make your own laundery detergent

Discussion in 'Frugal Living' started by weebitty, Apr 20, 2010.

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    I have no idea what washing soda is. But I have been reading your frugal living posts and they are super interesting!

    I enjoy them thank you!

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    Now you guys have me going!

    I would like to go natural and get some of these chemicals out of our lives.
  5. weebitty

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    Why is 20 mule team borax is bad?? It has been around for a very long time. I did find washing soda in Fred Meyers along with fels naptha bar soap. I am on a spetic tank so have to be careful what I use to start with. You learn a whole different set of rules when you are on a well and a septic tank!! It kind of brings you back to nature that you didn't think about when you live in the city.
  6. blessedathome

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    I am starting to use Soap Nuts as my Laundry Soap. I use to use equal parts of borax and washing soda and then vinager in the rinse cycle for a fabric softner(don't worry it was a small amount so it was odorless). But since learning more about Soap nuts that is what I am going to. If you live in a Warm climate another thing you can do is hang dry your clothes. It saves a ton of money.

    I am also using the soap nuts and a few drops of Tree Tea Oil to make my own natural shampoos and hand soaps.[​IMG]
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    I'm on a septic system too and I have made my own laundry soap before and had no septic problems. I've also made my own soap with olive oil and lye and that stuff lasts forever- the soap I mean. Sure makes you realize how we take grocery stores for granted...
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    yes grocery stores that keep uping their prices!! Blessedathome let me know how you like the soap nuts and how long they last. Do they do a good job? I can't imagine how they would get anything clean however.

    Doesn anyone have any reciepes they want to share here on how to make stuff?
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    It is? wow t's awesome... I want to try it.. Is anyone here can share the ingredients and instructions?
  10. JAF73

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    My family has made our own Homemade Laundry Soap for many many years. It is very simple and lasts a long time. Everyone who has tried our soap, loves it. If anyone wants the instructions, I will post them or can email them. Ingredients: Superwashing Soda, 20 Mule Team Borax, Fels Naptha, Water. It is a stain remover, odor eliminator and the best soap I have ever used on laundry or household. Best part $3 for 5 gallons (1 load=3/4 cup)
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    great post! my girlfriend and I have actually been wondering how for awhile now.
  12. weebitty

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    Go ahead and give the receipe! Iam sure we would love it. Thanks for sharing. [​IMG]

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