My NINJA SEO strategy- 1st Page on Google!

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  1. What I am sharing with you right now can be worth at-least a $1000 to you!
    Here's the thing,
    next time you do keyword research, just search google, and make a note of google suggestions.
    eg- how to make coffee
    as soon as I typed this into the search bar,
    google started showing suggestions:

    how to make coffee at home
    how to make coffee without milk
    how to make coffee with a coffee maker

    Guess what, this is what people are searching!

    Make a blogpost, targeting these keywords as sub-headings.

    Wanna see this in action?

    3 years ago I wrote a blogpost entitled: HOW TO CALL SPIRITS AT HOME.

    Just do a google search- how to call spirits and you'll find my blogpost still on the first page!
    When I made this blogpost, it was in top 3!

    Done hesitate to send me the $1000 I deserve!
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  2. payment proof

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    If you can make it to the 1st page of Google for some good keywords (or long tail keywords), you are doing great! Panda and Penguin sure have made things more challenging. :)
  3. Long tail keywords are profitable.
    I am not that much into SEO, its just this one trick which worked.
    Thanks for reading!
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  4. mountainmom5

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    I agree with PaymentProof that the zoo animals have made things very challenging, BUT I am learning once again how to get free SEO traffic from google by targeting long tail keywords. You can imagine my whoop and holler when I checked statcounter on a new blog I set up and I realized I got search engine traffic. :D
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  5. robinincarolina

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    Yes, this is a great way to get ideas, no doubt. I take this a step further. I want to know how many people are competing for that keyword. Sure sometimes you can get lucky, but I always always run it through my keyword tool before I run with it. Nothing worse than wasting time. Usually when it's one of the first results, there is some tough competition.

    Serious research before that blog post gets almost every post on the first page.

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