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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by dani_nae, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. dani_nae

    dani_nae New Member

    Is anyone familiar with Mona Vie? I am looking into getting started with it. I really believe in the product and me and my boyfriend just started drinking it, but was just wondering if anyone has any experience in the business side of it?
  2. mr127500

    mr127500 New Member

    Oh yea, Mona VIe is one of the fastest growing MLM's out there. Be advised however that it is a straight up mlm. start with your warm market, i.e. family and friends and keep recruiting, because 90 percent of distributors will drop or stop within 90 days. that being said, if you can get it moving you can make some good money as it is growing. For me, 45 bucks a bottle is a little steep for an antioxidant. Acai pills retain more antioxidant power actually if freeze dried and much cheaper. just my thoughts, some people may be experiencing good things as well.
  3. MonaVieJennie

    MonaVieJennie New Member

    My husband and I love MonaVie! He has a bad back, and after several weeks of his employer trying to convince him to try MonaVie, he did and wouldn't go back to not drinking it for anything! We signed up as a distributor simply to be able to buy it at wholesale, but we started selling it as well after seeing other people make pretty good money, and I have to say, we are having a great time! The people have been so very helpful and fun to be involved with - no signing you up and the ditching you. The company gives so much back to Brazil, where the Acai berries that they use comes from. They have built facilities to house children, teach women trades so that they are able to work, the list goes on and on. I definately recommend MonaVie, it really is a great company to work with. I do have to tell you, though. It is not a "get rich quick" company. If that is what you're looking for, you will be disappointed. It takes motivation and dedication, but the earning potential is definately great if you work hard for it. Hope this helps you make your decision! Sign up is free in February, so if you are looking to give it a shot, now is the time to jump on it.
  4. Donham298

    Donham298 New Member

    I did look into it. I found that I would prefer our company to get customers for me.
  5. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    I looked at it and thought the product was a little expensive but I do know some folks have good success with it. If it works for you and you have a good story you can make it work. Good luck with all you ventures.
  6. dani_nae

    dani_nae New Member

    we signed up yesterday after drinking the product for about 3 weeks. We actually just really liked the product to begin with and weren't thinking of it from a business standpoint, but after talking with others and realizing how rapidly the company is growing in our area we decided to jump on the bandwagon! I really do believe in the product and love the fact that they give back to the people...
  7. MonaVieJennie

    MonaVieJennie New Member

    So glad to hear you are part of MonaVie! It has truely just been a wonderful experience. Almost every day I hear a story of how it has made someone feel better, and all of the people I have met that are involved are genuinely great, supportive people! Good luck, and welcome to MonaVie!
  8. rcaman

    rcaman New Member

    Looked into Monavie and found they use preservatives that cause went with company that markets healthy chocolate....more people will listen to someone who has chocolate...believe me. We did over $35,000 in volume in 5 weeks!! Great pay checks...and lots of great support. Momentum has already hit Monavie...but not ours....still young...but strong. We are #1 importer for Belgium chocolate.

    More information email me at
  9. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Best of luck with your new business venture!

    Just remember that if you are looking to build a downline your target market is other networkers -- you're in the right places already since you're posting on forums.

    Do yourself a favor and, if you haven't already, build a free blog and drive free traffic to it. It'll be good advertising for your business.

  10. adamox

    adamox New Member

    Good product!!
  11. MaxGxlCorp

    MaxGxlCorp New Member

    Great company and a great product! I actually have a few bottle's at my house that were giving to me. After reviewing many health product manufactures I decided on Max International because of the timing phase and the founders behind the company.

    I wish you much success!
  12. drkolarik

    drkolarik New Member

    MonaVie is a good antioxidant, the product tastes a little earthy, not horrible though. The company has been around about five years so the huge growth and opportunity phase is largely past. I have found while researching that the natural Maqui berry has a much higher antioxidant level that natural Acai berry. If you are looking for a new company with massive growth predictions you should take a look at Synaura International and their product AVIA.
  13. JosephA

    JosephA New Member

    I was approached to be a part of something coming soon that is to compete with Monavie called Sozolife.

    I have just signed up before it goes "live" because a friend of mine is part of the startup group. Does anyone know about this? I have never been involved in MLM, and all i know is that is makes sense to be in on the ground floor.

    Any advice (good and bad) from Monavie experts would be greatly appreciated.

  14. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    There are so many juices out there it will make your head spin. What these companies need is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise into every day life and not just drink this juice. Exercise is the fountain of youth and the supplements will be that mush more effective when you are in great shake. This is what Beachbody does. You are held accountable and the supplements are there if you need them but most important is to get active and stay active. They do have a great meal replacement. this is a generic site and you can not purchase form here but it gives you an idea. What's nice about shakeology is it has a ton of nutrients, probiotics, super fruits etc but it also has 17 grams of protein so you can replace a meal with it and still feel full.

    Never heard of sozolife and I understand you are in early but does your company have a unique selling proposition? How will you get customers? Will your company be nationally branded?
  15. Franklin

    Franklin New Member

    I like it is the best juice I've ever drank. I had tried other products, but no other like Monavie. Excellent MLM business but just like any other biz, you must learn how to market it. Without the proper marketing knowledge and strategies it will be very difficult to operate.

  16. GaryCameron

    GaryCameron Member

    rcaman: Do you have information to back up your claim that MonaVie uses preservatives that cause cancer? This is a pretty serious allegation.

    MonaVie was recently embroiled in a lawsuit with Amway / Quixtar. My understanding it was to the point that MonaVie was not accepting distributor applications from anyone who is currently involved with Amway. This bears further investigation for anyone who is considering the MonaVie opportunity.

    There are plenty of people using the MonaVie juice who love it and won't be without it.

    The MonaVie compensation uses a binary structure. This sort of plan is a personal favorite of mine as you are only building two teams. This makes it very easy to support downline.
  17. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    JosephA: I was approached to be a part of something coming soon that is to compete with Monavie called Sozolife.

    jeffathome: There are so many juices out there it will make your head spin.
    There are so many "me too" juice companies coming out that you really need to look deep into the company and the management.
    If the company isn't offering something actually unique the company probably won't be around in a couple of years. There have been so many weak startups enter the market in the last few months there is going to be a big shake out coming in the next couple of years.

    GaryCameron: The MonaVie compensation uses a binary structure. This sort of plan is a personal favorite of mine as you are only building two teams. This makes it very easy to support downline.
    I really don't like their product but the comp plan they designed is brilliant. Combine a binary and deep check matching the plan really rewards people for building big.
  18. kstai

    kstai New Member

    I just want to add my two cents here. Network marketing is a business and not a hobby. Anyone who understand business knows that the product, even though important, is only one part of the equation. There are other components of a business like legal, communication, leadership, mission, management, team, marketing, training, R&D etc etc... Network marketers tend to look at the product and comp plan, some look at the management as well but there are other that matters. [​IMG]
  19. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    Good product, but as others have said, when bad times hit the first thing to go is the daily juice drink that costs them $70 or more per month. You must continue to recruit...which is true to some extent with any MLM business.
  20. pplrulz

    pplrulz Member

    I've been involved with monavie for a few months. I've been mainly taking the product, but recently decided to start building the business. I currently have 2 online programs that I promote, but we really believe can be a substantial 3rd stream of income. I've already sold 9 cases this week.

    I recommend going to and watching the calvin bacerra vide in the webcast archive section dated 6/25. He truly puts this in a simple format for everything to understand and succeed.

    Good Luck,

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