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    Hey Guys,

    So many vacation opps out there. Looking for some feedback.


    Thanks, Chris
  2. kim_ward

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    I'm with Resorts 360 Chris.

    What can I help you with?

  3. samda

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    My eyes are rolling. Looking to have a break from my office work...
  4. kim_ward

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    My, what big eyes you have! [​IMG]

  5. aandrews

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    Those looking for a review of Resorts 360 Vacation Club want to know if it is a good business to be a part of or a good membership to be a part of. I am a member.

    The Resorts360 website can tell you the basic information about the membership, the owners and some frequently asked questions. You may want some insider information.

    First of all, I'm not attempting to get you to join Resorts360. Perhaps you are already a member of Global Resorts, Coastal Vacations or Mor Vacations. These are fine companies as far as I know and if you're a paid member, you should use their service.

    Resorts 360 has an exclusive agreement with Holiday Vacations, the service provider for all of Resorts360 vacations. Resorts360 is not a travel agency nor do you have to be a travel agent to sell the memberships. There are no card mills involved.

    If you're just interested in the membership and not the business part of Resorts360, you want to know what kind of value you are getting for your $397.00 membership cost. That cost goes down to $249.00 each year thereafter.

    First of all, Resorts 360 allows you to see some of their deals before you buy. You can do this at http://r360deals.com You can also scroll through some properties at the Company website by clicking on #2 R360 Vacations and using the two scroll bars to view different places.

    Are these real deals? Do you really save that much money? For example, we see ads that say 50% OFF Hotel Rates. That's 50% OFF rack rates and who ever pays those prices? Is this the same thing?

    I have literally gone to as many websites as possible to check out the cheapest prices that I could find for a random resort I picked at Resorts360. Now keep in mind this isn't as easy for you to do because I get to pick the date with both places.

    I check out the same date for the same Resort and the difference in price is huge. In some cases I found a Resort for $799.00 for one week ($114.50 per night) with Resorts 360, that was $275.00 to $325.00 per night without it. I'd say that was huge.

    Is there such a price difference when a Resort is $279.00 or $399.00 per week? No, of course not. But there was still a substantial savings (usually half). Is this true in every case?

    No, I did check some Hotels and the prices were similar. As a general rule, the higher the Hotel price (or the better the quallity) the better the savings. In other words, if you like to stay in some real nice places, Resorts 360 is going to save you a ton of money.
    If you just want an inexpensive place to stay (The $279.00 deals) you're going to save money and have a better place by far than a cheap motel. ($279.00 is $40.00 a night).

    Quite simply, most of the Resorts are Condo type timeshare facilities. There could be one to three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and a couple of bathrooms. Yet, with Resorts360 you are not limited to one or two weeks or any maintenance fees. I'd say this was way better than a time share.

    How about availability? What good is a vacation club if you can't get the place you want? You can reserve a place up to two years in advance. Yes, there will be times you want a place for a specific week and it's not available. That's more of the exception than the rule.

    Can you use Resorts360 as a customer and never try to offer memberships to anyone else? Yes. Can you buy the membership and have your Brother stay at the Resorts you reserved? Yes, they can share with you or go themselves. It's paid in advance.

    Can you buy memberships as a gift for someone else? Yes you can. Can you buy more than one membership? Yes.

    If you want any information about the Resorts360 Comp Plan or how you can make money with the Resorts360 Vacation Club, please go to the website or call the distributor of your choice.

    As I said, I'm not tring to convince you to join. That's up to you. I personally am enjoying the nice benefits of membership and it's how I choose to vacation. I don't think you can find as good as deals as I can get on your own.

    I do believe based on what I know of other network marketing travel clubs, that Resorts360 has an outstanding membership price that's affordable and the value for your membership is as good as the best and better than most. As I said, you will save money.

    Do I have any negative comments about Resorts360? Not the company or the membership. Although Resorts360 is not multi level marketing, it does have a type of binary compensation plan that can have one side loaded with volume over the other.

    However, there is no flushing or breakage that affects you. You simply have to bring in people regularly to receive all the commissions due you. That's not a problem if you really work it as a business.

    I hope this review of Resorts360 has helped you in some way to understand more about it. If you know something I don't, let me know. If you are a member and have some experiences to relates to contibutes to this review, I invite your comments.

    Regardless, what is your opinion of Resosts360 or any other Travel Club membership you may know about?
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    Just to let everyone know Resorts 360 has a promotion going on until October 10th. Come in and get bumped up a level of product. It can be as much as a $6000 savings. Resorts 360 in my opinion is the best top tier program I have seen in my 8 years succeeding at making money at home. Great product, great customer service, and many options to help members make sales. Those looking for big ticket and life changing income can find it with Resorts 360.


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