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  1. landwanr

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    Does anybody know of any sources that are looking for recorded music? I am a musician with a home recording studio. I would love to write jingles just for fun, soundtracks, etc. The standard sites like TAXI and their ilk, I could be wrong but, I suspect they prey off the hunger and desperation of a typical wannabe musician.
  2. Chaz T

    Chaz T New Member

    Have you looked into contacting advertising agencies in your state and working out some deals with them?

    Along with working from home I've been involved with in the radio business for about 7 years. And I know that agencies, or even businesses without agencies are always looking for creative ways to get the word out.

    My advice would be to make sure that you have a strong demo that showcases your talent and range.
  3. Kerosity

    Kerosity New Member

    My mother used this site to buy music for her website... maybe you could find something similar to this, you maybe host one of your albums or songs on it... or maybe sell the rights to one of your songs... I dunno just giving you an idea.
  4. netjunkie

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    How about freelance projects?
    Can you do voice-overs?
  5. noboss

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    Taxi is a real popular one. I am not sure of many others. Have you tryed craigslist? Seriously everyone uses craigslist.


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