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    good morning..;];] spring is finally here yeeehaa !! yesterday i went and got the mail and got a booklet call logowear direct . the founder is a Brian Thomas, from worthington ohio. i have read the booklet and you are to be a direct rep of this company to get orders and they do the rest. and you get paid for the orders you send in. i chked the search and found they rate A- due to only 1 complaint they do have their own site. their is no report on them at all on ripoff report.com. the strt up fee is pkg is159.+s&h which is 17.00 . you also get a free logo shirt and 2 free gifts. has anyone know / heard anything about them? i am also wondering if you did do this COULD you ACTUALLY make a living do to so many business / companies closed / closing dwn.. are there any new businesses that would need this product, in this economy? thanks hope to hear from you soon sincerely patty L.
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    good afternoon. how can i become a rep in logo wear direct?
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    Well you can make money I am sure, the question is how much money do you want to make and how fast? The key to a successful home business, in my opinion, is to sell a high ticket item and to master online marketing. Now if people will be buying say hats or tshirts with their company logo in massive bulk quanities - day in and day out, then maybe. But you would have to sell a lot to make a decent income. Goodluck!
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    For my money, there are many better options. Why jump into doing only embroidery or only embroidered apparel, when the entire promotional advertising field (That $21 Billion US market cited in the LWD booklet) gives you many more options.

    I've been selling promotional advertising for nearly 26 years, and less than 10% of my annual $250K in sales calls for embroidery. Why be limited, when at the same time you offer embroidery, you could also offer 700K other products, including imprinted golf balls & accessories, clocks & watches, executive gifts, coffee mugs, calendars, umbrellas, USB memory sticks, 3M brand Post-It(R) Notes and other generic self-adhesive notes, ink pens & pencils, food gifts, and much more, including screen-printed t-shirts.

    For every customer who doesn't want or need embroidered apparel, you still have options. For those who are already using someone else for their embroidery, you still have options.

    Your options include many promotional advertising distributors, both local and national who will offer you either an employee or contract agent sales position, with companies that have 20 to 100+ years in the industry.

    Just too many better choices for my money

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