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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by LaoBrit, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Hi to all on this forum. I'm British, but live in a remote country in south-east Asia - Laos. Luckily, I have good internet access.

    I do 'remote' software development for clients in the USA already, and this can bring in a decent income. But this income is very variable, (depends on each project).

    What I also want to find is some type of work at home that brings in a steady income which I can use as my living allowance.

    I'm trying to think of something that I could do. My timezone is typically 12 hours ahead of the USA, so could there be something such as remote IT/service/product support during after-hours in the USA?

    How would I find such opportunities? I'm sure there must be US companies who need a mother-tongue English speaker for after-hours technical support.

    Any advice is much appreciated!

  2. weebitty

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    Welcome to the forum and yes it is hard to get work when you are 12 hourse difference in time zones. My company goes world wide and the support and training are great. It is something that won't interfer with what you are already doing. Even if it isn't for you check out others on here and if you find something ask questions and research it. Times are tough everywhere your country as well as ours. Wish you the best of luck
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    Welcome Mickey! Have you looked into affiliate marketing and adsense?

    It takes awhile to get it built up but give it a good year of hard work and you will see results. (plus as you DO and LEARN - you LEARN even more that you can DO!)[​IMG]
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    Have you considered selling your skills on I know it's like $5, but if you set up your profile correctly, have a PayPal account, and are very detailed about the skills you offer, then you can get a lot of satisfied customers.

    People all over the world are offering their skills, and people all over the world need things outsourced. Compared to say rentacoder, elance and, Fiverr is easier to set up and the price is standard: $5.

    Check out Fiverr and see the reviews of the people who did well or didn't do well to give you some ideas.

    People who've done really well get a lot of orders and a lot of repeat orders. There are some silly requests on there, too. Be sure to read the terms of service.

    If you really plan it well, you can create your own blog or website, showcasing other work you'd have on your bigger profile.

    Similar sites to Fiverr are,,

    If you're willing to do some online writing for upfront pay, you can also write for Experts123, The Content Authority, Demand Studios is hiring again (pays twice a week by PayPal), and many more sites. Check Willow Sidhe's and Deb Ng's for different writing opportunities.

    Not all online content writing places allows writers residing outside US, Canada or UK. Keep that in mind.

    Good luck.

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