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Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by Candace, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Candace

    Candace New Member

    I am hopping to win a contest for a free Medical Transcription course that I have entered. I would love to chat with other people that are entering this contest and / or Medical Transcriptionest. I would love to become a Medical Transcriptionest and work from my home and not have to send my kids out to daycare.

    Thanks, Candace
  2. RashmiP

    RashmiP Guest

    That's very nice. You have made up your mind. But do you have any training or experiences in this field? Basic knowledge of medical terminologies and grammar will definitely help you.
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Have you checked the library for info in this area. I'm sure there are some books on that matter that are free at the library, or very often there is on many subjects that we think we need to pay for.
  4. luvzminis

    luvzminis New Member

    I took a MT course and graduated. It is authentic, but I would caution you that it's not everything promised. It seems to me only a few really "make" it, and I think it has to be something "in" the person. I love typing and I love words, but there's much more to it. I can't sit long at the computer, and it's hard to get under 20 hours a week. Even if you are lucky enough to find that, your job may not last as they are being sent overseas and also replaced by electronic means, eliminating the need for most (but not all) MTs. I'm not saying it's impossible at all, but many, many people who took the course I did deeply regret it. Still, a few are making some money at it, and a very few are doing well at it. Best of luck!
  5. ModernMother

    ModernMother New Member

    Candance, let us know howyou make out. I have come across a lot of legitimate opportunities for medical transciptionists. For instance, my local hospital even hires medical transciptionists who work from home. I have been thinking about taking a course in this myself, and that is where I am having a problem. I lot of the "courses" seem a little shady. Does anybody know of a legitimate course to take that will future employers would recognize?

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