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    There are so many biz opps out there these days its hard to determine fact from fiction. I hope to give you a pointed review of my company, Lightyear Network Solutions. Lightyear was started in 1993 as an enterprise level IT services provider, sell such services as dedicated internet VoIp and T1-T3. This is important because they have had success in telecomm in the traditional sense prior to opening a home based sales channel. In 2004 they launched Lightyear Wireless as home business opportunity selling contract wireless delivering service via the Verizon network. In 2008 thier prepaid product, delivered on the Sprint 3G network, was launched. One of the most important questions anyone should consider when starting a home business, or any business for that matter is the retail viability of the products or services. All real businesses have customers, this is why Avon and Mary Kay are successful. Lightyear has the same advantage in that our services, pricing and margins are similar to the rest of the market. Example Boostmobile offers unlimited talk, text and web with a 1G data cap at $50 and Blackberry service at $60, with rewards program saving up $15 starting in month 6 provided timely payments are made, our program is $59 unlimited and $74 blackberry (no data cap) with a referral program that reduces $10 a month per referral credited every month the referred customer remains (you+5=free) this operates 60 days arrears. No prepaid cellular program offers a family plan (86% of the market) however we do offer the only no-contract post pay option available delivered via the Verizon network with bring your own device capability, simply purchase ANY verizon branded handset we will activate it. We do have a few free handset but I reccomend getting your own, is a good place to consider, I am not affiliated with them, just recommend. The compensation market wide is %8-12% with quotas, ours is 10% once monthly billing targets ($5000 or 25-30 cust) are met, we also pay $25 per activation on ALL activations, not all providers do that. We are about to go from 3 Android devices to 8 including Evo and tablets, we also have a wide selection of non-android devices some as low as $10. We also offer business level services, satellite tv (dishnetwork) home phone and alarm services as well. This makes for a real business opportunity for those passionate about telecomm, or those interested in getting into the industry. It cost $299 to start and you may then offer our full array of devices and services no inventory is required however it does help to have a cool device or two to demonstrate (I carry a Droid X) show and tell is a lot of fun. You can increase earnings through recruiting other agents, and retailers (I have a couple of RadioShacks) however if you do not see the value afformentioned I don't see the need to explain. Again any real business sells something, so run away if you hear "no selling" by law only Charities and the government can exist with out sales somewhere. If your motovation is to avoid work you should stay with your day job, or sign up for wellfare. Thank you for reading this you may get an indepth overview at this is a corporate site, you may also contact me directly if you wish.

    Phillip Poole
    Lightyear Wireless
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    The traditional line between the regional prepaid operators and national carriers as becoming increasingly blurred, I believe an industry sea change is already under way, one that will heavily favor the prepaid business model going forward. Also expected to benefit the prepaid operators, is a "trifurcation" of the market into low-end, mid-tier and high-end subscriber segments. While the big four will continue to target the high-end, Lightyear may be poised to benefit from the lower end of the postpaid market as it shakes out. Lightyear might find itself in a "sweet spot" as 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) handset prices rise above the consumer-expected $200 mark and 3G smartphone prices fall. (Case in point: after the introduction of the iPhone 4, AT&T marked down the iPhone 3GS to $49??‚ÄĚreportedly hurting sales of newer Android smartphones such as the Motorola Atrix 4G.) Falling prices and newer devices is why prepaid customer base grows year after year.
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    The good thing about this biz is being able to refer a few people and establish a free service for yourself. And there are those that worked the telecom and gas and electric, and the like and over time accumulate some decent monthly residual income. However these opportunities take a lot of people traditionally to establish a high 4 to five figure MONTHLY residual income.

    Combining a biz such as lightyear network solutions with a viable membership model digital distribution opportunity and be very lucrative. Digital distribution and membership model biz offer one the ability to get maximum reward for effort.

    For those that love a biz like lightyear work it, but diversify.
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    Great post.

    Please, next time you post have spaces between sentences. It is really hard to read for the eye when you have ONE long sentence.

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    Sorry about that, I was in a hurry and I get little too excited when talking about technology. I will try and be mindful of readers and, slow down. Thanks for the advice, and best wishes to you. My next post will address the nuances of the pre-paid cellular industry in general, so as to give readers a perspective into the market place.

    I look forward to you comments.

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    The cellular market is made up of several different types of players in this post I will attempt to give a basic explanation of how each operates.

    MNO (Mobile Network Operators)
    These are the big boys that own the towers, Sprint, Verizon ect. are network operators. They are licensed by the FCC to transmit telephony signals within designated frequency bandwidths in mega hertz (mHz). Cellular services have decreased dramatically over the last 10 yrs due to these operators innovation allowing more data to travel simultaneously within a given frequency range. In order to avoid re-regulation of the telecomm industry networks were "rented" to sub-carriers called MVNO

    MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
    These operators lease bandwidth slots from the owners and sell airtime under their own brand. Examples of MVNO are
    Boost Mobile (sprint)
    Virgin Mobile (Sprint)
    Lightyear Wireless (sprint)
    Cricket Wireless (Leap)
    Net10 (att)
    SimpleMobile (t-mobile)

    There are many other but the most successful prepaid MVNO have all been Sprint based.

    These MVNO will sell to a master dealer who has a contractual territory. The Master Dealer will then sell airtime and equipment to dealers and stores.
    With the advent of POS (point of sale) terminals smaller "authorized" retailers have suffered significant profit loss to a "flooded" market and inability to retain payment revenue from activated lines. Budget Phone and Spectrum Wireless are the 2 largest Master Agents flooding the market. This influx of amateur cellular dealers has contributed to lower customer service quality and merchant ability. That is where Lightyear Wireless comes to the rescue and why I joined them from Pageplus (verizon mvno).

    The advantage we offer to the amateur dealer/mom and pop is that we bill the customer, collect payment and pay the dealer. This means the line you activate today, is the line you will get paid on tomorrow, even if that customer never physically returns to your store. This also allows residual to pile up as opposed to hustling aircards month after month. This also opens up the the market place to the home business owner and the internet marketer, some one with considerable internet marketing skills is at a major advantage here, but don't rule out the scrappy face to face types inventing creative ways to market themselves. They put a face and name to customer service that is in low supply and high demand. How many times have you wished you had some one who cares about YOU, and has a personal stake in your satisfaction.

    So in conclusion:
    MNO+MVNO+master dealer+authorized retailer+ma and pa+you= wild wild west quasi mlm

    MNO (Sprint) + Lightyear+ dealer(including home biz)= customer/retailer centric mlm that puts the end user first without screwing the authorized retailer of his/her hardwork while still allowing room for mom and pop, as well as home business seekers generally a better experience for everyone.

    Next post I will explain the different tecnology employed (GSM,CDMA 3G 4G) and how they will affect everyone in the coming years.
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    Certainly sounds like it has potential. I personally wouldn't do well selling these kinds of services, but clearly it works, and if you advertise and market to the right people, there's no doubt you could make a lot of money. I know the prospect of getting free cell phone service is attractive to a lot of people!
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    I just become a Lightyear rep about a month ago. I love this company because who doesn't have a cell phone??? Who doesn't pay a bill with their cell phone?? Who wouldn't want to save money or even get there cell phone for free?? The "product" you are selling everyone already has and everyone is already paying for. You are not asking anyone to pay anything additional. The only thing you are asking is if they would like to save money or get it for free, nothing else. That is why Lightyear Wireless just broke into the top ten mlm companies in the nation!!! Seriously go check it out at they are an independent watchdog group of the mlm industry. Go to the third graph down and there we are.
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    In this post I am going to give you a price point comparison between Sprint Simply Everything, Boostmobile and Lightyear Wireless. For this comparison I will only compare NEW non-reburbished Android smartphones, unlimited monthly plan costs and retail customer incentives.

    Sprint , BoostMobile, LightYear Wireless,
    Unltd $99/ $50 Blkbry $60/ $60 blkbry $74/
    2yr contract/ no contract/ no contract/
    CDMA / CDMA(3g) IDEN(1g)/ Native Sprint 3g/

    Kyrocera ZIO
    $349 NA $249
    Samsung Remarq
    $219 NA $94.99
    Samsung Transform Android
    $349 NA $284
    Samsung Reclaim
    $229 NA $94.99
    LG Rumor Touch
    $279 NA $134
    Samsung Seek
    $229 $149 $94.99
    Blackberry Curve
    $79 $179 $59 w/carkit
    MiFi Hotspot 5G
    $279 NA $219

    All Sprint prices are cash and carry any rebates or discounts require 2yr contract with credit approval. Boost incentives of shrinkage require a minimum of 6 timely payments. Lightyear offers free service after you refer 5 customers, all phone prices are cash and carry. Sales Tax not included.
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    prices are from left to right Sprint, boost, lightyear. Since Boost offer so few andoid devices I included other smart phones. Blackberry Curve is certified refurbished..
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    Lightyear Network Solutions Launches New Mobile Phone Agreement with Sprint

    -- MVNO Agreement Expected to Contribute to Growth in Wireless Business
    Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: LYNS), a provider of data, voice and wireless telecommunication
    services to business and residential customers throughout North America, today announced
    that it has launched its MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operations under a new
    five-year agreement with Sprint.

    The contract allows Lightyear to partner directly with Sprint on new wireless products,
    and provide postpaid and prepaid mobile telephone products and service utilizing the
    Nationwide Sprint Network. The agreement provides numerous benefits for Lightyear,
    including a larger and improved selection of the newest Sprint wireless devices, quicker
    access to those products, greater flexibility regarding product and service offerings
    for Lightyear customers, and the ability to offer bundled Lightyear wireline and
    wireless products.

    The MVNO agreement enables Lightyear to offer an enhanced suite of wireless products,
    while lowering its costs. Lightyear s sales force will immediately begin offering these
    enhanced services under the MVNO agreement to its more than 60,000 customers.

    Lightyear recently initiated a marketing program to increase its commercial business
    activities, and this agreement with Sprint will enable the company to expand its efforts
    with new and existing business customers, including the availability to offer new
    solutions such as fixed mobile convergence. The agreement will also provide benefits to
    residential customers who will have access to a broader selection of wireless handsets,
    including a number of phones with the increasingly popular Android operating system.

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our MVNO with Sprint, which has been a
    valuable Lightyear provider partner for a number of years, said Stephen M. Lochmueller,
    Chief Executive Officer of Lightyear. This MVNO agreement will contribute to our
    long-term strategy to increase our organic growth. We expect our wireless business to
    contribute to our growth and profitability in 2011, with increasing benefits in future

    About Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc.

    Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Lightyear Network Solutions provides
    telecommunication services to large, medium and small businesses and to residential
    consumers throughout North America. Lightyear s product offerings include local PRI and
    digital T1, enhanced Internet services, MPLS, Ethernet, Voice over Internet Protocol
    (VoIP), local and long distance service, and conferencing. Lightyear also offers
    wireless services to customers in the U.S. through wholesale contracts with multiple
    wireless providers. Lightyear built its own VoIP network in 2004 to enhance its product
    offerings and has partnered with some of the most prominent names in telecom including:
    Sprint, Verizon, AT T, Level 3, PAETEC, CenturyLink, XO Communications, Intelliverse,
    BroadSoft, Cisco and ADTRAN. Lightyear Network Solutions is headquartered in Louisville,
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    So here I am a few months later, I have promoted once already and the marketing and system work very well.

    I have found free as work the best you just need about 100 floating around to get the leads it takes to make money. So far I am raking in about 200 leads a day with free stuff, close rate is about 2% on biz opps and about 15% retail. Working this full time is not hard at all, I find it amazing how so many new reps keep doing stuff that wont work no matter what you tell'em.

    We now have the Samsung Galaxy tablet as well as the EVO 4g so the inventory for the holidays is getting better all the time. Good luck to all of you out there.
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    Hey ...

    Just wishing everyone on a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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    Hey Everyone ...

    Just want to welcome my newest Manager, Tony Johnson who joined
    the team today.

    It is especially gratifying because I met Tony through these forums.

    Tony is a great guy, wants to improve his life and be able to make
    life better for his wonderful family. And he found a "home" by using
    this Work At Home Forum resource.

    Welcome Tony!
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    Hi Jim, thank you for the warm welcome.

    I see this is a Lightyear Wireless topic to go over about Lightyear Wireless. I will start off with a reply here talking about why I became a customer and rep with Lightyear Wireless.

    I am all about the product. Lightyear Wireless cell phone/service product is a product I see in people's hands all the time (Value). Also they use "Sprint" as their carrier that a LOT of people already use.

    Joining a MLM business that is offering the same product/service (Sprint) you can get at our local stores with a better deal than our local stores is huge!

    At this point, I am waiting for my cell phone to come in the mail. If the cell phone works when I get it and I get a good connection; then I will know that I got a better deal then going to my local store. I already know I got a better price than my local store.

    If this product works great for me, then I do not even have to tell you how well the business part will go. I will just put this product in people's hands to show them that it works and it will save them money.

    If I can not put my cell phone in their hands, then I will just tell them to call my call phone to test the connection out.

    Any way, stay tuned for my honest feedback about Lightyear Wireless.
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    Right On Tony!

    Looking forward to your report of how .... all of it goes.

    Have a fantastic weekend!
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    I love how so many people are trying to copy me in my posts. I have to ask though If my competition here cannot post w/o self promotion, meaning can't follow a simple rule, then how exactly are they going to have the smarts to help you?

    Steve Bono and I are launching a new program January 1. This program is a total solution providing leads to call, marketing training and tracking not available elsewhere. I have to say it is unfortunate that many people who join business opportunities do not have the drive or will to work, hopefully this will help. Do not tally your friends and get $ signs in your eyes you will be disappointed. If you are hard working, patient and consistent you will succeed.
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    Hi Fellow Lightyear customers/reps and viewers,

    I am here for a follow up on my reply above. I told you guys I would
    get back to you all when I get my phone in the mail. I am here to
    share that.

    The phone I bought was the HTC Hero. To me, this phone is awesome; due to I am coming from a old page plus flip phone. I love all the features these smart phones have.

    My page plus phone I had before I got the HTC hero had no where near that many features you get on these smart phones.

    Now for the service. I am able to talk, text and connect to the
    internet. So the service for me works just fine. I am very happy with

    Lightyear Wireless has a partnership with Sprint (Value). This gave me confidence that I should get good service (Sprint Carrier). Now if it was a made up MLM service (Carrier), then my confidence would not be as good and might not have bought it.

    Now why would I buy a Sprint phone and service from my local store, when Lightyear Wireless offers a better deal by having a great price and a customer referral program where I can get my cell service for FREE if I refer 5 people.

    If you are a Lightyear Representative, then you get free cell service if you refer only 3 people to this great service.

    Your cell service is free every month, as long as your 3 or 5 or more refferal's stay active each month.

    Phillippoole, this topic is setup for us Lightyear Wireless customers and reps to share our testimonials about Lightyear Wireless together. In other words, we are here together to prove to people that Lightyear Wireless is giving us great service along with a great business opportuniy if you choose to become a representative too.

    Now if any viewer out there likes what we are talking about together, then that viewer would get back to the Lightyear rep that told them about Lightyear Wireless. It is that simple.

    I hope my honest testimonial will first help some one save some money on their cell phone bill and at the same time help another representative get a referral.

    Us Lightyear Wireless customers and reps knows that we have a great service. As we refer more and more people in to this great service it will then add more value to Lightyear Wireless company itself. This in returns helps all of us in the long run.

    In closing, I suggest you get back to the Lightyear Representative that told you about this to get started. Keep in mind, there is NO CONTRACT. Also if you already know that Sprint network works in your area, then for sure get started.
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    [Post deleted on request - Admin]
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    I thought my reply above would be completely gone. I ask the admin to take my post down; due to I talk to much in it. Well, this one is kind of long too, but not as long and it is put together better on the point I am trying to share here.

    I am just going to start keeping things simple with the cell phone service I am getting with Lightyear Wireless.

    Meaning that I am for sure happy with my cell phone service I am getting with Lightyear Wireless. I know deep down inside that the people out there that are already paying and using Sprint or Verizon towers, they will be happy with Lightyear Wireless service too.

    Why would these Sprint and Verizon customers be happy with Lightyear Wireless too? Because of the list below.

    1) Lightyear Wireless has a partnership with Sprint & Verizon that allows Lightyear Wireless to use their towers. This gives us Lightyear Wireless customers the same quality service if we were to buy Sprint or Verizon as our carriers at our local cellular store.

    2) Lightyear Wireless offers a better price for the unlimited everything plan. Go see for yourself by checking Sprint and Verizon out. Make sure you look at Sprint and Verizon fine print for true unlimited everything. Lightyear Wireless is $59.99 a month 3G (Sprint Towers) & $79.99 a month 3G (Verizon Towers). Just add $10.00 more a month for 4G.

    3) No Contract

    4) Lightyear Wireless has a free program (Not The MLM Part) called "Customer Referral Program" that allows all their customers to get FREE CELL PHONE SERVICE by just sharing this service we like to 5 people. Your local cellular stores will never give you free service and they will push a two year contract on you.

    I look at this way, know matter what I am going to have a cell phone. I already know that Sprint towers works in my area.

    So if I leave Lightyear Wireless as a rep and customer, I will end up having to go to my local cellular store or online to buy Sprint service that will end up having me paying more a month along with I will not have ANY chance at all to get free service. Also I am sure that I will have to go with their two year contract to get their deal that they offer.

    With this said, I am able to stay as a Lightyear Wireless customer to save me money and at the same time I will still be a part of a mlm company (Lightyear Wireless) rather than having to quit the whole company itself (Stop Taking the Product) for not making any money with their business opportunity.

    How many people do you know that quit their mlm company and still takes that mlm product? This is what I am trying to point out here, how Lightyear Wireless service has a LOT of value to it that us reps should be pushing more than the business opportunity.

    But, we see most of the Lightyear Wireless reps out there pushing the business opportunity more than this quality service/product.

    Why do people always bring up "Herbalife" as an example of a mlm company that works? It is because most of their Distributors keeps it simple by sharing their products that work first.

    After that Herbalife product customer feels the product working for him or she, then they will now have a PASSION to offer it to others to make money.

    When you lead off with Lightyear Wireless or any mlm company business first, then you are showing people that you have a passion to make money only. I do not know about you, but this turns me off when people do this to me.

    I have that product/service PASSION right now with Lightyear Wireless. This is why I am on here typing another long post.

    One more quick note. You can make money just as a customer in Lightyear Wireless too. How? Think about this; If you are able to get your free service in 1 month or 2, 3 or more for just sharing this service/product you like to 5 people, you will know longer have a monthly cell phone bill.

    With this said, you will have an extra $60.00 - $90.00 a month (making Money) depeneding on what cell plan you pick for your cell phone service.

    Free cell phone service can make you money, if you are already paying a monthly cell phone bill right now. Just switch to Lightyear Wireless with us to save you money and at the same time have a chance for free service.

    As my Lightyear Wireless sponsor would say to me "This is some food for thought". Thanks Jim and thanks viewers for reading what I had to say. I hope this food for thought tasted good. If not, sorry about that.


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