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  1. mcrocken

    mcrocken New Member

    I would like to know what you think about this free grocery and walmart shopping 2x2 follow me matrix. I am new to all of this and need to know what could go wrong with this? The way I see it, there's very little risk and you only have to pay $200 for $200 worth of groceries to get started and never put more money in. I just joined a week ago and understand that there's a five year plan, but it's only two months old now. What should I be worried about and watch for? I'm asking you "pros" who've been in network marketing to let me know what the "weakness" is in such a program as this. I'd be glad to answer any questions if you don't get all you need from this non affiliate url.

    Thank you!

    MPB Today -
  2. trainmenow

    trainmenow New Member


    Glad to hear that you took action and joined MPB Today. I have been marketing on-line for over 12 years now and this is the without a doubt the hottest program I've ever seen. I was introduced by a long time networker, and he has been in for only three weeks. He has cycled three times and has received his checks and Wal-Mart gift cards. I have been in now for almost 10 days and just did cycle for my first time. So the money is real and the program works. Now for the networking industry as a whole. Most people are very skeptical about MLM programs and you know if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. So with this in mind you have to follow up with your contacts 4 or 5 times minimum to get them over the fence. If you can get with a team of like minded people it makes things much easier. Also 3-ways with upline help to get propects over the fear of a new venture. Make sure you share the $200 gift voucher with your new propects so that they may see that there is truely no risk. An show them how to market on-line, which is a what makes this program work. Contact me if you have any further questions. I will be glad to help.
  3. trainmenow

    trainmenow New Member

    Since you said that you will signing ASAP May I suggest finding a good mentor to better your chances of success. You may respond to me if you are interested. I have cycled several times with the MPB Today program and have been online marketing for over 12 years. Have a great day.
  4. mcrocken

    mcrocken New Member


    I was in the call with the CEO of Southeastern Delivery and I can say that I'm very impressed by him. He says that things started off faster than anyone could have expected... 8000 people in 5 weeks!!! I'm stoked about this and have also cycled now. It's so easy to get others excited about this. As the economy dives.. this is going to get more and more popular. I am in the largest leg of the marketing and it's growing FAST.... I've been in internet marketing for 13 years but not in MLM. I'm available to help my downline with videos, graphics, and other tools...let's make some money people!! This thing is working.
  5. mcrocken

    mcrocken New Member


    I second that, getting an upline that's active can help you because you can get "down spill" from them. In this matrix you can get help from the up and the down side. It's just amazing how this thing works and how no one can slow you down by lagging themselves... you can just keep on going and never get hung up by someone not producing. Of course you make more money if you do produce.
  6. Nolski

    Nolski New Member

    I agree about MPB. I joined on June 19th and close to my 4th cycle. I have never seen anything like this. I am near the top of the largest leg of this company. I have people signing and cycling who would never dream of doing something like this. It's very fun to see them all making money already.
    I too was on the call last night. Phenomenal, very impressive. What a great way to get free groceries, gas. electronics or whatever over and over again and with checks to boot.
    This is something for all of mankind due to the fact that it's so easy. So I highly suggest to anyone hearing about this to join.
  7. mpbtodaynetwork

    mpbtodaynetwork New Member

    I totally agree with the advice and comments made by others. This program is outstanding and having the right team of professionals will only make things work better for anyone who gets involved.
  8. thewizard

    thewizard New Member

    I joined MPBToday a week ago today and have asked a number of people. You are right, they need to be asked more than once, they have a hard time believing this is true.

    I would have an easier time of convincing them if I could find information on Southeastern Delivery, such as a picture of the Headquarters in Pensacola and how much the delivery charge would be for an order. I know that I am looking for business minded people, but I keep getting this objection when speaking to my prospects.

    Please help me how to explain that the company is expanding and not that this is a money making only program. I do not believe that, but facts about Southeastern that I can not find would help.
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    In all honesty, 2x2's and the like completely depend on momentum from the group you are with. If you are with a group that can continue to generate seriously interested prospects you can, and will have success in generating some money.

    So if all the "stars" are in line one may look to go for it.
    However, what is not being shared, is that there is not one long-term thriving 2x2, or similar, home business that has survived and continued to produce for its participants long-term monthly residual income (that is what cyclers where designed to do with just a one-time pay). If that is what you desire then history says you will want to leverage any earnings into some sort of monthly residual opportunity.

    Those that commit to monthly residual income, earn monthly residual income indefinitely. Those that focus on one-time pay, get limited one-time pays.

    This is an honest assessment from one who has participated in various 2x2's and the like in the past. I'm not putting the company or the admin/owner down, so no one needs to post saying such. I say go for it if you can make it work for you, but know what to expect.
  10. homebiz3

    homebiz3 New Member

    What happens if everyone in the matrix decides to redeem the grocery voucher before cycling? There would be no money on the 2nd level to pay commissions or re-enter you in the matrix. I've been on a couple of the calls and it's been said it's not a problem to redeem these vouchers immeditely. If everyone did that there wouldn't be any money to float around. Can anyone enlighten me here?
  11. netmarketerpro

    netmarketerpro New Member


    There's a bigger problem here than you may expect. The biggest being your reputation is totally on the line.

    I'm a network marketer. I've been there and done that. I've learned my lesson the hard way ($2K+) with similar programs and more importantly, I lost a lot of friends and colleagues.

    Here's a link that all of you should read to be aware of MBPToday:

    And for those of you reading license plates as a mlm, go here:

    Make sure to pass this on. The current economy brings out the scam artists that prey on you and take your money and your integrity without a second thought. Sad, but true.
  12. aandrews

    aandrews Member

    First of all, that isn't happening. There's plenty of money from people who don't redeem the vouchers and from people who cycle. The company makes $300.00 when you cycle and the $200.00 for groceries and free shipping or the Walmart Card come from your second level commissions which total $700.00 of the $800.00.

    I can't post my usfreeads mpbtoday information here, but you can Google those words and find it and I explain how this all breaks down in detail. Feel free to share the post to people you know as it will show people the pro's and con's of MPB Today and what's right and wrong with it so they can make an informed decision.
  13. mcrocken

    mcrocken New Member

    I've cycled once now and very close to my second one. I have many who are planning to sign up this week so I'm really excited about this program. Let's see.. I PURCHASED $200 dollars worth of groceries.. told 6 people about it..made $500 and now going on $1000 in a couple of weeks time.. filled my truck up with gas at Sam's, purchased groceries at Walmart and I still have a $200 grocery pre-paid receipt when I'm ready to order - or I might just turn that one into a Walmart card as well since I need some new tires from Sam's Club.. YEP, it's a scam aright. lol.

    PS.. I know of businesses that this "watchdog" called scams years ago who then went on to be very successful and are STILL going today. lol.. He's not 100% in his evaluations I'm afraid. In his "Rant" about MPB he doesn't make a lot of sense to me..He claims that it's a fat chance that you'll get paid - I DID. He says you'll never experience spillover.. lol..I have a guy under me who's about to cycle and has never gotten anyone in yet! LIE number too. He says the majority of people can't sign up 6 people.. YOU ONLY HAVE TO SIGN UP TWO not six anyway and no one I know is having trouble doing this if they have half a brain. So he also says it's a pyamid scheme because you only have to "fill positions" to collect money.. not true.. everyone must PURCHASE groceries to be able to make commissions. This guy is so wrong on everything and then goes on to talk about an unrelated 2 x 2 as another example of why this won't work. I'm not buying it. If you are a big fish marketer worried about your reputation. I understand. But if you want to make some money, and potentially a LOT of money, this is working for me.
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    netmarketerpro, if the FTC wanted to, and they probably do deep down inside, every network marketing opportunity would be a pyramid one way or another that should be shut down. It's just become such an easy thing for anyone, ignorant or claiming intelligence, to say something is a pyramid, oops illegal pyramid.

    As far as the FTC is concerned, not the law, "they're all illegal pyramids" unless they are pretty much completely direct sales companies the likes of affiliate marketing. It's just a matter of which ones the FTC will bother to use and abuse, in many cases, its power to attack. Since they are limited by man power, thank God.

    Very often the FTC uses a sneak attack to keep viable business opportunities from continuing to thrive, but getting uncontested temporary injunctions and freezing up bank accounts to keep those businesses from adequately defending themselves, thus they are forced to settle or got out of business.

    Now there are some things that have a history of being completely ineffective business opportunities, such as Paid to surf type mlms, which are correctly defined as a Ponzi, not an illegal pyramid, because they are investment structured, and can respectfully be warning flags.

    There is a difference; Ponzies are really the real money fraud operations that hurt people and take "all" their money. These types of opportunities can often be clearly seen because they allow a person to put up unlimited or huge amounts of money for a return of sorts.

    Most of these watch dog mlm sites are people with their own agenda to promote, which is fine, but they need to be open about it like they attempt to be open about being a mlm watch dog, savior of the people, lol.

    Now the BBB may be good to check on some statistical data on a company. For example when it started and how long its been in business, but one thing is for sure, the BBB is a well established pimp and hustler of unknown Businesses for money for its survival. They are a private organization and have one objective to make money by manipulating business to pay for a BBB accreditation that means nothing to the wise.

    "Leonard Bennett, a Newport News attorney who specializes in consumer protection cases, said the public mistakenly believes the BBB exists to assist them.

    'The problem is they market to us - to you and me, John and Jane consumer - that if you have a Better Business Bureau seal of approval,' it guarantees a company's reliability, Bennett said. 'That seal of approval doesn't mean anything except you've signed up and paid your dues.'"
    -,, are just a few of the top sites that expose, that relying on the BBB on should you participate in a network marketing business, or do business with a business, is the closes thing to stupidity without going over. The BBB has done a masterful job of creating perception of something they are Not. Good for them, bad for the people.

    While I'm no fan of 2x2 (or whatever) for reasons as noted, in part, they are not a scam by design, just ineffective long term income generating business opportunities. If one gets something for value, when joining, that they can use, even if over priced, that's simply is not a scam. It may not be a wise purchase, but hey we've all made unwise purchase at the local great brick and mortar stores.

    Those that understand network marketing is really about making money, and not about how great the product is, excel more often than those that chase the latest greatest product for mlm success.

    I realized your bad experience may carry strong ill feelings towards the industry, and that experience has it merits for the feelings you've expressed, but please be careful about how quick you go about shouting scam about a mlm business, especially based on some mlm watch dog sites that often are entertaining more so than informative.
  15. vhaun

    vhaun New Member

    We just moved our team over to this and we love it. We have a very large team of network marketers, and we pretty much market and grow together as a team. When we saw mpb....... we knew it was something our team would want to be involved with. Made the move just a few days ago and everyone on our team is seeing tremendous growth. So, this one is a winner! Another nice thing about it is it also is a great opportunity for anyone already in a company that they like because it does not conflict with any other business. Full time, part time or sideline.......a great op. I encourage everyone to immediately get positioned in this one!
  16. angel0164

    angel0164 New Member

    I joined this MLM a few weeks ago and have not cycled once yet. Im getting a little concerned. If anyone has any advice I would be greatful.
  17. mcrocken

    mcrocken New Member

    I'm REALLY close to my 2nd cycle now! Man, this is something that everyone loves.

    I am a graphic designer, website designer, photographer, and videographer. That's what I do for a living.. I've worked with National Geographic on 5 assignments and work for a PBS Nature type show as technical adviser.

    I'm not a veteran at this kind of thing but I find that beginners are even able to make money with it and let's face it, there's NO RISK. The worst that could happen is that you couldn't find two people and help them find two. If you can't do that.. I'd suggest you forget about marketing as a way to make money... lol.

    I am making websites for my downline if they need them and graphics for no charge. This is helping them get the word out better.. good luck to everyone who is doing this. I know I'm in the black and can't lose anything from here on out. I filled up my truck with gas and put the check in the bank and it SPENDS just fine!
  18. ccrump

    ccrump New Member

    If you're reading this and you haven't gotten into MPB Today yet, after seeing the comments I'm sure you're getting excited!

    I have contacted many highly experienced internet marketers, and the only thing they all agree upon is MPB Today.

    If you can get two people, you qualify for commissions, and there are no monthly costs.

    I feel anyone can succeed in this biz, let me know if you have any questions!
  19. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    In my seven years being successful from home I have NEVER seen a business model explode so quickly. I have seen a business where so many failures from various other cash gifting programs, or nutritional companies , have come in here and cycled and made profit so quickly. MPB Today is taking the next by storm. It is a ZERO RISK business where you are getting your buy in in the form of a prepaid grocery voucher that you can use at any time. It is a business so easy to explain.

    I was emailed this oppty by about ten different people as they know I have been a top recruiter in a few businesses. I decided to finally jump in because quite frankly it is your BEST BET to earn quick money fast. If you need to make 5k or 25k fast, this is the business to be in. You can sign up anyone with just saying, " If I can show you a way to totally eliminate your grocery bill, earn thousands, and get free walmart gift cards in the process would that be worth two minutes of your time?"

    I joined up with a young gun internet guru. Our team offers free capture pages and amazing training worth more than the 210 buy in. There is a secret to signing up other oppty buyers. I enjoy teaching others how to do that. There is one niche that is perfect to attack to find many buyers.

    MPB Today is exploding and getting better and better. Who knows how long any oppty will be around, but here you have to make it a priority to make as much money as soon as possible, and MPB Today can help ANYONE do it.
  20. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    ibuzzmentor: ...quite frankly it is your BEST BET to earn quick money fast...Who knows how long any oppty will be around, but here you have to make it a priority to make as much money as soon as possible
    True no one knows the future of a business, just like they don't know the future of their job, or retirement fund that's tied up in the stock market, but is what you said, as a season veteran of the networking industry, not an open statement that concedes that cyclers are about making fast money from all that one can get to join, with very little regard for long term income prospects?

    MPB MAY, that's a Gigantic MAY, be the one cycler that changes the history of cyclers, but how is this one different in form and spirit from the various "free gas" giftcard/vouchers cyclers of the past that we hear no more about?

    It's likely the Wal-mart name being used is giving the business a sense of credibility above and beyond the usual, and that may help keep a buzz in the air a little longer than typical with cyclers.

    Again, yes, one can make nice money with these cyclers if they can bring the "crowd" especially like a season veteran in the industry, but failing to leverage that money into an opportunity designed to give you serious monthly residual income may have a person's money come and go fast, like a child with Christmas cash in a toy store.

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