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    Hello all,

    I see a lot of pros here, I just wanted to add my topping (If you may allow me [​IMG]


    a) Short term plan : 6-12 weeks (depending on your MLM).

    Required : Recruit your Direct downlines.

    Actions required :
    i) Call people from your social network that really trust you. These prospects will be easier to convince.(These are the "A" prospects)
    ii) Calling the "B" prospects. This is going to be more challenging. Get prepared for debates, be pro-active, prepare answers for everything. Most importantly, prepare your Personality to NEVER get shaken infront of the prospect(s). For example, prepare to smile at people who tell you things "These people are using you" "These are a 100% scams". This smile would grant you confidence, and won't allow them to score additional cheap points.
    Never Mass advertise to save tme, its just 1 single negative prospects would rotten the rest of the party!!!! Don't let quitters influence the rest of your network.

    b) Medium term Plan : 6-12 weeks again (It should be a replica of the above for EVERY Downline of yours).
    Required : Have your second tier below you FILLED.

    Action : Close 1-1 call with each of your downlines on a daily basis. Make sure you have them a 100% enabled to maximize their recruitment potential.

    c) Long Term Plan : It starts with the end of "b" and never ends.

    Required : Capacity Planing (Gap Filling) and continuously Training the Trainers. This is very crucial. Some of you think that with 2 tiers below you are filled, then you are ok. I am sorry to tell you, NO. You might be less involved in the action plans for everyone, but your role here is Managerial. This is not a sit back and relax phase!!!!

    Actions :
    i) Look at your tree and recognize the fastest running downlines. Talk with their leader, its not bad to learn from your downlines sometimes. I'm sure he might have something that you might benefit by passing it to your other downlines (His sideline)
    ii) Meet your downlines and talk about the Benefits of Geographical diversification. Diversification is what lets you become pro-active to Saturation. I wouldn't be happy to have a network of 1000 people that are all in my area. Who will take us out? I would make sure to have at least 2 foreign countries (states) in each of my downlines. Let this VIBE be in your network (Only to those who have completed the short term plan), introducing this idea to new-comers will just add to their fears the saturation Nightmare.
    Personally, I talk with everyone at work, people from other countries are encouraged. I have a much less success rate than dealing with the locals, but the long term benefits are just GIGANTIC.

    MLM is not a hit and run opportunity. I almost refused a downline when he told me "I will just recruit these 2 downlines, and i am done".

    I didnt plan writing any of this, I know its not organized, but I wish you guys benefit from this.
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    Very interesting action plan.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Nice! That's goal setting and staying active in your business.
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    Its crucial to always have a goal in MLMs.

    You begin as a Junior member managed by your upline and your Grand uplines.
    Then you're a Senior, then a Team Leader then a Manager as mentioned above.

    Managers do a lot of work, maybe not physical, but their vision and motivation are what drives these downlines to get in action.

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