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    GRN is really working hard to be the best membership out there.

    Exciting New Membership Enhancement

    Once again, membership is breaking new ground
    and creating even more value.

    We are very proud to announce our addition of
    "Advance Notice Hot Weeks" for only $398.

    Yes, we still have our regular great selection of hi-quality
    hotweeks for $298 or less, but now you have even
    more time to grab that much deserved getaway at the
    incredible low price of only $398. (for the entire week)

    Currently, we've got "advance notice" hotweeks
    spreading out over many states and countries-
    including Wyndham properties in Colorado,
    beautiful resorts in Montana, New Hampshire,
    Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah,
    and Virginia.

    (for example, right now you can book a one bedroom
    unit for an entire week at the "Worldmark Bear Lake"
    in Utah for only $398 - 8 months in advance.)

    For those of you who enjoy "traveling over the pond"
    we've got a great selection for you here as well, including
    Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas...

    All without the short notice, and all for just $398.

    Remember, our hotweeks are NOT "subject to availability",
    which means these weeks are "live" and ready to book.
    Booking them is quick, easy & convenient.
    (the same is true for our Newsletter offerings, our Specials,
    our Prime weeks, our Endless Holidays, and our Specialty

    In addition to everything (above), we offer a dominating
    service unmatched in the industry...

    * An extensive online registry of timeshare properties
    with a pre-existing relationship (negotiated price cap)

    * A registry consisting of 1000's of beautiful timeshare
    resort properties all over the world

    * The ability to request the exact resort you want to go to,
    including exact dates, number of travelers, and unit size

    * A membership hard at work continuously seeking out
    beautiful new properties and adding them to the registry

    There's a world of difference between a discount travel
    club and a luxury timeshare resort membership...

    and we're very proud to offer you the latter.

    Enjoy Life!

    G L O B A L R E S O R T S N E T W O R K
    22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230
    Phoenix, AZ 85027

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