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  1. RickKelley

    RickKelley New Member

    Think about it people. There are investigators getting paid thousands of dollars right now to sit behind a computer all day and monitor these forums! READ THE BELOW CHAIN OF EMAILS!

    Hello Everyone,


    I was asked to attend a private conference call this afternoon with Rayda and approximately 30+ ASD members. A non-ASD attorney was also on the call.

    The concensus of that call was we need to highly encourage everyone to STOP posting things on blogs, or emailing, faxing or calling and Attorney Generals office IMMEDIATELY. By doing so, we are only bound to aggrevate the situation and some of these hot-tempered words may be used against us.

    I agree with everyone on the call. Collectively we need to remain calm, gather our facts (document the success you've had by advertising on ASD - sales, orders, etc. of goods, products and services). Then when ASD's legal team asks for them, we are ready to go in an instant!

    Please read the message I just received from Rayda and pass it along to your team members. We need to remain strong!


    Message from Rayda ...

    Hi Team,

    We belong to a government by the people and it is time for the people to rise up here. The governmant has not frozen Andy's funds they have frozen our funds. My guess it that many of you had funds sitting in your cash balance and many of you have check waiting to be cashed. Thus it is your funds that have been frozen.

    We just had a call with some of the concerned members. It is amazing who we have in the membership and their talents and willingness to step forward. The conclusion of the call was to do nothing until Andy's legal team has had a chance to make an evaluation and give an opinion. Hey members I know we are anxious but it has only been three days.

    When we say do nothing that is what we mean. Don't send letters, don't sign petitions, don't go to the blogs, don't make phone calls. If you have seen the documents, most of the info they have came from members who were oh so willing to talk and they used it against you. Stop putting things in a public forum where anyone and everyone can come there, copy the info and pass it on. You are hurting yourselves.

    In the mean time be ready, with your advertising statistics and your name branding efforts, the good results you have achieved as you participated with ASD as an advertiser. When the legal team is ready we need to be ready with our information.

    The call was recorded and if I receive the link I will send it on.

    Please get this out to everyone. We are a strong group and if we can come together as a group in a calm organized way we can make a difference.

    P.S. If we had an attorney who would represent the members, one who has had past success against the government, would you want to assist and/or participate in legal action by the ASD membership? Please let us know.

    Much Success,
  2. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Basically the Government can "Copy and Paste" any of these comments from the Forum from ASD MEMBERS who are now calling ASD a SCAM/PONZI and use it for their case against ASD as "evidence" - in the same way they used the "interviews" of ASD members in their 100 page Allegations against ASD as "evidence.
  3. Caterina

    Caterina New Member

    Where's Perry Mason when we need him? He'd bust right through some of their so-called "evidence".....gathered by someone who couldn't help but keep HIS opinions out of the so-called "facts".

    Yeah, right....

    Rayda made an excellent point. The GOVERNMENT has seized OUR money......

  4. RickKelley

    RickKelley New Member

    Just stop the Anti-ASD comments if you are an ASD Member. We will all be heard at some point, and our comments will also matter someday. We will be contacted eventually, for sure! This won't be finished overnight so we need to ride it out a while and see what happens. If you got GOOD VALUABLE info then get it out to people, but other then that, don't entertain the nah-sayers....just let them run their mouth, because if they are not a member they will never be contacted.
  5. panman

    panman New Member

    Hi all! The idea of retaining our own attorney, was a good one. With just a few thousand members willing to pay say 10 or 20 dollars each, we should be able to raise a substantial amount and to be able to retain a very good attorney. Rayda was right, it is our money, and I want to add, - it is our business!! I am sitting here feeling sad and a bit angry, as I had some good results advertising on the ASD as well as on th Golden Panda system.

    However, I am from a foreign country. We need someone trustworthy to organize this, someone we can trust with our money. And we have to be careful not to be lured into someones idea of doing this, when and if this someone just wants to collect our 10 or 20 dollars. Come on, let us get some ideas and feedback on this issue!
  6. WhiteSox

    WhiteSox New Member

    I agree about the bashing. Human nature to lash out and fight when confronted. The allegations are devastating to say the least but like Iggy has said all along, just allegations. Probably some truth to some in addition to being exagerrated. Really want to hear our response to the allegations and suggest we all settle down and hear both sides.

    I got into this with 100% certainty that Andy had a solid program here that we could all belong to and for a time enjoy a 1% rebate which was NEVER guaranteed and we all knew that the rebates could stop if outside sources couldn't cover the rebates. That is the bottom line. I was averaging 30-40 hits every day and now I get maybe 5 a week.

    I have to admit I did call the Florida AG just to inquire about the ASD situation. The lady didn't know much but said I could fill out a form and send it in. Not sure if it's a complaint form or just getting something on file regarding the money I had used to purchase ads for the civil suit. Has anyone done this?
  7. kec

    kec New Member

    Well I didnt think most were outright bashing-more like stating facts that were in the civil suit about andy's background.

    There is just no reason at all that he could not have hired a high school student to call all new clients the MOMENT he started getting behind--and tell them that they were not accepting new members until they got their software straight, their depositing straight, and their damn customer service straightened out.

    He had NO BUSINESS accepting a dime after he was out of control.
    I have run many businesses SUCCESSFULLY, and besides the FACT that Mr B has been shown to be a liar, he cannot run a business on a basic customer service level. If he was pure of intentions he would of stopped rallies and gotten his foundation straight before taking millions from people.

    It is maddening and it is incompetence.
  8. undertheradar

    undertheradar New Member

    Follow this ancient say

    "Speak words and you will find money, Remain silent and you will find Gold"

    Be patient it will be worth it!
  9. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Rick

    I am delighted to read this.

    I have been trying to say this to members all week. I post on public foirums KNOWING that may posts will be read by friends and enemies alike. MOST posters seem to overlook this and some are shooting themselves in the foot and the rest of us members while they are at it.

    I suggest that every member sends out a copy of the first post and their support for this recommendation to all their referral teams.


    p.s Why on earth do you think we shut our forum down for posting!? We SUPPORT our company and gossip hurts it
  10. RickKelley

    RickKelley New Member

    Exactly Jenny...there is no need to defend ASD here to the nah-sayers! Our chance will come to defend ASD, or it is already being defended as we speak. The nah-sayers will not get ASD back up and running, so why waste time with them. As good info comes in I will get it out. I have a very short upline that goes to a great source within ASD!
  11. Davi1962

    Davi1962 New Member

    You guys have got to be kidding me!! Have you read the US Attorney Generals compliant? ASD was run by a bunch of CROOKS!! Get a grip it is over, can you say PONZI SCHEME? Andy and company DECEIVED a lot of good hard working people who bought into the greed of easy money. Now the money is gone and Andy almost got away. Read the document, he was getting ready to move to a non-extradition country.

    I'm sure Andy and company would love for all the members to pay their legal bills. So go ahead fork out some more money, while your at it I have this really beautiful piece of beach front property warm Colorado. It's for sale cheap.
  12. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    I am a PROUD AMERICAN and I will not tolerate any anti-US comments, remarks or suggestions!
  13. Jaz2783

    Jaz2783 New Member

    Are you kidding. Shall I call you Mr. Ego. I to am CEO of many buisnesses. One of which is a National (70 stores). Another which is recognized by athletes all over the world. Anybody knows that there are growing pains. You have know idea what Andy was doing....who he was hiring...Unless you were under a rock you knew that he hired a web company to increase speed and productivity and increased his staff by ten fold. If you needed your money so quick then maybe you live outside your means and need to live meagerly. Maybe you should have read that this was a not get rich quick scheme. Your lack of patience has lost you the chance to be a part of something great. Did you not here about version II coming or see the extra features that were starting to appear. By the way just because Andy had the vision does not mean he has the organizationional what. We were growing and moving ahead. It is people like you who have now lost so much for other people. You have to live with that. If you were not happy then you should have got your money and left...not destroy others dreams. This comes from a member who received many rebates and more hits than the yellow pages ever did for me. A person who sees people around him harshly affected by other people....NOT Andy
  14. kec

    kec New Member

    Jaz2783: If you needed your money so quick then maybe you live outside your means and need to live meagerly. Maybe you should have read that this was a not get rich quick scheme. Your lack of patience has lost you the chance to be a part of something great. Did you not here about version II coming or see the extra features that were starting to appear. By the way just because Andy had the vision does not mean he has the organizationional what. We were growing and moving ahead. It is people like you who have now lost so much for other people.

    This is an overreaction to those of us who are not spewing roses and tulips on this board.

    I am a member. I got screwed over. I did what they told me and they never even acknowledged receipt of my money. My money for now is GONE. It did not appear on my account after 3 weeks time despite my calls, faxes.

    No one has "lost so much for other people" as you say-what planet are you from?

    The fed are going to have to prove whatever it is, and people stating the facts as their experience has been thus far should be out there for all to read---as I am sorry to tell you jaz2783--it isnt all peaches and cream !

    I want this whole mess to go away. i want to be able to make money with asd. I want this for my family members and friends who are struggling. Just because I want it that bad doesnt mean it is right to put a shell over your head and pretend that people should not speak the truth.

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