Might be getting cut, need advice.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Nannobot, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Nannobot

    Nannobot New Member

    I am seeking a form of online employment, however I keep getting these "Make $5000 - $50,000 extra cash a day" places and LONG WebPages with all these awards and such things. I am not looking to get rich quick, I am looking for a Full Time, work from a remote location, Job. Not one of these fake "in your spare time" scams.

    My current employment is seeing less and less work, people are not spending like they used to and I fear some people are going to be cut. After getting my degree, It took me over a year of sending CVs and going to interviews before I landed my job and if I am cut I shall need something to keep me a float.

    I am at work 11 hours per shift, 6 shifts a week, shift work for a 24 hour company (66 hours per week). After rent, food, internet connection, etc, I have +-$3.38. My savings are +-$406 (which is just over 1 months salary, so I wouldn't be able to go 2 months on my savings).

    I would like to work remotely for a company in UK, US or CA. Any suggestions from "20 hours a week, in your own time" to "8 hours a day, from X till Y" are all welcome. I have checked every day after work for 5 days now and have not found anything.

    Even $6 an hour for 20 hours a week would be more than I am making now, and I would be able to start being social again.

    Any and all links to valid work opportunities would be VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you all for your time and all the best.

    Yours Thankfully

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Welcome to forum,

    Like everyone in similar situation as you, and there are millions, you have to plan for the worst given economy is a house of cards worldwide, you just can't rely on having a job tomorrow where job security is a thing of the past for most.

    Forget the get rich quick hype, they are all BS, plain and simple. The only ones getting rich are the ones taking advantage of those who fall for the hype. Seen it all, and no one but the promoters of these scams are getting rich, and many over and over againd given the desperate need so many are in.

    We all trade time for money, you work at a job, and that is your scenario, you can only earn based on your own efforts, so you have to think outside the box in these difficult times. Leverage is the only way to see success, so look to start your own business promoting a product everyone will want when exposed to it, this is the best kind of business to start. Care to share, no selling, let the product do the selling, that is how I found success and now have multiple income streams all while working online in my home business.

    The key to success is getting started, and choosing a free to start business is the easiest no risk strategy to start for very few have the money needed to invest in a traditional business, so with few other options than to start a home business, you have come to a forum where you can start your journey as you learn to earn, and then earn while you learn, a perfect scenario given all successful people have to start somewhere. I never stop learning or researching the latest trends in home based businesses.

    Success to all,
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  3. Nannobot

    Nannobot New Member

    Sounds like you are very good at making money through the internet. My only concern with buying and selling stuff is that it is not a "job" persay. I tried the whole buying on Ebay and selling it here, but the post office has been on strike for over a year now. Something I ordered in June 2014 only arrived now in Janurary 2015. It might not see a certain amount of income each month, which is what I need. Something I can do to definatly make money to make ends meat.

    Thank you very much for the reply.
  4. cncmoney

    cncmoney New Member

    Sorry to here your situation Kyle,

    If you are looking for a steady income, then I would start by looking up the stats on an online business you are interested. This will help you avoid scams out there (Oh, there are plenty). Also building your online business is going to take you some time. It doesn't sound like right now you have that much time. But with that said it is still possible. You will just have to start small and work your way up (Which is the best result).

    For a temp.. situation.. there are a few online company's that do hire people for work. I know Google hires at home workers to review websites.. I believe they are paying just over $11.00 US. Not sure if you have to be in the United States to work for them, but it would be something to look up.

    Good Luck with your situation,
  5. Eric Coons

    Eric Coons New Member

    My job was cut back in 2011. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. I feel for you. And wish you the best.

    I agree with Yagooft. Don't fall for the scams. You are in a good position that you can see it coming so start right now. Not tomorrow. Not when you get cut. Now. Start a blog. Start crafting and selling on Etsy. Do not get distracted by the shiny things that will come along in your search. Pick one thing and focus on it like a laser. Learn everything you can while you start to earn.

    Again, Good luck!
  6. Nannobot

    Nannobot New Member

    Thank you for the kind words Eric. I still fear that if I try "Job Alternatives" like buying & Selling, Craft & Selling, blogging, etc. That it is an unstable form of income, that some months I might not meet a limit.

    I'm not sure how much internet is there, but here it is close to +-$80 for a 4mb line with a max of 100GB a month. Which is my third largest expense after rent (+-$200) and food (+-$100) monthly. I'm not even eating healthy, I'm buying the cheap stuff and living in cheapest place I could find.

    I appologise if I sound whiney or giving a "Pity me, everything is expensive where I live" vibe, I'm just afriad I might mess up if it's an alternative income method.

    But I will look into it now and try to learn a skill or find marketable product(s).

    Thank you one and all, I really apreciate all the feedback.
  7. Eric Coons

    Eric Coons New Member

    You won't know until you try. Don't become paralyzed by the thought of what might happen. Take action. Doing something is better than freezing in place and doing nothing.

    If a train is coming at you you better move or prepare to be flattened.
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  8. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Find something you want to try and explore it. I tried many different things when I first tried making money online. I fell into the free money making niche and I've been with it ever since.

    Keep looking and find what works for you.
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  9. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Eric, your advice is direct, crystal clear and right on the mark.

    I know this is easier said than done, but as Eric pointed out, you shouldn't allow uncertainty to wrap you in fear and deflate your courage. In online marketing they are no sure things. The best you can do is to prepare yourself as adequately as you can, and then create a plan that sufficiently reduces the risk of losing, so that the odds are tilted in your favor.

    Your concern about job security at you current employer, which is fueling your search for online employment, seems to be based on your own astute observation. And I applaud your decision to start doing something now in preparation for the worst.

    But the fear you have of losing your job, may not become a reality as soon as you think, if at all. It could turn out that you have sufficient time to find suitable online employment without having to make a premature decision, or having to suffer any of the difficulties that would accompany a sudden layoff. No one knows for sure.

    What I'm saying is this. Take care of the things that you can absolutely control right now. Stay focused on finding a better situation for yourself online. Consider the useful suggestions offered in this thread. Then simply leave the rest to Providence. It has an uncanny way of picking up the slack for those who help themselves.

    I wish you all the best!

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  10. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Come up with a plan and stick with it. What type of skills do you have? There are many scams out there you just need to do some thourough research.
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  11. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Eric is right on. None of us can really tell you exactly what you should do as things are different for everybody. If you are an extremely motivated person than an mlm or direct sales company that is available in your country can pay you more than you dreamed possible.... but it involves lots of determination, not being afraid to share with others ( most of these are products that you will be marketing to anyone you meet or through the internet, for a commission - but your biggest commissions come by recruiting others and creating a team to help you market the products) .... the sky is the limit with this kind of work at home opportunity as once you have a team, you will compensated for their efforts as well.

    I do both network marketing and selling on Ebay, have done blogging and affiliate marketing, etc. Really focus on what you DO have, your blessings and see what the universe sends your way! hugs... :)
  12. Nannobot

    Nannobot New Member

    Yup, It appears I am on the chopping block come next month. I see a lot of people recommend buying and selling online. Do you sell it online and forward the parcel after buying it? Or does it have to arrive first, as previously stated, Post office is on strike and I it might take months before anything would arrive (and by then I would no longer be living at an adress. Going to try live out of my car to save money. There are lots of places that one can park overnight without much cost).

    I really aprecate the feedback, keep it coming. I hope I can get something going soon.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Given the fact that it is never easy starting your first home based internet business, you need the right tools to get off to a strong start. The biggest obstacle in getting started is to make the decision as to what to promote, and this is where the choices are huge.

    Personally, no matter what you decide to market, make sure it is recession proof, needed and wanted by the masses, saves your customers time and money, and if possible, have a free business opportunity attached. When you cover all these factors in one program, it would be more difficult to fail than succeed.

    Once you have chosen the right business for you, then you want to learn how to promote your business in the most cost effective means possible. This is when it gets tough and the tough have to get going. Most people hate to sell and hate to be sold, expecially when the product does not save them time or money. Too many me too products out there which given the competition, you want the tools to put your business on autopilot.

    Having been on the internet since before it went commercial, I saw the power of the internet for online sales, and jumped at the opportunity to test and research marketing online. I sold all my traditional businesses and have been totally focused on the internet based businesses ever since. When you can promote multiple businesses easier than running one traditional business, you will then know which is the best, and most profitable given all the headaches of owning a traditional brick and mortar business with employees, lease, taxes, insurance, and on and on it goes.

    We have all seen or are on FaceBook and YouTube, I know I have been since start, and just like the internet, you want to jump in early and learn how to effectively utilize the tools that are available on each. If you haven't made videos, then this is essential to learn, and as with most, it is not easy, until now. Social-Media-Income has exploded over the past few years, and when you post a YouTube video online, you will get indexed in Google organic search engines almost instantly for more traffic to your offer than through any other marketing strategy. Especially important for newbies just starting out. Check out Social-Media-Income strategies and put your business on automatic auto pilot.

    Success to all,
  14. Sammy Preston

    Sammy Preston New Member

    I feel for you, I really do. It will take effort online, the illusion of something for nothing on the internet is strong and it is just that. Keep your eyes open and dive in!

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