1. ecoupons

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm here to simply introduce you all to Moolala and to explain why I think this company can benefit all of us.

    What is it?

    Moolala is a coupon based company similar to Groupon and Living Social (LS). Like those 2 companies, Moolala offers daily deals to it's members with savings ranging from 50% all the way to 90% off retail value. These deals are for products and services ranging from healthy organic snack foods to fashionable clothing for infants.

    What makes Moolala stand out?

    When you purchase a deal on Groupon or LS and share it with a friend or family member, these sites reward you with a one-time referral bonus. If your referral purchases another deal from Groupon or LS and you weren't the one to share that deal with them, you make nothing.

    Moolala on the other hand utilizes a 5 Level Pay Matrix. To summarize things, Moolala pays you back 2% of your own purchases and 2% of all purchases made in your pay matrix.

    5 Level Pay Matrix: Earn2% of ALL purchases made from each of these levels...FOREVER!
    1. You
    2. Your Friends
    3. Your Friends' Friends
    4. Your Friends' Friends' Friends
    5. Your Friends' Friends' Friends' Friends!!!

    Most importantly, Moolala is and always will be FREE!

    Keep in mind that this isn't a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme. Instead, it is way to earn some extra cash on side simply by helping others save.

    Company URL: http://www.moolala.com

    So let me know what you think. Moolala has been offering deals since the beginning of March, so it is still very new. I explained the potential for income to the best of my abilities. If you have any questions that I can't answer, there are videos on the website that should help clarify my post.

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  2. circleb

    circleb New Member

    I just signed up for this. I had been waiting for The Customer Advantage to get its act together, but by now I do not like a lot of what I see there. So I signed up for Moolala. At some point, if TCA ever gets going and improves in some areas, I plan to do both.

    I think there is a lot of potential here - actually, there is potential with both programs, but Moolala is already functioning and is not just a lot of hype and delays.

    Good luck to us all!
  3. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    I agree with you 100%. I see TCA as a lost cause since they have yet to deliver anything and the lack of professionalism of their customer support, their horribly made videos, and the reputation of its founder.

    Remember that this isn't going to make you a ton of money, but it does have the potential to make you some extra cash on the side and I'm sure no one would mind that [​IMG]
  4. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Today's Moolala Deal!

    $16 for $32 Worth of Pure Mineral Makeup from Smoky Mountain Minerals

    That's a 50% discount!
  5. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Another day, ANOTHER DAILY DEAL!!!

    $10 For $20 Worth of Calendars, Planners and More for Women from PulpFactory

    remember that this site is and ALWAYS will be 100% free to join
  6. circleb

    circleb New Member

    Yesterday I had a question and a suggestion for Moolala. I sent both requests, and in both cases I had a response from them - not a canned response, but an actual person answering - in less than 10 minutes.

    Two thumbs up on their customer support!
  7. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Circleb, are you the person with initials L.P. who joined under me in Moolala?
  8. circleb

    circleb New Member

    My initials are not LP, but I did join under you.
  9. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    OOPs, my mistake. Could you tell me what your Initials are? Just to be certain. If you are who I think you are, I would love to help you out by advertising your referral link!
  10. circleb

    circleb New Member

    Just sent my info to you by PM...
  11. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Thanks circleB. let's build this FREE opportunity together!
  12. circleb

    circleb New Member

    Thank YOU!

    I appreciate the link!

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

  14. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    The only way to build a business like this is to work as a team! So, no problem circl b
  15. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Another day, another Daily Deal!

    $14 for $35 Worth of High-Quality Wall Decals from Inspire Your Walls
  16. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    Another Day, another daily deal [​IMG]

    $16 for $32 Worth of Hip Onesies and T-Shirts from Trendy Tadpole
  17. circleb

    circleb New Member

  18. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    OOO, that's good to know. Thanks for the update!
  19. ecoupons

    ecoupons New Member

    I'm surprised more people aren't asking about this program! We've been growing at a tremendously fast pace with more options to make an income through this FREE system!
  20. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    ecoupons: I'm surprised more people aren't asking about this program! We've been growing at a tremendously fast pace with more options to make an income through this FREE system!
    All the fluff and fanfare of TCA has no doubt turned people off to the very idea - however valid Moolala may be.

    That's the problem with scam sites - they make it hard for legit sites to blossom.

    good luck 2u Moolala'ers!

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