Keywords, what? why? How to get the best ones!

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    Hello Everybody!

    Keywords area an essential part of 'search engine optimization' or 'SEO', and are very necessary to the success of your online promotion. In this post, I will talk about what keywords are, why they are important, how to get your keywords and lastly some helpful tips on how to get great keywords that will result in high-quality leads.

    What are keywords?: Firstly, I would like to talk about what keywords are. Keywords are phrases that represent or describe the product or service you are selling. If you were trying to sell a TV, you would want to place an advertisement for it. You need keywords that your potential customer is likely to search up in a search engine, so that your ad. will show up infront of them.

    Why are keywords important?: Think of keywords as location's for your advertisement. Stores have physical locations, however, in an online business our location is represented by keywords. To further explain this I have an example;

    If you were opening up a burger shop, you would want a location that will lure customer's to your business by being close to traffic, malls, busy intersections, etc. well the same thing goes for keywords. You need keywords that have a good amount of prospects coming through. By putting your business in the proper keyword "location's", your business will thrive. Target the wrong keyword phrases, and your business wont get much traffic, or prospects to your website.

    How to get your keywords: To get keywords for your advertisement, you should think about what your prospects (customers) could also be looking for in the search engines. Phrases that represent your product or service. Use things like your name, your domain name, or other domain names that you own. Other products that you sell (affiliate,direct,etc.). Acrinims and full names of your product or company, or both! Look online to find good keywords, look on websites like youtube, amazon, alexa, and search up competition the you face in your market, and look at there keywords. Make a list of all your potential keywords and then file out the weak ones.

    Tips on finding great keywords: When picking keywords, for the average product you want phrases that have a high traffic flow. You can research how many 'hits' your keyword reaches through WordTracker. You should try to pick original keywords, and use keywords that have little to no competition, especially if you are just starting out. There are a lot of keyword research sites that you can use, search up 'keyword research tools' to find a tool that you like to use.
    There are three types keywords they are phrase match, direct march, and broad match here is what they mean;
    Phrase match -> Close proximity to your keyword
    Direct match -> Only for exact format (your name)
    Broad match -> The keyword in any order.

    There you go everyone! A basic comprehension of keywords, why there important, how to get them, and a few tips that I have picked up.

    I hope it helps!
    Chris Potter
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    ChrisPotter: I hope it helps!
    It does indeed, Chris! Great information and quite well presented too. I compare keywords to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You need to have them all in place to get a sense of the big picture.

    BTW, that was a very inspirational Success Story video on your lens.

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    Great post. Good summary of researching for keywords and picking the ones that will be most beneficial.
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    A8ch: BTW, that was a very inspirational Success Story video on your lens.
    Thank you Hermas. I really agree, it's is one that inspired me greatly!

    Chris Potter
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    thanks ChrisPotter , very good posting
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    Thanks Christ,
    You have done really like Christ! :)
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    Great Post!.. Keywords are part of it but good content on your site matters too.
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    Great info, thank you Chris!
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    I like the analogy that you have to "Think of keywords as location's for your advertisement". If people don't see what you have to sell, they won't buy. Exactly, if you don't use proper keywords, people won't visit your site.

    It's best to start with Google by typing what you think people will type while searching to solve their problems. Google will give you instant ideas. What are those? They are the terms that people normally type while looking for the search term. So you know now what people are looking for. Those are keywords. Go for long-tailed keywords i.e. keywords with more than 3 or 4 words. The longer the more specific and more targeted, but the less the number of people searching for it.

    Then send it to a keyword tool. Google have a free tool - Keyword Planner. You can get it at There you get an idea of how many people search through the keyword in a month. I consider a keyword with more than 100 searches to be fine. You can get more ideas and refine your keyword there.

    Now you want to know your competition. Use a tool to find the QSR (Quoted Search Results) for the term. This is the exact number of pages that have been indexed for the search term. A QSR of less than 100 will surely rank you on the first page. So, low number of searches and low QSR, we call this "The low hanging fruit search term or keyword".

    Using the above technique I have been able to get many keywords rank on the first pages of the search engine results (SERPs).
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    There's no way around it - keyword research is thefoundation of every good affiliate marketing business. It doesn't matter if you're an organic search guru or a PPC baron, you'd better be able to pinpoint the keywords that matter and become competitive for them as fast as possible.
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    Good basic post on keywords,

    Let me add some more input that's a little more advanced..

    When doing SEO, the best thing to do is make sure your not all over the place on your website.

    Keep everything relative to your Main keyword that should have the highest search volume and be the main one...

    Also, when doing keyword research, see who your competition is, who's ranking on 1st page of Google, and see what their blog post structure is like , and what exactly are they talking about...

    What keywords are they using ?

    Use one keyword, per blog post or page, no more...

    Use a Paid and Free tool called to enter a competitors website and pull their keywords... theres a SEO tab to see what they're using!

    Don't re-invent the wheel.
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    We use the Google keyword tool. After searching for a relevant keyword for our niche we choose the long tail keyword that is less competitive and target that keyword. We determine whether or not to utilize the keyword based on how many results listed in the Google search index and typically choose the phrase with approximately 20,000 results by adding hyphens, parentheses, or additional words to reduce the number of results obtaining the desired range.
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    Wow Chris that was a clear and succinct explanation, I must say I struggle to make sense of wordtracker even though i bought a book - SEO step by step.

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