Kids at Home??

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by WhitePhoenix, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Hey Vishal,

    A nice topic opportunity, especially since many of our work-at-home entrepeneurs are also parents who have children at home as well. Working with children at home can be challenging, but there is always a way to work out difficulties....

    My children are grown now, but I've been there, done that, and while at times it was very frustrating trying to focus/concentrate/finish a task, I wouldn't have changed it for the world...
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, having kids can be very tough on work-at-home entrepreneurs especially if they stay separate and have no elders around. I know that's pretty common in the west but right here in country like India, majority of us stay in joint families and there are always elders to look after kids when we are busy. That reduces a lot of stress.

    However, in such situations, kids are more prone to be pampered and spoilt by their grandparents and many compromises need to be made on our principles.
  3. ginginca

    ginginca New Member

    My daughter is almost 6, and my hubbie and I have both worked at home for about 11 years.

    I love being closer to her and that she is being raised by us ... not a babysitter.

    She appreciates that too.
  4. aanglin2006

    aanglin2006 New Member

    I am a new work at home mom. Do you guys like what you do?
  5. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    Your daughter is lucky. Leaving your child in a babysitter is certainly not a very good idea. There have been many problems. There is no substiture for a mother.
  6. gchildren

    gchildren New Member

    My adult daughter moved back home about 6 months ago with her two young sons (ages 9 and 11).

    The unfortunate thing about this situation is that it happened as I was researching, developing and opening two new internet sites.

    To say that it has been challenging would be an understatement but I have learned more about myself during these months.

    The most important lesson that I have learned is that there is nothing more rewarding in my life than helping others.

    It has been difficult and frustating at times. But my daughter and my grandsons have helped me to return to the core values in my life.

    My success in life is not dependent upon my internet business. My success is dependent upon how I can help my family. My other successes will flow through this.

    To you family success
  7. Kelly17

    Kelly17 New Member

    I am new at being a stay at home mom too, I have had businesses outside the home and loved it... but now that I am a mother I started a online business so I can stay home with my daughter.
    I am not saying it is easy.. It is recreating thats for sure... BUt all in all yes I love being home and I like what I do need balance... so there is no guilt...
  8. Ashley

    Ashley New Member

    I started working at home before my daughter was born and it was a challenge during the earlier times.Now she is 4 and in preschool 4 days a week and thats when I do my work.[​IMG]Before she started school it was tough to juggle things but with a little creativity we made it work!
  9. gojade

    gojade New Member

    I love being a SAHM, but there ARE some days when I wish I worked out of the home!LOL
    Maybe it's because I have a one year old and a two year old....building an organization in a professional manner kind of goes out the window when you are on the phone with a client and all of the sudden hear "mommy, I pooed in my diaper!!"
    It's great[​IMG]
  10. brookiel

    brookiel New Member

    I enjoy being a WAHM - I would hate to work away from home and put my daughter in daycare. Fortunately she's only 16 months, so I get to work while she has her two naps each day - not sure what I'll do when she drops them though! [​IMG]
  11. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    I love being a WAHM also! We have 6 children(12, 11, 9, 6, 3 and 2). I enjoy being here with them and helping financially. Most of the time when I'm working you'll hear my kids. LOL But that's why I stay home. Daycare cost would kill us. lol I wouldn't trade it for anything!! It's wonderful to have the flexibility, I don't have to ask someone if I can take some time off to appts, games, etc.

    If they do get too loud, I'll usually get them a book or something to color. Sometimes I just go into the bedroom or bathroom.LOL But most of the time they are not a bother to me.
  12. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!
    Very tired at the end of the day,it makes you multi-task,you drink probably more coffee than you should,but its fantastic [​IMG]
  13. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I have 4 kids still at home and homeschool 3 of them... sometimes it is a challenge to keep my priorities straight as I tend to be a workaholic...

    We can neglect our kids even if they are at home with us all day - lol - but I love being at home with them. When they get hurt, or have something they want to share with me, I am here for them and not someone else.

    Sometimes when things are too hectic or dramatized (I have several teens!) I just have to lay my 'work' down for a day and get everything back on track... but because of the internet, I never really lay it down as my system works for me 24/7..

    It's the most beautiful thing for us Moms (and Dads) as it not only allows up to be here for our families but it is totally changing our lives financially as well....
  14. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    cybermommy: I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!
    Very tired at the end of the day,it makes you multi-task,you drink probably more coffee than you should,but its fantastic

    OH YES cofffee indeed!! [​IMG] We are homeschooling ours too!! So I know the feeling. LOL
  15. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Awesome Iisha - you will never regret it. Our oldest went to one yr of high school after being homeschooled for 5 yrs of his life , then he got his GED and id just graduating from his first year at a ministry school that cost him over three grand to go to...

    He has been working on the side doing little odd jobs ever since he was 13, and then had a full time job during the summer with construction.

    He was able to pay for his own college tuition, room and boarding, etc... because of the work ethics he learned thru being at home...

    He now has his first girl friend at the age of 19 and I do not have to worry that he will not be able to provide for her....

  16. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    Thank you! I was very nervous at first, but we're getting the hang of it. LOL
  17. rohini

    rohini New Member

    Everyone.....Ijust joined as a member with this website......This topic looked interesting to me as I have started working from home too....Its great because I always wanted to raise my kids with my values and not the babysitters.....Nothing wrong to babysit your kids but the joy of able to take care of kids and work from home is a great feeling....
  18. candi

    candi New Member

    I have two kids at home. I still work FT from home or the office it just depends what day of the week it is and how slammed work really is, oh and who is sick. Right now I have a house guest too so the past two weeks I have been ripping my hair out.
  19. MamAtWork

    MamAtWork New Member

    I have one child at home who I am home schooling, and we try and have her school day coincide with my working. It keeps her occupied and interested whilst working on each activity and so gives me frequent short chunks of time to work.
  20. familyteam

    familyteam New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and new to "working" at home...but we have 4 babies and we also chose to homeschool!
    It's wonderful to read everyone's posts regarding the pros and even the cons of always be surrounded by your children. Where my husband and I live isn't the most open-minded state..let alone town! We've received much slack re: the legality and practicality of homeschooling. One of our neighbors actually offered to pray for us that DSS won't take our babies because we refused to send them to "normal" school! lol I'm sure, it goes w/o saying that I live in a veryrural area in smalltown USA. Unfortunately, they haven't caught up w/ the rest of the world in manyaspects! I say "they" because I am a husband transplanted me to this place![​IMG]And I have my moments when I'd appreciate some support and understanding when I, too begin to wish that I worked away from home!

    Anywho, I just wanted to say, gojade, I can definitely sympathize w/ you! Anytime, I'm on the phone or the computer, at my desk, in the bathroom....whatever I may be doing seemingly important at that moment...never fear my children will remind me of my sole purpose in life ......
    like when my 4 yr. old son screams, "Mommy, come check me...I wiped all by myself"
    or when my 2 yr. old son shrieks, "Mommy, he took my car block"
    or when my 6 yr, old daughter decides to serenade me w/ her original masterpieces[​IMG]
    or when my 4 mo. old daughter explodes in her diaper (those of you who've breastfed can relate I'm sure)
    orwhen my 32 yr. old husbandforgets (again) where he put something and needsme to helpfind it!

    By the way, the 32 yr. old is my biggest baby...can anyone else relate?

    I'm really curious to know how you guys manage.....I feel pulled in every direction and completely overwhelmed by all that I must do each day....sleeping has become something I look forward to! And yet I find that I'm getting really passionate about the w@h opp. that I have found....and is truly difficult to pull me away from! Anyone else feeling guilty about this, too?

    Seriously, I create the curriculum that my oldest all her courses....I cook every meal in my home...w/o microwave, packages or canned items....I even bake most of our breads...
    As I said, we live in the country...w/ the old house, a dozen cats, and an ornery old dog....(other than my In between, our trips to the city (yea!) I'm living prehistoric, here...minus churning my own butter....oh and the internet connection[​IMG]I feel completely apart from civilization most of the time....(my boys are toddlers...therefore, as uncivilized as you can imagine!)...and dispite my very busy days...I've been staying up nights...just to work......This will not last long I know....I'll get burned out this way, for please any insights into how you guys schedule your workload and manage to maintain home and family...I would greatly appreciate!!!!!!

    I feel that I'm a very organized person, dedicated and thorough....but like I said....curious about how "working" is going to play into things around here....I mean look it's after 3 a.m. here and I'm still up!

    Thanks in advance!
    And a special Thank You to mountainmom5.....I began reading your posts on this and others a few months before I joined....and you always provide a very positive, yet cautionary outlook blended w/ the most sincerity I've seen displaced consistently. And to Vishal...I've really enjoyed reading the threads and have learned a bit......thank you for creating this community environment.


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