MMR Shot and Autism

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by weebitty, Mar 31, 2010.

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    This article is by Dr Mercola who is very well known and pretty trusted in his articles. I thought I would post this here as there are alot of parents who are questioning the vaccines and autism. I hope this helps some of you I can post many more articles on autism as well. If it asks for a e-mail address to access the article you can give it and it will let you read it. Otherwise you will have to subscribe to it yourself. You will get it everyday though so be aware of that if you should want to subscribe to it. Just thought this might help some of you parents. [​IMG]
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    My wife and I have chosen a path of homeopathic and holistic care for ourselves and our child because of things like this. Although there has been no government stating that there is a conclusive link, there is a video somewhere (let me know if you want it and I'll ask her what it is called) talking about how children getting vaccines had very adverse reactions (High fever, seizures etc) and have now developed autism, or other brain related issues after the reaction.
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    Vaccines are certainly very dangerous. Dr. Mercola is a trusted name as well.

    You should all definitely look into the dangers of vaccines. Don't trust what the media tells you.
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    There are so many links but no one in the gov wants to admit this. I think vaccines are a form of population control.
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  6. gonna be controversial on this I have had the mmr vaccination and I am on the autism spectrum (Asperger's syndrome). How ever my kids have not had the vaccination and they show signs of it too. is there a link nope just genetics

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