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  1. aussie1

    aussie1 New Member

    Hello everyone
    About 18 years ago I bought a small business for a few thousand dollars. Basically it taught me how to make latex and/or fibreglass moulds (depending on size) for just about anything I could lay my hands on. Not just your typical garden gnome, but also figurines, japanese laterns, plaques, wall and free standing fountains, pavers, columns, garden edging, small knicky knacky bookshelf ornaments, ponds, waterfalls, as I say almost anything. Business boomed from word go. After a couple of years, I branched out into making the actual concrete or plaster statues, and also retailed them, as up until then, I was just making the moulds and selling them to people who made and sold the ornaments. I did this for about 15 years, and made a very good living out of it.
    Anyway. I ended up having a car accident and did major damage to my back which has effectively put me unable to work.
    My long winded question is:
    Does anyone think I have a chance of creating a successful business out of developing a very detailed and professional DVD teaching people how to do this.
    There are many aspects to this type of business
    1. A stand alone mould business where the person would just make and sell the moulds to others.
    2. A multiple business where they make and sell the moulds and the finished statue product
    3. Make the moulds solely for themselves and sell the finished statue product.
    Also depending on the type of business they wish to run, there is additional information which will be useful, like coloring techniques for the statue product ( techniques such as antique wash etc). All things that I have experimented with and perfected over the last 18 years.
    I am thinking I could make a series of DVD's each with a different aspect. For example the 1st one could be detailing the process of making small to medium moulds, which would suit a lot of semi-retired, or stay at home mums, or people wishing for a part-time business. The second one could detail small/medium/large and extra large moulds which would include fibreglass mould making. This would be for people who want to go into it full on and build a decent sized business. The third one could detail the pouring and coloring of the concrete product as this has many tricky aspects to it as well. I always worked from home as it is a low noise, low pollution, low dust activity.
    Does anyone think this would be viable as a business? It would take me about a year to do this properly and I don't want to waste the time and money if it is not appealing to people. Because the information I am giving is closely guarded by others in the industry and it is quite a rare trade, I would be asking for around $75- $80 per DVD. But, for anyone who is serious about persuing it will definitely make money.
    Any help, suggestions, or opinions much appreciate please.
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    I think it's definitely a great idea. Regarding pricing, I think the DVDs would be under-priced, taking into consideration the years you have spent mastering the trade.

    My suggestion would be to price higher and sell only limited copies within a locality. This way, those who buy your DVDs will be assured that there won't be unhealthy competition.
  3. aussie1

    aussie1 New Member

    Thank you for taking the time to answer. Yes I definitely would restrict the sale of DVD's within certain radius to give them a fair go at being unique and not have to fight for business. Has anyone ideas as to what pricing to apply. I am so pre-programmed for the manufacturing side of things that I really am having trouble with the marketing side of this venture. I wasn't even sure if this generation of people coming up would be interested as every business opportunity I see promises huge return with little work. This is work, but the returns are also great.
    Thank you
  4. Crafty Lass

    Crafty Lass New Member

    I live in Australia and I would love more information on Casting, Mould Making and all the facts about mixtures, resins, fibreglassing etc.

    Aussie1 you sound like someone I need to correspond with.
    Have you applied for our government Small Business Enterprise Funding and marketing help??
    That would be my first step if I was you.

    Thanks for your email and message back please..[​IMG]
  5. bettwyer

    bettwyer New Member

    Your DVD sounds like an answer to my prayers. I am wanting to start a home business making moulds and statues but am not real sure how to make them correctly. Hope you get the DVD out soon.
  6. Bob Turner

    Bob Turner New Member

    There are similar DVD products out there already.
    For example...

    This DVD is priced at just ??19.95 in the UK.

    You will need to prove that your DVDs can offer more than the existing products if people are going to spend a lot more money on them.
    Even with your years of experience you will need to work hard to convince people that they will be getting a superior product.
  7. kylie_088

    kylie_088 New Member

    hi. i am very interested in learning more. For the past 12 or so months i have been looking for fibreglass moulds to make concrete tables, fountains, birdbaths, statues, benches, house numbers, pavers etc. i have always been a very hands on crafty person and know i would enjoy doing this but have had trouble finding the right moulds. i have looked into buying from and but am looking for something with reasonably low start up costs. while they look good they both sell there moulds in sets of about 10-12 different designs of the same thing. and i want to buy just a few designs of everything. for example, you cant just buy 3 birdbaths, 2 fountains, 6 statues ect you have to buy a whole set of 12 birdbaths for thousands of dollars. anyway i think it would be great if you could share your knowledge. i would be interested in having a look at any moulds you still have. let me know what you think.
  8. CAnnette

    CAnnette New Member

    Hi Aussie 1, please send me more information. I would love to get your How to DVD for resin and fiberglass moulds. I've been trying to get information on this for sometime. I am interested mostly in How to mould fiberglass and the color. I don't have a website but I would love to contact you. Do you have a phone number that I can call to discuss further or an e-mail? Thanks, CAnnette
  9. South African

    South African New Member

    Hi Aussie1, i am from South Africa and are very interested in your DVD, please tel me more.Thanks
  10. Mohsin Iqbal

    Mohsin Iqbal New Member

    Dear aussie1,

    I think you should start with an eBook instead of a DVD. This could circulate on the NET internationally and can give you the wider sale. The price shall be much more affordable and you can have lot more feedback and market base.

    When successful, you can start on the DVD with surity and better chance of success.

    Best regards,

  11. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Great idea with the DvD's if they are as imformative as you say i would absolutely be interested. I would hope you would have one DvD on marketing your product and finding wholesalers and retailers to sell to as well.
    Or if it is possible you could sell your business in franchises. Anyone who wanted could buy into your franchise you help them with setup, supples and all the other things involved for a one time fee.
  12. Sinner

    Sinner New Member

    hello Aussie1
    has your DVD came out yet? and if so, how do i get a copy?
    i'd really love to get one... real soon
  13. softstone

    softstone New Member

    Hi Aussie1,

    If you have gone ahead and made these DVD's I'd be intertested in hearing from you. Especially the method of manufacturing large fireglass moulds ( garden statues ) approximately 1.2m high.

  14. Ghia

    Ghia New Member

    Hi Aussie1,

    I'd be intertested in hearing from you also. I'm intrested in manufacturing large fireglass moulds.

    Thank you - Much

  15. Denis mcauliffe

    Denis mcauliffe New Member

    Hi Aussie

    Id be very interested too on you dvd.
    Where will I get a copy???

    Thanks Denis
  16. Sinner

    Sinner New Member

    Aussie1, how longs it take to make a simple dvd of what you do everyday... at least let us know youre alive and working on it and or what youre upto...
    I got things to make and im not getting any younger.
    cheers man
  17. anna19

    anna19 New Member

    Hi, I live in New Zealand and would love to chat, I would be very interested in buying your dvds, if you have done them.
    Please contact me on
    Thanks again!
  18. merv

    merv New Member

    Hi Aussie-1, are your DVDs up for sale?
    Do you have a site for this matter ??

  19. reecee

    reecee New Member

    I would be very interested if you have some information available or if you have a DVD. Do you have a website?
  20. Eddien

    Eddien New Member

    Hi Aussie-1

    Well my angels sure answered my request when I asked them for help in finding someone to show me how to make moulds. Would you please make contact because I am lost without your DVD or help.


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