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  1. MyNameJoshRocks

    MyNameJoshRocks New Member

    Since there are too much "book" and other educational forms here, I thought I'd share my own way of meditation...


    Yes yes yes, I don't know any other way (an effective way) to make myself deeply relaxed except music.
    I love listening to the songs I used to listen to regularly.
    Heres my list of favorites.

    Incubus - Not too heavy, the singers voice is savvy.
    80ies - nothing like the 80ies lol. ( Rick Roll hahaha)
    ...hmmm I'm not really good at listing my fav's anymore like I used to in my high school days. lol

    Anyways, I know some of you guys listen to musics while marketing. Others need silence and focus. But its pretty cool how we can adapt to the music while focusing.
    Talk to you guys later!

    -bestest wishes,
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Yes, i love music,too...I like it playing softly in the background, and I happen to like Christian worship is calming and brings a relaxing atmosphere while I work. (that and a cup of coffee - lol)

    Hey, by the way, your blog link isn't working, Josh... unless it is just my computer.
  3. zachsamson123

    zachsamson123 New Member

    Music is an amazing form of mediation. I am a musician so the work at home thing is pretty exciting for me.
  4. drewgrantt

    drewgrantt New Member

    I am also a music lover. Music makes me relax. I am listening soft and romantic music when i went home after office. It's wonderful to listen music.
  5. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Music, I love you!!

    It's my best way of meditating especially when I am totally stressed.

    I play the music of Kenny G.

    Only instrumental, so romantic, feel so good when you hear it.

    Music makes my life happier.
  6. Travis Korns

    Travis Korns New Member

    Have you herd of binaural beats? Not really music, but if your into using sound/music as a way of guiding you into relaxation, I highly recommend you look into them. I've just discovered them and in love with them, only problem is that sometimes I become so relaxed I just fall asleep...On that note, if your having troubles sleeping, this is a great natural cure!
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Music can be extremely relaxing. I'll often listen to music during breaks. And I listen to music when working at home too.

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