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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by LeeJames, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. LeeJames

    LeeJames New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Very happy to be here! I am looking for some advice. I am with a really great company and have been on board since the website launched! But I seem to be having some trouble getting the word out. One thing I find is that a lot people get their back up right away as soon as you say MLM. Although there is an MLM component to the business, this is a little different. I have worked in tech for a long time, have seen every scam out there, know what to avoid etc.

    My goal is to reach other MLM business owners with great networks as the company I am with would tie in great and not conflict with existing MLM businesses. I see the amazing potential and have been going about it 1 person at a time. But now realize that I should be focusing on larger groups... especially people who understand the business, have existing networks etc.

    The company is called thoseilove.com and the focus is around the people in our lives that we love... so naturally this leaves the market WIDE open as most have people in their lives they care about.

    If you have any suggestions, tips, advice etc. on the best ways to approach existing MLM business owners, networkers or what has worked for you, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you and best of luck to everyone out there!
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Cheryl,

    Like everyone here, we are all looking to help others and gain exposure and respect for giving of out time helping others, especially newbies. Overall, this is one of the best forums with many with the same mindset. Nothing happens over night, and everyone starts with one person they introduce into their business opportunity, so keep at it, the larger numbers will follow.

    Success to all,
  3. John B Madrigal

    John B Madrigal New Member

    Hey Cheryl,

    A practice you should look into is attraction marketing.

    With attraction marketing you provide generic information which would be valuable to all network marketers no matter what company they are with.

    It is really simple but it takes patience to establish yourself as an attraction marketer, your main objective is to answer network marketer's most pressing questions, like how to cold market prospect, how to approach warm market, how to move your opportunity from offline to online etc.

    As you become more valuable to the marketplace you will begin attracting more valuable prospects who already love network marketing, so you don't have to convince them to get involved.

    The most effective way I've learned to implement attraction marketing has been through blogging and YouTube. The reason using the internet is so powerful is because it is leveraged. Every valuable piece of content you create will stay online forever and will build up over time. This will also allow you to reach larger groups of people, as you want.

    Hope this was helpful, best of luck!

    - John B Madrigal
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  4. melgreenough

    melgreenough New Member

    When approaching leaders you really need to come from a place of service first and ASK QUESTIONS! To many people simply ask for the sale without finding the need which leads me to if you find the need and fill the need you will do great! What you like isnt necessarily the thing they will like.
    If you want to follow along as I create a 7 Figure Success Newsletter, message me back and I'll add you! I think it may really help!

    PS Build relationships and add value as you clearly want to and you will do great!

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to the forum, always nice to see new members who offer solid advice, and I agree, never ask for the sale until you build a relationship by educating a prospect and answering and addressing their needs first.

    Success to all,
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  6. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I would say become a person other MM business owners would want to do business with as in do you have the skills of a network marketing leader. Now this does not happen over night and takes time. If you want to attract leaders become one yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

    If you want to focus on larger groups then marketing on the internet is going to be your best strategy. Learn how to leverage it and your time. Like John stated above attraction marketing is what you should focus on if you want to attract people to you.

    Feel free to check out my blog for some free attraction marketing tips and tricks that might help you out. Link is below in my signature.
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  7. Joel Burrell

    Joel Burrell New Member

    Hey Cheryl, you are in the right place, there are lots of experienced and successful networkers here. WELCOME!

    One thing you have to realize that that most people will not be excited about your opportunity until they gotten to know, like and trust you. No matter how awesome it is, that must come first or there is no way folks with large existing networks will let you get to them. "We must protect this house" like in the Under Armor commercial, if you will.

    To ATTRACT leaders you have to BECOME the person you want to attract. They best way to do that is thru attraction marketing.

    Who is your target market?
    What are their needs and problems?
    Solve them!

    Once you figure this out folks will flock TO YOU. You won't need to chase them.

    I have some free training you can check out in the link in my signature if you like.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help :)
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