Let's Talk Search Engine Optimization Definitions (SEO)

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by KarlFabian, Aug 22, 2010.

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    I've been net working now for several years. New uses and definitions continue to arise daily.
    To help newbie's as well as old timers, I think any forum discussion on the subject of current as well as old SEO definitions will be good for educational material reference. I start this thread with the first definition of (SEO)=Search Engine Optimization"
    How about everyone contributing a known Word and definition? Let's see how informative and intriguing this thread can go.
    Add your Word contribution now?
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    I really believe that SEO optimization for your site should be a very very small part when it comes to getting traffic to your site. There is no guarantee that you will get any traffic from this technique.

    Paid advertising is the best way to go and I do strongly believe that it takes money to make money online.

    You can buy all the best SEO courses but again, this should be a very small part of your overall advertising techniques and efforts. Don't rely on it for massive traffic.
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    PAGE RANK - A numerical ranking system used by Google to measure the relative importance of one web page over all other pages on the Internet. The system designates the numbers 0 through 10 to each rank, with 10 considered the highest rank.

    Page rank uses the natural linking structure of the Internet as a basis for determining the quality and relevancy of each web page. So a page containing links from numerous high ranking pages will earn a relatively high rank as well.

    Page rank is important because the higher ranking a web page receives determines the page on which it appears in the search results, as well as its position on that page. This positioning can significantly impact the volume of visitors to that site.

    Page rank is only one of several elements in Google's complex algorithm for ranking pages. Factors such as keyword density, content richness, page authority and search demand are among the other elements considered.


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