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  1. 78bosoxr1

    78bosoxr1 New Member

    Anyone ever get involved with Magic Kids distributorship? Would love to hear if anyone has had any success with this or any other program.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Never heard of it...but you may want to see if you can find something about them at
  3. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    What is their product?
    I have never heard of them?
    Yes ,I always go through rip-off report and also when searching [​IMG]

  4. melecia

    melecia New Member

    you can find almost any company on rip-off website, that does not mean that rip-off justifies that the company is indeed a rip off.
    I say try it...thats how you will ever know.
    its like taking a risk and when ever your starting your own will always be taking will either fail and loose money or you will be successful. Put effort forth and when you do so and in the end it does not pay off...then u can say it was a scam.
    thats just how I can always take these scams site as a source to making descisions for your life. half the people on these sites never tried the how can you trust what they say??
  5. barjmr

    barjmr New Member

    I tried Magic Kids. Good thing about them is that they give you 30 days free to try it out. they will not charge you the money if you cancel. I personally did not make any money. I had to pay to ship the start up kit back to them which cost me 16.00 but they never charged me the high start up fees. they do have good products though. I would buy clothes from them. If you know alot of people that would buy clothes I would do it if not don't but they are not a scam.
  6. Skyla

    Skyla New Member

    This is for Jennifer Ryan. Why do you think you didn't make any money off of Magic Kids? You are the only person I have found that has actually tried them, but, didn't like them enough to stick with it. I am debating whether or not to join as a distributor. Do you think other people can make money at it?
  7. starvingartist

    starvingartist New Member

    I joined Magic Kids. I placed classified ads for a month and never made a penny. I don't know if there were really no sales from my ads or if I just didn't get the commission. I called twice to ask if I was doing anything wrong and didn't seem to be. I didn't expect to make big bucks right away, but I find it hard to believe I'd get no response at all to the ads. It might be a trick for them to get free advertising. I returned the package and they never charged my card.
  8. jenh

    jenh New Member

    I have never replied to one of these ads, but after recieving the letter for this company today in the mail I did some research. Here is just one of the sites that I found with someone who actually investigated the company. To say the least, it is very sad to read about the people who have lost their money. Here is the website. I hope that this helps anyone who may have an interest to get involved with this company. I myself ripped up the letter that I received in the mail today.
  9. PEH

    PEH New Member

    I don't think you are talking about Magic Kids. I did a search on the website you recommended (Moonlight Reviews) and there was no review for Isaac Mizrahi OR Magic Kids, Inc. Only someone named Tiran A.K.A. Ron Zaken of Magic Kids and Company. I would like to here from anyone that has gotten involved in Magic Kids, Inc. out of California.
  10. PEH

    PEH New Member

    I don't know if the company and guy in my last post is the same. I just did a search on on Magic Kids Inc. and saw loads of reports from people that had bad experiences getting ripped off. They were from buyers of the clothes as well as from work at home.
  11. Bresil

    Bresil New Member

    I received ltr from Magic Kids also...I called Better Business Bur in Southland California. Their number is 909-825-7280. This company has an "F" rating with 76 complaints unresolved, etc. Also, the year this business started was not 1987 which they stated in their ltr but 2002! What this company is doing, is getting new customers all over the United States and Canada for free. That is why they are not resoving their complaints. They are in the wholesale business so their image does not even count!!
  12. gmax

    gmax New Member

    I don't know much about this company, but just stumbling upon this thread and my searching out the company...looks to me like a great way to buy children's clothes--at wholesale, no less![​IMG]
  13. anthonym1989

    anthonym1989 New Member

    i checked out this site as if i were buying clothes. i received an extremely long letter from magic kids inc. and was curious on how this works. I am interested in making easy money but am very skeptical about things like this. any ways, you order your stuff and continue to checkout, there you will have to register with the site give em your email and address and what not. at that page, you are asked to enter a discount code and at the very bottom a dealer id. In order for you to get paid as a distributor, the people you have reeled onto must enter and id Magic Kids inc. has assigned to you. Am I right? and a majority of people wont want to spend time looking for that add or that fler you gave em. they just want huge savings, they can care less about any code you gave them.
    I am in no way attacking those who shop from this site or distribuitors for this site. i am just making a thesis about info i gathered from the letter i received and the actual site.
    Anyway, if this code that was assigned to you is not entered by the potential customer you have reeled in, then you will never make money from the products they purchase. Not now, not ever.
    so assuming they do enter the code, you possibly will make money from every purchase they have off of this site. if they dont enter you code, then Magic Kids inc. will have received free advertisements.
    I am guessing if you are to be successful with this company you must stress that the ID given to you by Magic Kids inc. must be entered when they register with the site.
    Anybody agree or disagree or am i completely wrong(for those who have tried this)?
  14. mstg

    mstg New Member

    actually u are right if they don't enter the code they dont get the commission. i know this because my mom is a distributor but she doesnt hassle with the advertising and all she just buys some of their products herself and sells on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hapagyrldb

    hapagyrldb New Member

    Hello mstg!! I'm sure your mom puts in her code when she orders so that she gets a share of the profits as there a way you could find out if she actually receives the comission check that she's suppose to receive? PLEASE email me @!! Thank You!! [​IMG]
  16. rader247

    rader247 New Member

    Been selling their products for over two years. Made back my initial fee and that's about it. I would not recommend running ads in newspapers to sell the clothing. Never got any commission that way myself. I have received commission before, once. Aside from that I have had more luck buying the products wholesale and selling them directly. The profits are phenomenal. I can buy something for $3.00 list it at $20 and take 50% off and I'm sure you can do the math. Great quality products, my family buys them from me and I give them as gifts. Don't expect to get rich advertising for them. You'll make the largest amount of cash simply retailing the products(however the discount as a dealer may work out to be worth $149 even if that's all you plan to use it for). Good Luck, oh and don't expect everything to ship in time. Have had too many delayed shipping's for this, that, or the other thing. They put me in an awkward position more than once.

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