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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by treevee, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I was siting here trying to decipher what exactly does Pagerank mean and how exactly does a site manage to increase its PR. I used to get confused with - ranking on page 1 vs. a PR 1. When my first site became a PR 1, I thought, "OMG, I'm at the top of Google's ranking!" and when I went to check it out, there it was on page 3!

    Many beginner IM'ers get this confused and I'm hoping that we can clarify this for them. PR 10 is the highest rank that Google awards a site. Having a site indexed on Google's first page doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a PR ranking.

    So, my little trivia I would like to share is that a co-founder of Google is named Larry Page. He (along with a co-worker) came up with the Google ranking algorithm! Get it? - Larry "Page" as in Pagerank? Has nothing to do with what page in Google your site is on.

    For all of you wondering just how a site achieve higher PR, here it is:

    "Pagerank is a voting structure that calculates the importance of web pages by the number of incoming links to them. Normally the more incoming links a page has the higher its Pagerank value will be; however, the Pagerank algorithm is rather complex and will take into consideration other factors such as internal link structure of a website, as well as the link popularity of the websites linking to the site in question." (

    Now for those of you who are ready to up the PR ranks, a suggestion would be to download SEO Quake, go to Google search and find higher PR blogs/sites to comment on, leaving your link in anchor text. Grab up those PR 3+ sites and add something of value so that your comment will be accepted and you will gain more authority!

    (I have a little trick to doing this -- pm me and I'll share! BTW, it's free!)
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    Good explanation for Pagerank (PR). I can see how it would be easily confused with your search results ranking.

    I can remember well the confusion I faced when I was starting out over all the terminology associated with the internet in general and internet marketing in particular. [​IMG] I felt like I was learning a new language!

    Hopefully your explanation will help others avoid some of that confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed.


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