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    For those who were fortunate enough to attend. Mastermind 07' was clearly the hottest Agel event to date. I am so fired up I can hardly write this email. Randy Gage and Eric Worre certainly outdid themselves this time. It was a mixture of world-class training, fun, and MAJOR announcements!

    Bob, Jon (two of my leaders) and I attended the managers and up seminar which rolled out a new 90 day blitz campaign that "if followed" will skyrocket your business. Other high level strategies were also introduced to the leaders in attendance.

    The evening program was killer with a live presentation from the man, myth and living legend, Robert Kyosaki. It was motivating and inspiring. But the best part is when he said.....

    "You guys are in the right place, at the right time, with the right group (A-Team), with the Right Organization (Agel)."

    Sure sounds like an endorsement to me!

    He laughed and also said....

    "Agel people are fanatical!"

    He absolutely loves us! Then he went on to once again say how he takes the products himself everyday.

    After that Randy Gage recorded a BRAND NEW AGEL PROSPECTING PRESENTATION LIVE with us in the audience. Folks, let me tell you... I have always been a Randy Gage fan but I never saw him this good. Clearly his best presentation since "Check Out the Biz". Soon, we will all have access to this incredible tool that will enable us to reach out to those who never made it in network marketing but still have the dream.

    Oh, and By the way... during the presentation he tells a funny story of a guy who was struggling in his old company before he came to Agel.... I'll give you one guess who that guy is?
    Answer, his picture is in my avatar ... I'm still recovering from the elbow to my ribs from Bob Richey when that happened.

    After that was a speech by great speech by our CEO Glen Jensen followed recognition where Bob Richey and John Meredeth received recognition for breaking manager and I had the opportunity to walk across the stage for breaking rank as well.

    Well, my entire group agreed that it would have been worth the trip to Orlando just based upon that first evening.... But that was just the beginning.

    Saturday was mind-blowing to the point that we are still recovering from the shell-shock.

    After a dynamite presentation from the legendary Paul Zane Pilzer on the opportunity that Agel people are holding in their hands, Glen Jensen got up at dropped some major bombs. Here are a few!

    As of last Tuesday.... Due to out incredible global sales, a special ceremony took place where Glen wrote out a check to Ash Capital....Agel is now COMPLETELY DEBT FREE in less than two years time!


    He announced the launch of our BRAND NEW PRODUCT...AGEL HRT! a cutting edge- supplement for heart health.

    Joel Rockwood and Dr. Jaroslav Boublik then did a special presentation on the benefits of HRT what would have knocked your eyes out. This product is going to be HUGE! and it tastes like BUTTERSCOTCH!

    But as great as everyone was (and everyone WAS really great) the highlight of the day was the presentation given by Dr. Ann de Wees Allen. She literally brought the house down with her vision for Agel and the products that she will be releasing exclusively through Agel that will cannot be reverse engineered. We will have exclusivity on the products, some of which will literally make history and that is no exaggeration whatsoever. She also went on to announce that her entire staff of world-class researchers, (one a double Nobel prize winner) ARE NOW ALL ON THE STAFF OF AGEL! The list of accomplishments and caliber of these people made two thousand jaws drop. No doubt any other company in the history of network marketing has this kind of talent in my opinion.

    Then she made a statement that brought the entire room to its feet. In her professional opinion, with what we have on the horizon, she feels that Agel will be the #1 wellness company in history.

    After that presentation when we picked each other up off the floor we attended the break-out sessions where Agels finest, including Randy, Eric, Dr. Allen, Dr. Boublik and others delivered once in a life-time training so incredible that anyone who was there is assured of a life-time residual income. It just doesn't get better than this folks... it truly doesn't.

    For our particular team, during one of the break-outs I had a private meeting with Glen and Darren Jensen and was able to procure some area specific support for out team in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. My hats off to them for taking the time to meet with me and expressing their support in terms of action that will be taken to solidify those international markets. What a FANTASTIC corporate team we have. After that meeting Glen graciously agreed to film an exclusive video for us aimed at those in the Czech Republic. He was as smooth as glass on the video and I will have a link to that when we post it for our international team.

    Saturday night was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNY. The 70's Disco Party was a BLAST! We all got to see Randy Gage in an AFRO and Eric Worre in a PINK PIMP costume! HILARIOUS! We all danced the night away and had a GREAT TIME.... what a party!... yes, pics are coming *evil grin*.

    Sunday closed with some pretty intensive training and a preview of Randy's new infomercial that looks like a real winner!

    I think after this event, If I were to get cut I would bleed EXO. We are in a rare time and everyone, no matter how new, is truly in the right place at the right time. But it won't be that way for long. This phenomenon about to hit the main-stage of the world in a BIG way. And we are going into hyper-growth. When that happens, those who have positioned themselves NOW will be sitting on top...looking down.

    So I am going to close this this statement that I am so fond of.




    Contact me for details....
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    I have been reading a lot of posts regarding the Agel opportunity. I am awaiting on some sample product that Billy Looper is going to be sending me.

    Have you had any dealing with Billy? From everything I have read, he has done really well & is pretty successful with his Agel business.

    One thing I am trying to do is get some feedback from a couple of different Agel distributors as to how much penetration there is in my local market. (you can email me personally if you want to know where I am located at)

    The other question I have is that I have been researching the Agel product, I have come across a couple of comments regarding some of sweetners that are supposedly in the Agel product?? I always take everything I read on the internet with a grain of salt and wanted to get your feedback on this.

    I am one of those that likes taking a multi vitamin/antioxidents, etc but I hate swallowing a large pill because it is uncomfortable for me and the Agel product presents a solution to my problem which is one the BIG reasons I am seriously considering Agel, finally a company that has a product that presents an actual, physical solution for me.
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    How does it compare to puritan? My wife is very happy with that one.

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