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    When my DH worked at this call center they had shifts running all days and nights and over 1000 employees. Looks like they should close the call center if they will have less than 200 employees. It is a huge building. Wonder which 2 line groups they lost.


    Tulsa - Two hundred fifty employees of a Tulsa call center are losing their jobs.

    A spokesperson for W*st Corp of Omaha, Nebraska confirmed to NewsChannel 8 that a pair of programs are being eliminated effective October 14th and that 250 people at a call center near 38th and Mingo will lose their jobs.

    Dave Pliess with W*st Corp says a drop in call volume and the economy are to blame for the decision and says overall, the call center business has seen a decline in calls this past year. 8 Talkback:
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    Pliess tells NewsChannel 8 W*st Corp is working to get new programs into the Tulsa call center to save as many of the 250 jobs as they can.

    Currently, the call center employs 415 people. Employees were notified of the pending layoffs Wednesday.
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    I am trying to figure out WHY they have call centers AND WAH agents? With the demand for WAH from potential employees and the expenses of a brick and mortar (lease, electric, water, property taxes, etc) it seems to be an easy decision-- hire the WAH!!!! duh!
    And NO, there hasn't been a decrease in call volume, its the damn 3rd world countries stealing the calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    lakewoodgirl: its the damn 3rd world countries stealing the calls!
    That's not nice lakewoodgirl.
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    But it is true.
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    Well I don't know that so called Third World is stealing anything...but business people are making smart business decisions for profit. Things change with time, we all have to learn to flow with what's coming in and NOT with what's going out.

    That being said getting started working at home for free has never been better.
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    What's so smart about hiring people who are not fluent enough in colloquial American English to take customer service calls from American customers?

    Nothing, from what I can see. It's been endless complaining, complaining, complaining from Americans who've had to deal with such call centers. I've had problems with that on one call as well, but so far I've been lucky. Generally speaking the companies that I call are intelligent enough to hire in the U.S.

    These companies are going to profit regardless. So it becomes a matter of striking a balance between profit and sensible business decisions, not to mention a good dose of social responsibility. If we don't take care of our own first, we can't help other countries either; the current policy we seem to follow of giving every other country jobs except our own is catching up to us in the form of high unemployment rates and lots and lots of defaulted loans of every stripe and variety.

    It's going to catch up with us, very soon now.

    I will agree with what you said about other countries not "taking" our work, though. You can't "take" a job, only be given one.

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