Looking for work at home typist job.

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by rosymay, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. rosymay

    rosymay New Member

    Can anyone give me the legitimate home employment typist job?

    Please no more typinternational.com, I don't trust them.
  2. Franses

    Franses New Member

    This website really helped me generate some extra revenue. Not only do they offer you some legitimate data entry positions via an extensive database of online companies, but they also clue you in on some other ways to make extra cash online. The site is called Type-at-Home. It says that it's a 99 reg fee, but there is a deal going on right now for 39. There's a refund if you are not satisfied.

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  3. rosymay

    rosymay New Member

    Hi Franses,

    May I know is this also a typing job since you have done?

    How long have you join this company?

    They pay us by check or other...
  4. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Hey rosy,

    At the moment, no good typing jobs and autosurf sites to get start, look around this forum and there some good threads to start a work at home earnings...[​IMG]
  5. ellenjharris

    ellenjharris New Member

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Ellen. If the person looking for a typist job at home, I do know that http://www.tjobs.com/ allows resumes for that specific type of job.

    I hope this is helpful and that you have found work, Rosymay.
  6. jackiebk

    jackiebk New Member

    Hi Ellen. Just wanted to know are these jobs available worldwide?
  7. ellenjharris

    ellenjharris New Member

    Hi Jackiebk,
    The jobs are domestic US jobs as far as I can tell.
    My site is global in case you have an interest.
  8. britty23

    britty23 New Member

  9. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    As far as I know there is no data entry jobs atall online. because i search a lot in Internet but i dont get any authentic data entry job till now. but my few frnds suggest me for google adsense programme. Now I join in google adsense programme Last month and i get posetive result from it.I already make $150. I suggest to all members to check out google adsense programme.

    With best regards
  10. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can apply for transcription jobs, you have to type after listening to the tapes
  11. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    no success university.
  12. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    do a search for work at home jobs on google. I did and there was some people looking for typists ect. Its a freelance site and you can get jobs thru there.

  13. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can join freelance websites like GUru, GAF, RAC, there are many jobs posted there
  14. fear

    fear New Member

    hi, i came here to ask about the working from home typist. you think they are real? i did go into a lot of search for these and i did hear that they are fake. i wanted to ask though because from the fact that members here say that as long as they have money back guaranteed, its okay to try it. well, if you people can help me please here is 2 sites that dont have one but could it be real?:



    this one doesnt have money back guaranteed but a 30 day risk free:


    these ones on the other hand do offer a money back guaranteed:





    http://www.my-data-team.com/Data_Entry_Jobs.html (this one, when i asked a question, they replied to me the same day. just saying because.....maybe this is the one that maybe real so far?)

    i searched on all of them and realized i can pay by paypal, you think i can get my money back if i pay with paypal and not credit card? i wanted to see if they accepted click bank so i can register there but none of them seem to accept that method. i just wanna make sure about this. please help me.... hopefully you have tried some of the site and say that they are real (at least a few or 1 of them). or hopefully some of you happen to be a member of few or 1 of these site and say they do pay as they say. or please let me know any other work from home typist that you know (or might know) is real? *fingers cross*


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  15. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

  16. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Avoid typing jobs with a joining "fee" , but transcription jobs are perfectly legit
  17. fear

    fear New Member

    how can i find those transcription jobs and are they free to join? what do you in those jobs? do they pay by weekly, bi-weekly, monthly...? hopefully they pay by checks. by the way do i have to register click bank to get my money back after i purchase something i dont like?
  18. ekkmendoza

    ekkmendoza New Member

    Quoting: jobinfowayadsense programme

    how exactly does it work? I believe you have to have to have a site and then put the adsense in it. am i right? How can i earn from that? Afew hundred dollars a month is a good income for a newbie like me..
  19. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Quoting: ekkmendozahow exactly does it work? I believe you have to have to have a site and then put the adsense in it. am i right? How can i earn from that? Afew hundred dollars a month is a good income for a newbie like me..
    Yes, to earn money from Adsense you need a web site or blog. Then you sign up for Adsense and get the code to put on your site. When visitors come to your site and click on a Google Adsense ad you will get a portion of the advertising fee that Google charges that company.

    You can never click on your own ads to try to get extra money. [​IMG] That will quicky result in you getting banned from Adsense for good.

    You can make a few hundred a month from Google or even more, depending on the type of site, the amount of traffic, the amount your keywords are worth (that is the amount advertisers pay google based on the content of your pages).

    For instance, on my chocolate site, a click from a page on homemade chocolate candy recipe is not worth very much, while a click from the page gourmet chocolate candy is worth much more. That's because candy companies would be competing for that keyword phrase. Make sense?

    I make a few hundred or so a month from Adsense, but it does time time to build your site and get the traffic, so don't expect it in your first few months. You need to build up to it. [​IMG]

    Hope that helps.
  20. MedTranHome

    MedTranHome New Member

    how can i find those transcription jobs and are they free to join?

    You don't have to pay for transcription jobs. Try Accutran Gloal, Mountain West, Tigerfish, and there are lots of other real companies that you can find by googling.

    None of them ask for money. Never pay money to anyone like that.

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