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  1. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    I've just returned home from the Miami Rally! It was my first and whatever doubts I had.... gone!

    I missed the first hour and a half of the event as I was in the VISA only line for 2 1/2 hours!!! I just kept telling myself... I'm standing here making money! LOL

    Highlights as you know the Green Back Street!

    Going after slanderers!!! They are not going to stand back and let people post negative unsubstantiated b/s about Andy and ASD! They are going after them and planning to sue!! YES!

    Hiring a law firm with offices in Miami and Washington DC that are SCC specialist to ensure ASD remains legal and compliant!!

    Office space started with 2000 s/f expanded another 2000 s/f - thought they would have to move to Tallahassee, but the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and City have worked with them and they are buying the TALLEST BUILDING in Quincy - 4 story - some 19,000 s/f! First order of business is to remodel and create a new customer service area! Andy said they are planning to have the new customer service department up in 2 weeks!

    Oh, and my best friend finally decided to join the party! Now she's one of us!!!

    I'm sure many others who were present will be able to add more details.

    This post is just my perception of the last 6 hours of my life!

  2. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    hehe...I feel the adrenaline coming out of you!

    Good News overall...

    So they're going to Sue every negative comment in the thousands of Forums and Blogs on the Internet who has their First Amendment Right to state their Opinions? good luck.

    Looks like alot of expansion underway but hopefully not alot of "Growing Pains"..
  3. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    There's a difference between expressing a negative opinion and slander!

    I hope I didn't mislead... my head is spinning! I'm completely confident in the safety of my $$$$ in ASD!
  4. Louminous

    Louminous New Member

    Visa only line what do you mean by that, you could use a visa to buy ad packages. Thanks for the updates...
  5. alasycia

    alasycia New Member


    You are bubbling!! LOL

    Did you manage to get hold of the correct address where reports on these slanderous statements can actually be sent, in all the excitement, by chance!!??

  6. rippinrod

    rippinrod New Member

    Hello Brenda,

    There sure was a lot of positive energy at the Miami rally today! A LOT of first-timers and everyone seemed excited. Almost 5000 people in attendance!

    Let me see if I can add some info--I was trying to take notes as best I could.

    ~Florida state Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart was in attendance today at the Miami rally!

    ~2nd new revenue stream: In addition to is HUGE--(or in conjunction with it) check out has a 13 min. video of Andy discussing his vision for the future of ASD (might have to search a bit to find it), it was also said that a link to this could be requested, but not sure who to request it from.

    ~3rd new revenue stream: It may clutter the current ASD homepage a little, but they are discussing putting up to 3 ads on the homepage that should generate upwards of $13 million plus/yr, 50% of which will go to ASD members (these will be ads for the "big boys" and it sounds like deals are already being worked).

    ~Efforts to stem the bashing: This is almost verbatim from the head of Compliance--ASD is hiring a battery of SEC attorneys and going to Attorney General's office in Tallahassee to offer the ASD books for all to see AND the head of Compliance (can't remember his name) has Andy's blessing to go after the serious slanderers (biggest example was of a site that has a pic of Andy with the slogan "Just a Glorified Ponzi" or something like that). He said the lawsuit would probably be in the tens of millions. Compliance really wants to make some examples of some of these folks and Andy (who apparently is too nice to go after it aggressively himself) has given the go-ahead.

    ~Compliance also said that there are extensive investigations taking place into the slandering and they HOPE that there are not any ASD members implicated (they expressed that this would not be a happy time).

    ~A picture was shown of Andy receiving the Medal of Distinction at the White House.

    ~Apparently there has been a rumor of ASD being bought out by a foreign entity and thus risking having it's integrity diluted or vanquished altogether--Andy assured that this is not going to happen and that he doesn't need the money anyway, he is NOT selling.

    ~ACH should be up and running by Monday, July 14, 2008

    ~Debit/ATM cards are coming soon!

    ~There should be even more exciting announcements at the Chicago rally next weekend.

    Hope I did this justice,
  7. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    Yes! When I got in the line it was 50-60 feet long. I had moved about 20 feet when the event started about 45 minutes later. I was literally in the line 2 1/2 hours solid!! But, after being in line that first 45 minutes, they were wrapped around and to the entrance - I have no idea how long... but if I had 2 1/2 hours wait, I'd estimated they would get there by 10pm! They had 3 people processing Visa only transactions (no Amex and no MC).

    Joyce came by and said they did the Visa as a test and had no expectation for it to be so extensive!

    Part of the delay was also due to the credit card company declining the transaction. I called my bank while in the line to tell them the transaction I planning to make and to please ensure it went through smoothly.

    Oh... I just remembered, they are putting together a presentation production that will end with your prosects having the option to sign up on the spot or to contact you for more information! That's expected to be ready for the Chicago Rally!

  8. brt

    brt New Member

    WOW! Awesome Information! Thanks guys for passing it along!! Wish i could have been there!


  9. rippinrod

    rippinrod New Member

    I forgot about the presentation video that Brenda mentioned. The way it was explained was that you would just need to send a link to friend/family/associate and they would watch this video that supposedly would answer all/most questions. After viewing the video they can either decline or accept/ask for more info.
  10. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    Sorry Alicia!

    By the time I got to the front of the Visa line I literally threw my hands in the air, jumped up and down and was yelling YEA!!!! I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After that, I finally got to go sit in my seat... about the 18th row and I shoved the sandwich my mate had bought for me 2 hours previously and ate while I listened! My head was spinning from needing food and sheer elation! LOL

    I'm not even sure they shared the location... now that I think back a bit!

    I took a couple of photos of the room... I don't know if they can be posted here to share with others. If anyone knows, let me know how and I'll put it up for you guys!

    Oh - another thing - anyone who is advertising ASD on YOU TUBE - take it off NOW! (That's nearly word for word!)

    The compliance guy's name was... Don Peterson with an extensive military background, followed by investigation/background checks - reporting some quantity of fugitives to the FBI. He was impressive and he loves Andy!

    I hope my energy is reaching those of you who couldn't attend! I didn't think I was going to be able to as the 1500 available seats were gone before I was sure I wanted to give this a go.

    My sponsor told me last night the thought he could get me in... then this morning he said the extended the 1500 seats to 3500 seats... and they mentioned something like 6000 to 7000 people were there! People were lined all around the walls and standing in the back. Then there were consistently probably 1500+ people in the area where they were processing checks.

    Their goal is to have the day's transactions processed before some immediately - not like Tampa which took some tiime! They did not promise, but said it was what they were hoping to achieve! The site being down is promising that this could actually happen!

    But if you can't get on... please be patient, because if they were originally seriously only expecting 1500, they were definitely way off in their calculations! This was HUGE - the biggest to date Andy said!

    Hope I'm adding valuable stuff here and not just rambling... I'm spinning!

  11. nigelpm

    nigelpm New Member

    When you have accumulated $10.00 or more in rebates or leadership bonuses, you can request a cash out and you will be paid through the payment processor of your choice typically within forty-eight (48) hours. It may take 5 - 10 business days before it the transaction clears into your payment processor account. No cash out requests will be paid on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

    Newbie here from Australia,can I use pay pal to receive my cash out?l or does it have to be one of the ones listed where you deposit money. i.e Alert Pay Also does wiring from an international account take long to deposit my cash with ASD?
    Cheers Nigel
  12. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    G'day Nigel!

    I can't answer your question, but was glad to hea' an Aussie in hea'!

    I was thinking I should introduce some of my Aussie mates, but wasn't sure about how the international thing would go.

    Where abouts in Oz are you? I spent 11 years in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast... just moved to Florida 6 years ago - this coming week!

    Cheers, mate!

    I think when the debit card is in place it will solve many of these sorts of issues as you will use your debit card to purchase ad packages and you will get your cash out payments onto your debit card, which you can take to an ATM to get hard cash!
  13. nigelpm

    nigelpm New Member

    Hi Vaussie,

    I am in freezing Adelaide......beeeutiful spot Caloundra...
    When are they introducing the debit card?...Also I have had my site in "waiting" mode for a couple of weeks...Is that cause they are busy?..
    I haven't purchased anything yet ...but I have surfed and earnt credits. My website will probably reach 10 days soon....does that mean it will expire even though I have credits?...If it does can I then put it back on and upgrade when I have the cash?

    On Ya Cobber!
  14. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    Yea... I pretty much figured you were freezing somewhere - never made it to Adelaide! Too freaking cold for me... I lived in Hawaii before I moved to Australia - where I was insistent I would go there BUT I would have to be someplace warm - and everyone kept saying, "Sheeza Queenslanda!"

    The only answer we have to date about the debit card is "SOON".

    I think the key is to be very patient! The signup up rate is now 1000 to 1200 per day! They expanded from a 2000 s/f office and added another 2000 s/f office, and now they are buying a 4 storey building with 19,000 s/f of space!

    Everything is taking longer than anyone expected! Not to fret. If your site isn't up withing 14 BUSINESS days, I'd enter a ticket (be sure to do all the steps - you will get a confirmation email if you do it correctly!)

    Patience is the name of the game - if I learnt anything else today, I could see this is very much legitimate... but it's going to take patience!

    Rug up mate! Throw on your jumper and grab the doona!

  15. rippinrod

    rippinrod New Member

    One more thing that was mentioned about

    For those of us who have businesses that are confined to locality, we will be able to list them in greenbackstreet so they will show up under the "Local" tab for listings in your area.
  16. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    Was there any mention today regarding putting up a Picture or Public Presss release of Andy's Metal Of Distinction Award so that we can share this information to the Public?
  17. rippinrod

    rippinrod New Member

    The picture of Andy receiving the award was in a video presentation. Don't recall if they said where that might be found...
  18. vikingfan

    vikingfan New Member

    Great news! We need to stay patient with support, technical issues etc because this is just the beginning of an unbelievable opportunity. This thing is absolutely BLOWING UP! People getting in now at the ground floor level are going to be extremely happy down the road. I am excited to be a part of ASD! BUILD YOUR AD PACKAGES NOW!
  19. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Thanks everyone for confirming the legitimacy of ASD and it's future!

    The site's been down for 2 days now, any mention of when it will be back?

    Glad to hear they will take care of the bashing and slander going on in the ASD thread at

    Waiitng for the Panda site to open, any word about that? Rumor has it that it willl be 3% daily rebate???

    What about bonuses for the Panda site?

  20. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi all

    Except for the humidity in Florida - I am envious as **** not to have been able to fly over to the Miami for the Rally.

    It sounds as if many of the concerns that people have had are being addressed and our Compliance Officer is definately becoming ASD's number 2 hero!!

    A point on the slanderous forums. Along with the rest of the membership - I am delighted to see that ASD will be removing the "privilege to slander" practised on some of the forums.

    I have observed that the unpleasantness has really taken off since the "internet marketing world" jumped on the ASD bandwagon. Which I think says more about some of those p??ople (not all of course) than it says about ASD!! This area of the internet has been plagued by scams, unsustainable "businesses" and oportunism for many years. It is known by the rest of the world as those "get rich quick schemes"

    So one day an ethical and successful businessman comes along and decides that the way to make ordinary people successful is through internet advertising. He sets up a legitimate and sustainable company. It works and everyone is happy. The "internet marketing" world junkies go ballistic! Go Figure.

    Have a great Sunday!!

    (not the Online Marketing world - just in case anyone gets confused)

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