the mlm I choose to market ...whether it be the promotion of products, services or opportunities... NEEDS to be extremely diverse. The mlm must offer a vast variety of products and services to be of any interest to me. I have found that mlm's that have one glorified product that is supposed to make you wealthy are just a waste of time and faduous at best. No matter what mlm you get into you must sell product! It is a requirement of just about every mlm I have looked at that you have a minimum sales quota regardless of what your downline is doing in order to obtain a revenue check. Also last point... find an mlm that excites you... keeps you motivated... makes you want to set goals... this will make it much easier for you to market and become successful!

    Have a great day!
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    All these answers above are good.

    I will share that every business model needs a system.

    What ever you do, will duplicate.
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    Some very good points and information here.

    From my experience it is crutical to have a good upline.

    The focus cant be just on building your organization but whether the product is a category creator.

    Look at it this way, would you buy the product without the business opportunity attached?

    Wishing you much success,

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