Make a Fortune, Not Just a Sale

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    People don't really care about your business opportunity or what you want to sell them. They care more about how you make them feel. Love and appreciate them and they will, in turn, love and appreciate you ??” and make you rich!

    Make a fortune of friends and you will create a vast and rich empire full of joy and satisfaction. Michael Dlouhy, in 'Success in Ten Steps' wrote, "Build people and people will build your business."

    Jeffrey Gitomer wrote, on page 7 of 'The Little Black Book of Connections,' "The science of networking and connecting is not for the fast-buck, impatient entrepreneur or salesperson. If that's you, throw this book away, or give it to someone who wants to build a fortune, not just make a sale."

    Do you think these millionaires, Jeffrey and Michael, are on to something?

    Building relationships with people should be the foundation of your business. Make friends with everyone you meet and you will amass a fortune. Ignore people and you will soon face the failure of your business.

    How many sales have been lost because a salesperson failed to think long-term relationship? How many people have been turned off from ever doing business with someone because they didn't feel appreciated? Someone may not be ready to buy from you right now but that doesn't mean he'll never be ready.

    The science of getting rich is the science of making friends with the people you interact with. If you make friends with your customers then you will surely grow from that new relationship, not just business-wise but personally as well.

    Enrich the lives of your friends by giving them something of value in return for their money. But don't reject or ignore them when they decide they don't want to buy what you're selling at the moment.

    If you operate on short-term thinking and care only about making a sale, then expect to fail in sales. And forget about network marketing! Because network marketing is not about sales. It's about making long-term and long-lasting friendships with people even if they never buy a single thing from you!

    So if you care about making a fortune, not just a sale, then you'd better start making more friends!

    To Your Success!

    Rob Nyte
  2. itsjoanne

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    Well said Rob.

    I do believe we get back what we give out to others.

  3. hect1771

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    I would like to paraphrase a quote that I heard before, please forgive me if I end up butchering the quote.

    "A costumer looking to buy a drill bit doesn't want the drill bit, he wants the hole..."
  4. jschuman

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    Nice post Rob. I think most big time marketers will tell you that you make most of your money with back end sales and over the life of the customer. This is why autoresponders are so good for building a list with.

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