My NEVER RETURNED letter to Mike at the Almighty Profit Lance!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by jadimon, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. jadimon

    jadimon New Member

    Paul has never returned several emails either by the way. Thanks Archer 10. Good luck with your endeavors....But stop claiming to want to help people if you don't really mean it when your asked....
  2. YoungMoneymaker

    YoungMoneymaker New Member

    I don't understand why they don't answer your questions.. both of them have answered mine within 48 hours.
    It might be the mail type your using or something else.. try with a gmail.

    I'm sorry, I don't have time to explain anything about your questions right now (in a hurry) but I PM Mikes and Pauls email adresses to you, send another one and see if they answer.
  3. jadimon

    jadimon New Member

    Hey youngmoneymaker, I have a question for you if I may. In fact I have a question for everyone in this forum or on the internet: Are you making over a thousand dollars per month with ONLY what you have learned from PL?
    In the 6 months I've had the course, I'm going the just GUESS that let's say 1,000 new PL'ers have joined. The number is probably more like 10,000 or more, but I honestly don't know.

    This forum is one of the top forums of it's kind on the net. WHY AREN'T THERE MORE SUCCESS STORIES FLOATING AROUND HERE????


    That is a legitimate question folks and I have to say my faith in Profit Lance Is beginning to shift.......With VERY good reason.
  4. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    Jadimon, i will try and help you the best i can,

    now i wouldn't class my self as a successful as i just don't have the time to dedicate to the course like everyone else but with the little time i do dedicate i do make some money and that is more than what you are making by the sound of it. [​IMG] but that will change soon i hope.


    Building websites, now i know nothing about html at all, and still don't but i use a program called bluevoda, here you are able to design websites, its free to download and very easy to use. The video tutorials with it make it easy to use as they are very clear and tell you everything missing no details.

    Bluevoda like i said is free to download and is directly compatible to vodahost (hosting company) now i am not saying go out there and join straight away its just the tools/services i use and would recommend. If you arent confident then you can download bluevoda for free and try it out.

    So there are ways to make websites without knowing html. Another option and one i consider recently but realized it wouldn't be worth it for me as i just cant commit the time, but that is site build it, again you are able to make websites here without knowing html. it does cost about $299 but you get many other features with this, Thats just to options at the opposite ends of the scale.

    hmmm... i like how you have tried every approach you can think of and this is similar to what i did when i started, i got many projects up and going but soon felt i needed to really dedicate more time to just one and once that one was well established with like 70 pages or so then move onto the next one. I feel this would be more constructive and profitable as your time isnt shared i between "10" sites.

    right i am going to send you a link to a free ebook which i feel is definitely worth a read, it is based around affiliate marketing and covers it in great detail [​IMG]

    AS for the emailing i cant comment on Archer10 but i can on Mike and like YoungMoneymaker it could be the mail service you use. Set yup a free gmail account and try emailing Mike then, i use this service and have never had any problems receiving emails from Mike and it seems strange he doesn't reply to you.

    Please if you need me to cover anything else then just leave a post or pm me

    best of luck
  5. YoungMoneymaker

    YoungMoneymaker New Member

    Well.. Jadimon I'm going to be honest with you.

    I haven't earned a single penny using the ProfitLance system yet and I fully understand why I haven't.

    First of all.. I just read the whole course in two days very fast.

    Second of all.. I bought it 3 days ago (hehe I know)

    and Third of all.. I've only been reading two of my three days and haven't done anything today (my third day).

    I'm aiming to really begin to make some practical stuff this weekend, atleast find a good niche and then read step by step on what to do with it and try out the type of work that fits me the most.

    I'm counting on seeing some sort of result maybe in 2-3 months, maybe more.

    I'm really not unsatisfied with PLance because of ALL the information in the course, even if I don't make money I now know that this would be my best shot using the info and make some action in the ProfitLance.

    Bye for now,
  6. jadimon

    jadimon New Member

    Thanks Hemjoe, You've always had a solid presence on this site/forum. I'll read the ebook and check out bluevoda for sure. ~Peace
  7. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    Profit Lance takes persistence. My feeling about it is that you must do something each and every day. Whether that is blogging, social bookmarking, writing articles, press releases, posting ads on Craigslist and Backpage, getting your sites up and running (with your own domains if possible), and even learning html if that is what it takes.

    I have a couple of passions in my life, one being a real estate investor and another being a photographer. When you are passionate about something you do WHATEVER it takes to succeed. There are no excuses and words like I am going to try, I hope, I think I'm going to do this, I might do this don't exist. You either do it or you don't. No other choices.

    So, like any business, if you are having a tough time understanding something, get more training. Whether it is Profit Lance or another endeavor, anything worth having will require persistence on your part.
  8. jadimon

    jadimon New Member

    Hey Affiliate, Would persistence include publishing my last thread to get a response? Would persistence include writing to the creator of the program? To Archer 10? (who, by the way never accepted a PAYMENT from me.) What makes you think I haven't done those things and what makes you think I'm giving up? Have you read my entire post? Like the part where I wrote that I'm no quitter? Who are you???
  9. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    Persistence would be following through until you receive an answer.
    I'm not saying that you haven't done those things, I was merely making a statement. Hey, and if it makes you feel any better I'm a hard learner as well. In fact something I learned along the way to only do what you do well and to have others help you out in your weaknesses.

    My name is Paul (although not the one you are looking for) and as well as owning a real estate investment company and shooting sports photography on the side, I'm a world champion powerlifter.
    I'm also a Profit Lance member.
  10. archer10

    archer10 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    You know, I don't hang out in forums much because I'm always thinking and building my websites and so on. I had gotten a message from a friend on youtube that redirected me to this page.

    Well, to tell you the truth, I'm shocked at those who are whining they aren't making any money. You are the only ones to blame... No one else is responsible.

    You were shown the tools, the information to make it happen.
    If you can't understand because of a reading disability then i can understand, but if thats not the case then I don't feel sorry for you.

    Listen, when I say I'm going to help people I do it, I told you that from the beginning. To be honest most people 98/100 keep in contact with me for the first few days after that they get most of this stuff on their own.

    If I don't reply to your emails, then there must be something wrong with the address you have, I don't know, find another way to go about contacting me please, before you make ignorant comments about me.

    I am known well in the Profit Lance niche, I have hundreds of different pages all through google, yahoo and msn that you can find me on. It's not that difficult.

    The only thing I can come up with why Profit Lance isn't working for you, is because you aren't trying hard enough.

    But don't listen to me, go out and try millions of other courses just like profit lance and you'll soon find out there all the same, there all teaching you the same skill.

    In my opinion, your getting one hell of a deal for $77.00.

    If this kind of education was taught at colleges like Harvard you can bet your ass you would pay $20,000 for it. So get your head out of your but lol!

    It's easy, there's only 3 things to it.

    1. Have a product
    2. Drive traffic to that product
    3. Sell the product

    Thats it, thats all there is to it.
  11. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    Couldn't agree more. Success leaves clues. Follow what works for others and do the same thing. Unfortunately what you find is that people want a short cut and aren't willing to put in the time. I treat Profit Lance like any other business and I am just starting with affiliate marketing. Yet I've found a way to make it work... and that is by following directions.
  12. Jubie33

    Jubie33 New Member

    I agree. Many people say that Profit lance is NOT a get rich fast program. Profit Lance from what I understand teaches you long term skills, not ways to hurry and make a quick buck. I mean, it is possible if you already know the ropes and you're just looking for some pointers. But being pratical, it takes time to be really earn some real money. It's hard work and you have to have the patience. If you don't have any patience, then I don't think profit lance would be right for you. But if you had the program for 6 months and not making any money, that's a little but then again, I don't know what your approaches are.

    I read somewhere that around 95% of people that are in affiliate marketing don't do so well. Only about 5% are really and truly successful. Now, don't quote me on that. lol Not sure if those numbers are really true but I read it from a reliable source. So, stuff like that makes you think maybe that's why there arn't alot of success stories. But I do hear alot of good things about Profit Lance.
  13. Flyboy

    Flyboy New Member

    You may find it hard to reach Archer10 but I can tell you he is real and he is doing well. It just may be that he is staying focused on his business and helps out when he can out of the goodness of his heart when time allows. Bashing him or anyone for that matter is IMHO somewhat less than professional and business-like. I understand the frustration you may be feeling when you expect or want an answer very fast but you should also understand that unless you are paying for a service then you take the help as it is sent down to you and be thankfull that someone took time out of their business day to extend a helping hand. After all remember the old saying " Time is Money?"

    Im not trying to defend and bash anyone here at all but just trying to put a point acrossed and let it be known that if someone bashes me, I would not go out of my way to extend them a helping hand. Please try to think and act like a professional when you post anything on the Net. ALWAYS that once your comments are posted out there, they are there for life and everything you do in any aspect of life reflects on your own character.
  14. Narthil

    Narthil New Member

    Hmmm I am glad there are people willing to help in this community like archer10 and hemjoe, I am glad I found this forum.

    I puchased Profit Lance last week, I already have some idea of what to do, I had already purchased WA and both are really good but I still consider myself a big time newbie at this hehe

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to apply the PL material? PMs are fine.

    And can someone please PM me with Mike's e-mail?

    Thank you in advance

    Check my signature for one of my projects, feedback is greatly appreciated.
  15. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    I would get through as much material as possible and look into Clickbank as well as what it takes to start creating websites.
    Whether it is creating your own websites or using ideas from Clickbank, you can add Adsense and increase your profits.
  16. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    Hi i have sned u and email because i needed some help about profit lance.I'm getting frustrated and confusing.Because i main things is that i dunno what to do with the 15 websites that i was given do i have to choose a specic one?Help me plz my email address is
  17. jelson

    jelson New Member

    I am new to this site infact new to everything lol and I am thinking of joining pl I can use a computer but i am not the best on it i can get round sites etc and I dont mind hard work or learning but cant help but feel this might be to much for me
  18. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I have never even visitied their website.
    I have read a lot of the research by another member here, and the program does not sound very impressive.
    Anyway, good luck!
  19. debster222

    debster222 New Member

    I too have never received a response to e-mails and I'm not sure if they even went to the right place, because there is NO email address on the PL site that I could find.
  20. Narthil

    Narthil New Member

    There is no email because someone posted Mike's email somewhere and het got spammed like crazy he had to shut down that email account, but it is possible to get it if you ask around.

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