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    Hi Everyone,

    On a call of the ASD Leaders yesterday, they have recommended all members to STOP posting things on blogs, forums or emailing, faxing or calling the Attorney Generals office IMMEDIATELY. By doing so, we are only bound to aggrevate the situation and some of these hot-tempered words may already be used against us

    When the legal team is ready we need to be ready with our information.

    The request stated

    "When we say do nothing that is what we mean. Don't send letters, don't sign petitions, don't go to the blogs,(forums) don't make phone calls. If you have seen the documents, most of the info they have came from members who were oh so willing to talk and they used it against you. Stop putting things in a public forum where anyone and everyone can come there, copy the info and pass it on. You are hurting yourselves.

    In the mean time be ready, with your advertising statistics and your name branding efforts, the good results you have achieved as you participated with ASD as an advertiser."

    And now from the ASD News Site
    Request for Testimonials
    Posted August 8, 2008

    You may have heard that Ad Surf Daily has been named in two law suits filed over the past few days.

    Ad Surf Daily's lawyers are interested in receiving accurate letters or memos of support from members who have had positive experiences with Ad Surf Daily.

    If you are willing to provide such a written submission and are comfortable giving your name, email address, and phone number as part of the written email of support please send your email to;
    ASD Legal Team
    Andy Bowdoin"

    Everyone wants to have their opinion, but for those ASD members who wish their business to continue, it is strongly urged that you take their advice and stop posting on public forums which are on view to all and can be used as evidence by the AGs office. It is suspected that on some forums there are people who are now there to provoke comments, unfavourable to the company.

    Jenny Stewart
  2. Caterina

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    Jenny, I think that's sort of a silly request, personally.....

    If the AG is relying on "testimony" from a forum, then they're obviously in trouble as far as hoping to win their case and confiscate OUR money. However, if they need to stoop to those tactics, then I would hope OUR attorneys are astute enough to counter with the hundreds of positive posts they could find on this forum and many others.

    Now if you're saying that the AG will contact people off these forums who'll get up on a stand somewhere and say ASD is bad, once again.....I would hope our attorneys are astute enough to call their own witnesses to counter.

    Though I can appreciate the sentiment behind the request, to me, it's ludicrous that anyone could admit ANYTHING off a forum as "evidence"......

    However, having said that, in the spirit of "cooperation", I will greatly curtail if not completely stop my posting.....
  3. alasycia

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    Caterina and all others reading this - it is not as silly as it sounds.

    1) We have been asked this by the ASD Leader group who are in contact with the company to do this in the interests of the company and all its members, and as members I feel should respect their wishes as it they who are fighting to get our company back on the road.

    2) Anything in writing on a public forum can be produced in evidence by a court of law without anyone being called and it is very hard to unsay something already said in a moment of anger or despair or whatever. And regrettably it is very easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

    All forums are in the public domain and can read by anyone who chooses, including the AG's office (they already obtained comments under alse pretences - remember?)
  4. Caterina

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    OK.....will do......but if it has come down to admitting as EVIDENCE something any Joe Blow can say on a forum, then our entire legal system is in a world of are the people it supposedly protects.....

    I would hope our attorneys are sharp enough to know how to deal with something like that.....

    Now QUIT posting, Jenny.....!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Good luck to all.....and may justice prevail!!!!
  5. RickKelley

    RickKelley New Member we have lawyers looking out for ASD Members. First off, who appointed these lawyers? Second...and biggest question of the day....who do you think is going to pay for them, and where does that money come from???? I have a real good guess!!

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