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    The Law of Attraction is simply the belief that ‘like attracts like’. That the thoughts in your mind, whether positive or negative, have the power to become your reality.

    This is also more commonly known as the placebo effect. Positive effects as a result of positive thoughts. This is usually tested in the medical field by giving people sugar pills instead of actual medication. These people take what they believe is their actual medication already with the belief in their mind that the medication will treat whatever symptoms they are experiencing. And what happens? Many people actually cure their own symptoms!

    How amazing is this? We have the power to create positive results in our life just by believing in the power of our mind.

    After testing this myself I was truly amazed by the results. In the past I suffered from a lot of anxiety. For anybody who has been unfortunate enough to experience this, you understand how awful and debilitating it can be. I went into therapy desperately hoping that it was the solution and the doorway to my freedom. But no…it was not.

    I eventually stumbled upon the Law of Attraction and the benefits of positive affirmations. It quickly consumed my life. I would consciously repeat to myself a series of positive affirmations as many times as I could everyday (I’m talking hundreds!). These included “I am healthy”, “I love myself” and “I easily release all worry and fear”. This was very difficult for me at first because I had trained my mind to think with negative thought patterns. Although I did not believe what I was telling myself at first, it eventually began to alter my though patterns. After repeating affirmations over and over again you start to believe it is true.

    It was then that I realized why therapy never worked for me. How was I ever supposed to recover if every week my therapist would want me to talk about the ways I had been feeling? By recalling every week how awful I felt it was making my negative thought patterns stronger and constantly keeping them at the forefront of my mind.

    I now say, listen and think about my positive affirmations every single day. I used them to overcome my anxiety and now use them in every aspect of my life.

    Using affirmations to achieve success in my business is the greatest success tool that I have used. Think about how powerful it is for you to tell yourself many times a day that you are successful at what you do, that you create outstanding products, that you provide outstanding service.

    One of my favorite techniques is recording myself saying my affirmations and listening to them on repeat. I believe the best time to do this is at night as you fall asleep and in the morning once you wake up. At these times in the day your mind is the most calm and receptive, however, listening to it throughout the day definitely doesn’t hurt.

    Practice this on a regular basis and truly believe in the affirmations you say, hear and think. If you believe without a doubt in your mind that you can achieve your goals than you will. Period.

    This has been a life-changing tool for me and an integral part in my business. I hope that you too realize the benefits of a positive state of mind and create for yourselves the successes you desire in both your personal and professional lives.

    I have no doubt that the results will amaze you.
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    Excellent post Christina, great to have your sage advice on this forum.
    I am a firm believer in the Law of AttrACTION.
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    Believing in yourself, liking yourself, and liking what you do is essential!

    I also agree. Excellent post Christina!!!
  4. Cristina

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    Thank you so much for your positive responses. This has truly changed my life and if I can change the life of even one other person here I would be truly happy.

    Thanks again :)
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    I'm a bit of a geek, unpopular average looking nice guy and i am attracted to this popular aggressive great looking girl. The very valid reason i can give you why opposite attracts is that, that girl is everything i subconsciously want to be.
  7. payment proof

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    Maybe you could start by becoming her friend and seeing where that leads?
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    First, you need to start looking at yourself in the positive, not the negative. (Most women are not attracted to negative men.) Instead of describing yourself as a "geek, unpopular, and average-looking", think/view yourself as smart and unique. BTW: Many women find smart guys a turn on.

    Work on yourself daily with positivity boosters like daily affirmations and prayer. Visualize yourself as a success with friends. Work on your body language and communication. Take time to make yourself appealing to this "great looking" woman.

    But, warning...while opposites "do" attract, realize you can never change another person's mindset. You can only change yourself--for the better.

    All the best!
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    what a great post Christina you head the nail on the head!
  10. robinincarolina

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    I live and breath this Christina! It is for me as well the true key to my success!
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    Hey Christina,
    Thank you for that...
    Wonderful article. There actually studies showing that our income is the average of the incomes of the people we hang out more often with...isn't that cool?

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